Importance of Old-Fashioned Standards

As best I can figure, he has one job. It's not a lofty one, not a grandiose one, not a high-paying one. In fact, I bet it doesn't pay much at all. I don't know.

What I "do" know is this fellow is good at it — passionate about it, beyond fastidious about it.

I don't even know what you'd call him, outside of meticulous — very meticulous. But there he is every day, all days, keeping things clean outside his building: hosing the sidewalk, emptying the garbage cans, scraping off gum, picking up cigarette butts.

In a sea of people going back and forth, he's the guy who picks up after them. In a busy city that pays no heed, he does — because, he cares.

About the few square feet outside this otherwise non-descript building that stands out for the guy who stands outside it — impeccably dressed, consistently courteous.

Now some might find no big deal in garbages always clean, and sidewalks always clear, and glass doors always immaculate. But he does — always. In the few inches of earth over which he has jurisdiction and the job over which he has great pride.

I know. He's not a CEO or a big Wall Street fat cat. No political heavyweight — probably not much of a heavyweight at all. Except in his dedication to things that matter and some old-fashioned standards that to this fellow, matter more.

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