'Illegal' Is the Issue

I guess it doesn't surprise me that some on the left are raising the race card on this immigration issue. So let me be clear: It's not an immigration issue. It's an "illegal" immigration issue.

It's not a matter of being anti-Hispanic, or anti-Peruvian, or anti-Italian.

It's about being anti-illegal-Hispanic, anti-illegal-Peruvian and anti-illegal-Italian.

This isn't about the color of anyone's skin, but the criminality of one's intent.

It's about those who play by the rules and those who ignore them.

And the sad fact is all too many are ignoring them.

Look, just because we're a melting pot doesn't mean we become a nation of crackpots. Being blind to race doesn't mean being blind to reality.

The reality is that we're bursting at the seams in an uncontrolled flood of "illegal" — and let me stress that word again, "illegal" — immigrants, who compromise our system of government and our security as well.

It demeans all who want to protect this country when you call them racists in this country.

They're not. They're Americans.

Most I've talked to are real. None I've talked to are racist. All I've met are patriots, remembering the laws their ancestors abided to get here and stay here. And protecting those laws so that there will always be an America here.

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