Hume: Light on the horizon on Capitol Hill

Well, it is too soon to say that a new day has dawned on Capitol Hill but there is definitely light on the horizon.

Why yesterday, John Boehner leaned over and kissed Nancy Pelosi in the White House Rose Garden.

That was unusual enough but so was the event they were attending: a signing ceremony for a bill passed on a bipartisan basis to resolve a longstanding problem involving payments to doctors under Medicare.

Also yesterday, the Senate reached a compromise allowing a bill to combat human trafficking to go forward. That, in turn, cleared the way for a vote this week on the nomination of Loretta Lynch to be attorney general.

Both Houses of Congress have passed budgets this year. And the House has just voted to give President Obama what's called fast-track authority to negotiate that trans-Pacific trade agreement. Big fights remain ahead over the budget and that trade deal, as you've heard and much else. But things are clearly moving in Congress.

One reason surely is that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has reopened the Senate floor to debate and amendment after his Democratic predecessor Harry Reid had kept the place closed down for years.

Even Democrats had been shut out of the process by Reid's approach, which was intended to help his members re-election chances by shielding them from tough votes. Well, we saw how well that worked.

Reid was asked yesterday -- now-Minority Leader Reid -- about that trade measure passed by the House. Not just "no," he said. "Hell no." Some things never change.