Huckabee: Obama has been 'deadly wrong' about ISIS

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TRISH REGAN, GUEST HOST:  Well, there's a new poll right now showing Americans are pretty much split on what to label the Orlando massacre; 48 percent of Americans right now look at it as an Islamic terror attack; 41 percent, however, look at it as an act of domestic gun violence.

Reaction now from former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

Governor, good to see you.

Are you surprised at these numbers?

MIKE HUCKABEE, R-FORMER ARKANSAS GOVERNOR:  Not really.  No, I'm not surprised, Trish, because America's divided.

And keep in mind that a lot of what America hears from the mainstream media is an overemphasis oh, oh, we need gun control, gun control, gun control. But we -- it wasn't guns that killed people at the Boston Marathon.  I think sometimes people forget that the common denominator in a terroristic attack is not the weapon.  It's a person with intent.

And whether it's a shoe or a bomb stuffed in underwear, whether it's a pressure cooker, a gun, no matter what the weapon is, a knife, the common denominator is not the weaponry.  The common denominator is a radicalized Islamic jihadist who is going to use whatever instrumentation possible to kill us.

REGAN:  All right, so let's follow that up for a minute, though, and just ask the question.

Look, this is a guy who had been investigated multiple times by the FBI for terrorism.


REGAN:  This is a guy who is watching all kinds of jihadi propaganda on his mobile devices, and this is a guy whose father had sworn allegiance to the Taliban.

In other words, how does a guy with that kind of profile, Governor, how does he get his hands on weapons?

HUCKABEE:  Well, Trish, what I have said is that this whole case has had more red flags than a Chinese military parade.

And the sad thing is that the flags didn't seem to catch enough attention to keep a better eye on this guy.  Now, I understand the FBI not may not have had enough to arrest, but they then took their eyes off of him

And the fact is, we have had a Justice Department -- I'm not blaming the FBI.  I want to be very clear.  But I blame a politicized Justice Department under both Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch who have spent more time investigating people like James Rosen and wiretapping his phone and that of his parents than they have of paying attention to these kind of people.

REGAN:  And that's the reality.

HUCKABEE:  And that ought to be of great concern.

REGAN:  Right?  We need to be more vigilant.

But, by the same token, should there be some give on behalf of the NRA? Should the NRA say, yes, OK, we agree.  If you're being investigated for terror, or if you have been investigated for terror -- and, by the way, this guy never, ever, ever, ever should have been cleared -- but if you're on that list, you're not going to be able to get a gun, period, end of story?

HUCKABEE:  Well, I think that there could be something like that, but here is the thing.

We have to know how that list is comprised.  If it's comprised because somebody just said, you know what, I think old Bob Smith ought to be on the list, but there's no due process and he is not notified and he's not given a chance to clear his name, then the government could use that list.

What if they put me on the list?  I'm pretty sure I'm not real popular with this administration.  They might put me on that list for political reasons.

REGAN:  Well, to your point, yes, you have got to be very careful with the list.

HUCKABEE:  Absolutely.  Yes.

REGAN:  But I guess the reason why so many Americans are saying this is about gun control, they're just wondering how the heck a guy with terrorist sympathies, who was clearly a ticking time bomb, was able to go and purchase what he purchased and do the damage he did.

And so, in some ways, it's kind of a mixture.  Nonetheless, Governor Huckabee, I think we can pretty be assured that the left is going to try and make this about more than just ISIS, because it's to their political benefit to do so.

I mean, let's face it.  ISIS was created under this president, and he is going to have to bear the cross of that.


Well, and he has also claimed that he has contained ISIS and it was a J.V. team.  So, everything he has tried to project about it has been so incredibly and -- now let's just be blunt -- deadly wrong.

And the left is embarrassed, because they never thought that they would see their own approach to Islamic radicalism totally unravel.  And it has.  And they're trying to defend and protect the nation, really, I guess the reputation of Islam, even more than they're trying to protect Americans. And that ought to be a concern.  I don't care what your political persuasion is.

REGAN:  Yes.  No, we saw that just the other day in the press conference that the president gave, where he seemed more angry, Governor, at Republicans than he did the terrorists.


REGAN:  And that really shows you just exactly how politicized this environment has gotten.  And none of that is good.  I mean, really, if you're going to fight terror, do you or do you not need to take the politics out of it?

HUCKABEE:  You do.  And you need to be angry at the right person, at the right time, for the right cause.

And this president, as you pointed out, was visibly angry at Republicans and specifically Donald Trump.  You could see the veins bulging on his neck.  And he spoke with far more passion about we're going to get these Republicans than he ever did when he goes to the podium and says we're going to go to war with ISIS and we're going to kill the last one of them, and they will never be able to come out of little hidey-holes ever again.

REGAN:  It's a shame.

HUCKABEE:  That's what I think America would like for him to say.

REGAN:  Governor Huckabee, thank you.  Good to see you, sir.

HUCKABEE:  Thank you, Trish.


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