How the Media Encourages Poverty in America

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How the media encourages poverty in America, that's the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

At the People's Choice Awards last night, Eminem won best male singer. That's no surprise, since the awards are decided by a Gallup poll and whoever is getting the most press has a good chance of winning. Eminem is getting great press. According to the media, he's now a full-blown artist whose nearly-incoherent ramblings are a satire on the corrupt society that is America. Yes, and I'm Puff Daddy.

What Eminem and some other rappers do, along with gross movies and the anti-social Web sites, is condone destructive behave. Thus, their message make it's easier for people of weak character to commit anti-social acts, which, of course, mires many of them deep into poverty.

In yesterday's The New York Times magazine, there was an article about a man and a woman who are living chaotic lives. And all of us are supporting them. The man is in prison on a manslaughter conviction. But before that, he impregnated the woman, who was then 14 years old. That women went on to have two other children out of wedlock. Of course, she can't support them.

The man actually married another woman while in prison. And because New York state allows conjugal visits, he fathered another child, whom he cannot support. Now, 30 years ago, this kind of behavior would have been deemed unacceptable by the media and society in general. Not now. The press, in general, refuses to make judgments about harmful personal behavior. And the media itself sells rap music and other kinds of tawdry entertainment by the boatload.

If a child has a stable family, he or she has a much better chance of assimilating the destructive entertainment without dire consequences. That's because having irresponsible sex at an early age and other destructive acts are unacceptable in responsible homes. But, in chaotic homes, where there is little or no parental guidance, adopting the signature of Eminem and his brethren can lead to a life of misery.

The people's choice has two gun-related convictions, has been sued by his own mother, and, despite his millions, has an anti-social viewpoint that would crush most individuals, especially ones without an education. But the media has embraced Eminem, mainstreamed him, and sent a signal that what he says and does is perfectly fine.

Well, it's not. If a young American chooses to have unprotected sex, take drugs, carry guns, and generally disrespect other people, that American will fail. And his or her personal disaster will then become society's problem.

Every clear-thinking America knows this, including the pinheads who run the establishment press. But, still, there will be no judgments made, no criticism launched. The only time the media scrutinized Eminem was when he rapped about brutalizing homosexuals. But even that has been forgotten and forgiven. And now this pernicious influence is the people's choice, another big win for poverty-inducing entertainment, another sad day for America.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day" ...

Millions of Americans love their dogs. And now canine care has been taken to a whole new level.

The canine fitness center has opened in a suburb of Baltimore. It's a full service health facility, featuring two pools for water aerobics, a dog masseuse and exercise equipment to build dog pecs or whatever they're doing there.

The center also offers a full service dog skin care salon and nutrition counseling.

Of course, this is completely insane. And if I were a dog, I would bite any human who tried to take me to that place. Dog fitness centers are ridiculous and another example of God telling us we have too much money.