How should US respond to attacks in Libya, Egypt?

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: I think what is important to look at is that the dramatic footage not only demonstrates that radicalism is still prevalent in the Middle East, but it exposes a clear and present danger to Americans both here and abroad.

In other words, the war on terror is ongoing. Look at these live pictures. They are out of Cairo. Thousands of protesters are hitting the streets.

Let me bring in Middle East experts Michael Ghouse and Brigitte Gabriel. You know, Michael, all throughout our argument that we have had as the Arab spring was unfolding, you told me over and over again that things were going to work out and democracy was going to emerge. I told you that the Muslim Brotherhood was going to take over. They first got parliament and they said Israel is their number one enemy.

Will you now agree with me that I was right and you were wrong on this particular issue?

MIKE GHOUSE, AMERICAN TOGETHER FOUNDATION: Brother Sean, as somebody called you today. I will agree with you on that particular, specific issue, but I don't agree with other things. First of all, I want to extend my prayers for the bereaved families and condemn what has happened in Libya, killing our ambassador is not acceptable --

HANNITY: You told me the Muslim Brotherhood would be moderated by the military. That's not true, Michael.

GHOUSE: Sean, if you look at our own democracy, it took many years to stabilize the democracy. It will tame take some time. It is sad, it's happening, but let's give them some time, Sean. Democracy is in their blood right now --

HANNITY: Give them some time as they rip down our flag and the radicals take over and put up an Al Qaeda flag. Michael wants me to give them some time.

GHOUSE: No, Sean, let me -- Romney was wrong --

BRIGITTE GABRIEL, ACT FOR AMERICA PRESIDENT: We are not going to waste any more time! We are casting our pearls at the feet of swine at this time. They do not deserve our money. They do not deserve our support. It's about time our president stands up as a man and stands up to a bunch of thugs destroying our reputation and attacking us like this! This is the home of the brave, not the land of cowards. And we need a president who is a brave man to stand up against our enemy and stop squandering our money on people who don't deserve it!

We gave them enough time. Now it's time to act. I urge everyone watching this interview to go to and get involved in taking back our nation and putting America's head back up high and speaking as the land of the brave! It's about time to act.

HANNITY: Brigitte, maybe the president should have showed up at a few of his intelligence -- daily intelligence briefings, which liberals made such a big deal about when George Bush was in the White House, which George Bush actually attended on a daily basis.

Maybe -- he can identify them as radical Islamists, which they are. That seems to be missing in Fort Hood -- that's the common theme this. This president will not say the word radical terrorist. He will not say war on terror. It seems to me that is pathetically weak.

GABRIEL: Sean, it is pathetically weak. Sean, we found out the Egyptian intelligence knew September 4 that there will be attacks against the United States Embassy. If the Egyptian intelligence knew that, how come our president did not know it? Did he miss the briefing when they informed him about the embassy going to be attacked?

This is not news. This is not new. We knew the embassies are going to be attacked. How come our government is putting our people's lives in danger, overseas in a country where we know they are not protecting our people?

This is why it's the job of the president and the job of the people to hold him accountable to say that we are facing an enemy that is radical Islamist and the flag they raised up is not an Al Qaeda flag. It's an Islamic flag that was invented in the 800s, the most authentic symbol of Islam that only Al Qaeda and the radical Islamist are now bringing back and reviving to attack the western United States.

HANNITY: All right, I appreciate you both being with us. I wish I was wrong when the Arab Spring was happening. We've predicted the Muslim Brotherhood would be in charge. We predicted a lot of this would happen. Most of the mainstream media, the president, they all ignored what was obvious to those of us who had eyes to see.

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