How Much of Your Tax Money Does the Government Actually Spend on You?

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Give and Take

Taxpayers in high-income households get the least benefit from their tax dollars — while people in the lowest-income bracket get an eight-to-one windfall.

The nonpartisan "Tax Foundation" says households making less than $23,730 per year get $8.21 back for every dollar paid in taxes. Middle-income households — around $42,000 to $65,000 — receive $1.30 for each tax dollar. And households earning more than $99,500 per year get back just 41 cents per tax dollar.

The money comes in the form of benefits such as Social Security and Medicare — and services such as police protection and education.

False Story

The New York Times Magazine published a false story on March 18 about a woman who claimed to have sustained a brain injury during military service in Iraq and to have been raped twice while in the Navy.

But the Navy says it warned the magazine that Amorita Randall may not have even been in Iraq — before the story was printed — a warning the Times disputes.

The Navy says it established that the woman had never been in Iraq on March 12 — six days before the story's Sunday release.

The Times could have pulled the magazine, which had been printed, or at least put a correction in the news section of the paper. It could have changed the online version of the article. It did none of those things. Instead readers had to wait until yesterday — a full week after the story came out — to learn the truth.

The magazine wrote: "It is now clear that Ms. Randall did not serve in Iraq, but may have become convinced she did. If the Times had learned these facts before publication, it would not have included Ms. Randall in the article."

Foot Washing

Jesus may have made a point about humility when he washed the feet of his disciples — but a Christian student group at Savannah State University in Georgia has had its activities suspended after some of its members washed the feet of its new recruits.

Cybercast News Service reports the group called Commissioned To Love was suspended for "hazing" — and for "harassing" students by sharing their faith.

When some members of the group attended an off-campus Christian music concert — the group was formally expelled from campus for violating its suspension. Now Commissioned To Love is suing the school for violating its free speech rights.

An attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund says the case fits a national pattern of colleges trying to find ways to get rid of Christian student organizations.

Early Returns

And actor-turned senator-turned actor Fred Thompson beats Hillary Clinton in a new presidential preference poll. The survey of 800 likely voters is the first by Rasmussen Reports that includes Thompson — who isn't a candidate yet but is being urged by many in the GOP to run. Thompson beat Clinton 44-to-43 percent.

But in the same poll — Barack Obama beat Thompson 49-to-37 percent.

—FOX News Channel's Martin Hill contributed to this report.