How Much More Left Lunacy Will Americans Tolerate?

As we reported last week, most of the Democratic presidential candidates showed up at a far-left convention in Chicago. At that convention, Senator Hillary Clinton was booed because she's too moderate, but defended the hate Web site that sponsored the event:


HILLARY CLINTON, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Now I was very proud of my campaign, standing up and really calling O'Reilly out and saying oh, come on. You know, look, there are things, you know, DailyKos that I don't agree with. And sometimes, you know, look, people do go over the line. But hello, for Bill O'Reilly to be making that criticism? I mean, on behalf of the people listen and you know, watch him. And I thought Howard did a terrific job sort of going into the lion's den and taking him on.


Howard is Mr. Wolfson, her campaign manager.

Now if anyone should be distancing herself from hatred, it is Senator Clinton, who has experienced it firsthand for years. She is making a terrible mistake trying to court the radical left, which despises her.

All the Democratic candidates failed to show up at a moderate Democratic meeting in Tennessee, yet they kiss the feet of the hateful radicals.

Come election time, independent voters will remember that if the far left ever comes to power in this country, you can kiss the USA as you know it good bye.

Now it's interesting to note that Congress just passed a law giving the National Security Agency more latitude to monitor calls from the USA to suspected terrorists overseas. Obviously, that's the major terror fighting tool.

But it is vehemently opposed by the far left. Read the lead editorial in Tuesday's New York Times if you want their point of view.

Senator Clinton voted against that new law, as did Barack Obama -- another mistake. Again, come election time, pandering to the far left will be a factor in how independent Americans vote.

The reason the Democratic candidates are making these foolish decisions is that they see the mainstream press actively rooting for the far left to succeed in America. Talking Points could not find one media account of the Kos convention that even criticized their vile postings, grossly insulting people like Senator Joseph Lieberman. The bias is disgusting.

On CNN, Howard Kurtz, again, loaded up his discussion of the convention with anti-O'Reilly guests. Not one supported exposition of the hate site -- not one. Now Kurtz knows this is unfair, but he continues to do it.

This entire thing is simply out of control. Just because you run a Web site doesn't mean you can't defame and injure people. Every Jewish person in the world should be marching against the Kos for all the hate Israel stuff posted on it.

Senator Clinton and the others may think that the far left approval will help them, but it will not. You just wait and see.

And that's the Memo.

Most Ridiculous Item

It's hard to believe, but there's actually a book of poetry called "Poems from Guantanamo", where 17 detainees get creative.

The Boston Globe actually printed some of the verse, which features lines like: "When I heard the pigeons cooing in the trees/Hot tears covered my face./When the lark chirped/My thoughts composed."

Excellent. In fact, I wish I had written that. And since I've been to Guantanamo twice, I might have gotten published, which of course, might be ridiculous.