How do you know when the media is rooting for failure?

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GREG GUTFELD, HOST: I am Greg Gutfeld with Kennedy, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and she paddleboards on a popsicle stick, Dana Perino, "The Five."


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: Always have to be prepared to walk. I could've signed an agreement today in the new people would've said, oh, what a terrible deal, what a terrible thing he did. You have to be prepared to walk. You know, there was a potential we could've signed something today. I could've 100 percent signed something today. We actually have papers ready to be signed but it just wasn't appropriate. I want to do it right. I much rather do it right than do it fast.

They wanted to denuke certain areas and I wanted everything. The sanctions are there. I didn't want to give up the sanctions unless we had a real program. They are not ready for that and I understand that fully. I really do. I mean, they spent a lot of time building it and that doesn't mean the world has to be happy. But I want them to denuke.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (voice-over): Chairman Kim, are you ready to denuclearize?

KIM JONG-UN, SUPREME LEADER OF NORTH KOREA (through translator): If I'm not willing to do that, I won't be here right now.


TRUMP: That might be the best answer you've ever heard.


GUTFELD: All right. So, how do you know when the media roots for failure? When they spend days saying Trump will give away the farm then mock him when he doesn't.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The surprise ending to this very Trumpian cliffhanger is nothing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (voice-over): This is the second time the United States has lost in Vietnam.

JIM ACOSTA, CNN SENIOR WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Strike one in Singapore. He didn't a deal with Kim Jong-un. Now, it's strike two in Hanoi. Once again, no deal to denuclearize North Korea, something that he staked a lot of his legacy, a lot of his presidency on.


GUTFELD: So Trump left without a deal. Now, if you believe that this is A, a sign of failure, B, represents the whole process, then C, you flunk this quiz. The fact is walking away is part of the process which is slow and odd. Sometimes it's better to appear going backwards or making nice even when it looks really bad. But the lines of communication exist even when they are crossed.

So by walking away a part of negotiating, we actually move ahead. Trump went there, told the guy, hey, the sanctions stay. That's the first and that's progress. And it could be that North Korea is unsolvable. But if there's a solution, it involves talking. And I don't know about you but I feel safer than I did a year ago because of talking.

Remember Hawaii? If you still believe that we conceded a lot with just a meeting, then you are a relic, preferring to settle things through the currency of corpses, meaning war, old people throwing bodies at each other. For you, blood is an endless commodity. But for the more peaceful types, we will see what happens. It was a daring alternative to the status quo which is having bureaucrats in Hawaiian shirts telling your family to seek shelter.

So this is going to take a while. It's long-term effort with short-term pain. The long-term benefit will bring peace. The short-term pain is the media who screws the world over by making any deal look like a concession. In short, Trump has a long game which is better than the media which has no game at all.

Jesse, the media is gloating even though they make the world less safe.

JESSE WATTERS, HOST: Yeah. You shouldn't be celebrating the fact that North Korea still has missiles pointed at us. It's very hard problem. If it was easy, the last three presidents would've solved it.


WATTERS: I don't like the way they set him up. They said he was going to go over there and sign a bad deal to distract from Cohen. So he goes over there, doesn't sign a better deal, and now they are saying he can't deal. I think what happened was –

DANA PERINO, HOST: But he did distract from Cohen.

WATTERS: Yes, he did.


WATTERS: Yes, he did. And we will have Cohen next (INAUDIBLE).

GUTFELD: It could be (INAUDIBLE) at any time.

WATTERS: Honestly, I think what happened was is the Chinese probably told Kim to scuttle this thing, to use this as leverage for the trade deal because remember, Trump said he was going to drop the tariff increase on March 1st. So it's a big kind of gamesmanship between Xi and Trump. Like you said, we will see what happens. I don't like the deal at all. They wanted to destroy their main nuclear plant in exchange for dropping all sanctions. That's crazy. It's an obvious phrase.

No deal is better than a bad deal. It's very easy to do a deal. And I think the media likes the idea of a deal and they don't care what's in it. It was easy to make the Iran deal. Just give them a bunch of cash and let them keep all their missiles. I mean, it's easy to do deals. It's very difficult to do tough deals and this is a long-term problem.

GUTFELD: Dana, this is what you call lose-lose proposition with the media. If he made a deal, they would say it's a concession. So he doesn't get a deal, now he is just incompetent.

PERINO: Right. That's why I think that leaders have to ignore it.


PERINO: You just do the right thing and you move on. You explain it the best you can. I didn't like the comment from the MSNBC commentator (INAUDIBLE) that this is the second time we lost in Vietnam.

GUTFELD: I know.

PERINO: That's so obviously so ridiculous and melodramatic. We are clearly in a better place than we were at the end of 2017.


PERINO: Right? So there's that. And Sue Mi Terry, she is an expert on Korean issues, she said, "North Korea is the land of no good options."


PERINO: I do think that we are in a better place, but so is Kim.


PERINO: Now he's in an elevated position. He's like, oh yeah, look at me. He's got a little bit of swagger but he also has our attention. So I don't think that the sanctions are going to get any easier for him. I don't think that his buddies, the Chinese or the Russians are going to be of help to him.

And he has just raised the bar so high for a third summit that he is going to have to give something because apparently there is reporting that the secretary of state was warning the president, this guy is not coming with good intentions. He doesn't have any plan to do it but we went ahead with the summit anyway. But now we know where everybody stands.

GUTFELD: Kennedy, he didn't look that well when he was there, Kim.

LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK HOST: He looked tired, slow, and corpulence.

GUTFELD: Yes, kind of sweaty.

MONTGOMERY: Those are three adjectives I don't want to associate with me when I'm negotiating a big peace treaty. But I will say this. I think the president is right when he says that North Korea can become an economic powerhouse. That's absolutely true.

I think a lot of countries in the world would like to do trade with North Korea that is denuclearize where the labor camps have been opened and those poor prisoners, those who have survived, are freed as are their families. That would be a great story and I think there are a lot of people who would be snapping up bargains. But I don't think Kim Jong-un would be the leader in such a climate.

He knows this, that if he gives up his nukes, he gives up his power. He really has nothing else to offer his country because once they realize that that free-market barn door can swing open, those horses are going to leave in search of economic mobility and opportunity. By definition -- not only he doesn't want to offer that to his people because he wants to remain in control, he doesn't know how.

GUTFELD: Juan, one of the consequences of playing nice is that you play too nice and I think President Trump got a lot of gap (ph) from the media over his statements over Otto Warmbier, saying that he took President Kim Jong-un at his word and it did not play well here. What are your thoughts?

JUAN WILLIAMS, HOST: I think it particularly didn't play well with Republicans. Even on this show and this network, we have talked about Otto Warmbier as a victim of a tyrant. What we've seen from his parents is absolute torture with what they are going through for their kid. And then you have President Trump today saying he takes Kim Jong-un's word.

A lot of people, you know, Rob Portman from Ohio, but also a number of the Republicans, leading Republican senators said that's unacceptable. Why would you do that? So to me this plays into, I think, you know, President Trump thinks that the key to negotiation is flattery.


WILLIAMS: That I can build a personal relationship. I will make you feel loved and secure, and then we'll make a deal. It clearly didn't happen. I think for lots of people in the foreign policy establishment, they say, why don't you do it in a more substantial way in which you think about and plan what it is you're willing to do in and what you think the other guy will do.

Instead, Trump says, I don't believe our intelligence agencies. I don't believe Dan Coats. I don't believe Gina Haspel. They are wrong. I believe Kim Jong-un. That destabilizes us and then we give him a platform. Dana was picking up on this. We have elevated Kim Jong-un in this process.

Jesse says, hey, well, maybe it's about China and the tariff deal in China is putting pressure on them. But again, who put themselves in that position? It was us because rather than go about step-by-step negotiation, we just took a flyer here and it really didn't work out.

GUTFELD: We got to toss to, guess what, we have Michael Cohen. He is speaking. There he is.


MICHAEL COHEN, FORMER ATTORNEY FOR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: -- other than it was very productive. As I said, I'm committed to telling the truth and I will be back on March 6 to finish up. There's more to discuss. Thank you guys so much. I'm sorry guys you had to stick around all day long.


GUTFELD: We'll have more, that exciting news in a moment. Dana, you are about to say something.

PERINO: I was going to say something. One is that there's something about the need to be willing to take risks in life. No risk, no reward.

GUTFELD: That you live your life by that, Dana.


PERINO: It's all true.

WATTERS: Risky business, Dana Perino.


GUTFELD: You took that plane to Mexico.

PERINO: That was only one time. I learned my lesson. And I'm not leaving the country. But I would say that for anyone, if you're going to start a business or if you're going to grow a business, if you're going to make a leap of faith, if you're going to try to make peace with an enemy, you have to take a risk. And if you do that, you might be rewarded. You also might have a news cycle that doesn't feel very good --


PERINO: But in the long run, the long arc of history will benefit the risk takers.


WATTERS: As you remember, Juan, because you are a little bit older than I am, Gorbachev was at Reykjavik with Reagan. Reagan walked out and said no deal and he got crushed by the media. And then look what happened. They had several other meetings and things ended up working out.

But I do understand your point because traditionally in diplomacy when you the summits, all your underlings line up all these things that are going to happen and then it's basically like a big signing ceremony. The problem with that is Kim. He's a dictator and he doesn't have any underlings that he can farm out any responsibility.

PERINO: And he refused to let them talk to the secretary of state which I think should have been a tell.

WILLIAMS: Yeah, of course it's a tell.

WATTERS: It's all Trump. It's all Kim. They are the only individuals that can make the deal. There is not a lot of time.

WILLIAMS: As I said, Otto Warmbier really bugs me.

WATTERS: I agree.

WILLIAMS: I don't understand why you take the word of like the Saudi prince, Mohammad bin Salman. I don't understand why you take Vladimir Putin's word over our intelligence people. And now you take Kim Jong-un over our intelligence --

WATTERS: It didn't sit well with me either. I think he's trying to find peace and he thinks that's the strategy –

WILLIAMS: But that's not a risk. That's an insult to us as an American people.

GUTFELD: I think it's a risk. What I want to hear from is with the Warmbier family. We do know that the chief negotiator agrees with Trump, the Israeli paratrooper Mickey Bergman, who negotiated and agrees with what Trump said. But I would like to know the family because Trump has a good relationship with the Warmbiers.

WATTERS: Great relationship.

GUTFELD: So let's wait and see. President Trump is unloading on Michael Cohen. Hear from him next.


WATTERS: Just minutes ago, Michael Cohen leaving Capitol Hill after his third day of congressional testimony. He was meeting behind closed doors with the House Intelligence Committee. President Trump is firing back against his former attorney's claims in an interview airing on "Hannity" tonight.


TRUMP: As far as Cohen is concerned, he's convicted, he's a liar, he's defrauded at a high level. He's got a lot of problems. And you know, it was very interesting, because he lied so much. I watched some of it. I actually was able to watch some of it.

He lied so much and yet he said when it came to collusion, the whole hoax with the Russia collusion, it's just a witch hunt hoax and very -- by the way, very, very bad for our country because it really stops you from doing what you set out to do. He said no collusion.


WATTERS: So no collusion.

PERINO: That was the only part he didn't lie about.


WATTERS: That's right.

PERINO: That's what's hard about that argument.

WILLIAMS: Very hard.

WATTERS: Dana, if he did have the goods on collusion or anything like that, he probably wouldn't be going to jail. He probably would've cut a deal.

PERINO: Immunity. I guess, maybe. I mean, we don't know what's in the Mueller report, so I don't really know. I would ask two questions about the hearing. Did it move the Democrats closer to impeachment? No, I don't think so. I think that's pretty much consensus. No, no. Number two, does it change anyone's opinion about the character of Donald Trump? No. So, there –

WATTERS: Don't say nothing burger. Are you going to say this is nothing burger?

PERINO: I'm not going to say nothing burger. I think it was a hearing that had to happen. I think it's now behind everybody. The only thing is I think that there might be an excuse for the Democrats to be able to say we need some more hearings. If you look at Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez's questions about money laundering and the insurance claims and the way that she walked down that, she said, do you think we need to get more information on this and you need to see the tax returns. He says, yes --

WATTERS: So what exactly did she allege? That he was devaluing the property in order to day --

PERINO: I don't know. This is what I think. I think somebody within maybe SDNY or somebody suggested that that would be a good question to ask and get him on the record because then it allows them to pull more strings. But again, I think that on the two big questions, the answer was no.

WATTERS: OK. Greg Gutfeld?

GUTFELD: I have to -- the best analysis came from Geraldo. He found more in Al Capone's vault than that.


GUTFELD: Cohen in a way -- the only thing that strikes me. Obviously he's a rat but he exchanged his rat costume for a different rat costume yesterday. He is like Jussie Smollett. He knows the media's weakness. Smollett knew that a hate crime would get him somewhere. That was the currency. Cohen knew his currency was anti-Trump platitudes. He knows that it's the opiate for the media still hurting from 2016.

So when he did that soliloquy yesterday, it was like he was running through everything you say at a cocktail party about Trump in case you got to say Trump. The media meanwhile is like going like this is huge, a bombshell, but it turned out to be more like a mild rash that was gone by the next day. No collusion, Cohen.

PERINO: The 24-hour flu.

GUTFELD: Yes, it was, which I think I might have.

WATTERS: Juan, do you agree with Dana's assessment that the Democrats are not any closer to impeachment after the Cohen hearing?

WILLIAMS: It was a funny one because I think Dana laid out the scenario exactly right which is that now you have the Democrats calling for more testimony. Allen Weinstein, who is the chief financial officer --

PERINO: Weisselberg.

WILLIAMS: Weisselberg. And so I think they are going to bring him.

PERINO: I don't think he can testify. He has immunity.

WILLIAMS: Well, I think he will be called, Dana. And I think that other people who are in the same orbit in terms of the finances, the deals that were made, the kind of corruption that Cohen suggested was regard to how Trump presented his finances --

WATTERS: So now they're investigating the business deals from decades ago?

WILLIAMS: They will because the door is open.


WILLIAMS: But let me just say, the key here to me is forget what Michael Cohen said because you can call him a liar. But you can't forget the documents he produced. He produced documents that showed that as president of the United States while in the office, the president was involved directly in paying off this porn star and that is a crime.

WATTERS: Personal expenditure. I said that so many times, Juan.

WILLIAMS: You can be the lawyer.

WATTERS: He would have done it years before --

GUTFELD: Campaign finance, that's what we're talking about.

WATTERS: Kennedy.

MONTGOMERY: It's interesting because of couple things. It was very funny when Michael Cohen was asked whether or not he wanted a job in the White House and he said no, absolutely not.

WATTERS: I think we have it on tape. Can we hear that? Then hear his answer before.


REP. JIM JORDAN, R-OH: You wanted to work in the White House? COHEN: No, sir.

JORDAN: You didn't get brought to the dance.

COHEN: I did not want to go to the White House. I was offered jobs.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is there a chance?

COHEN: That he will ask me to go to Washington?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There's absolutely a chance he's going to ask you to go. Would you go?

COHEN: One hundred percent.



WATTERS: One hundred percent, Kennedy.

MONTGOMERY: He didn't want to go, absolutely not, and then he said he was so proud of being the personal attorney to the president of the United States. He's proud to be the personal attorney to the president who he has just called a liar, a cheat, and racist. Why would you want to be associated with that person in any capacity because those are three things about someone I certainly wouldn't want to associate myself with.

WILLIAMS: He didn't say that before.


WILLIAMS: I thought he was saying that he was proud to have been this guy's lawyer for 10 years --

MONTGOMERY: No, he said that he give me the job in the White House because he was just so proud to be the personal attorney to the president of the United States.

WILLIAMS: He wanted to be, right, right, right. So you're right. He wanted to be. He wanted to continue to be Trump's personal attorney.

MONTGOMERY: If he knew for years and years, even through his Stockholm syndrome, that the president was so compromised and awful and racist, and now he's willing to come forward and open his heart and shed his tears because his life is ruined, the whole thing is malarkey.

GUTFELD: And now he is a hero. That was a folk hero to Alec Baldwin. I mean, how sad is that?

WILLIAMS: It looked to me, use the word rat. I think this thing looks so Mafioso-like (ph). I don't like it. I don't like that whole idea. And I do think that somebody who is now going to jail, whose family is being hurt, might have a decision to make about his legacy and maybe that's why he came forward.

WATTERS: There was no Mafioso stuff (ph) with Chicago and Obama, was it?


WATTERS: Not at all. They are only trying to sell the Senate seat after he became president.


WATTERS: Joe Biden and Beto O'Rourke making some big 2020 news. Hear it up next.


WILLIAMS: Some big-name Democrats could be ready to shake up the 2020 race. First, Joe Biden hinting yet again that he could be close to announcing a possible presidential run.


JOE BIDEN, FORMER VICE PRESIDENT: We just had a family meeting with all the grandkids too, and there is a consensus that I should -- they want -- they, the most important people in my life, want me to run. I don't want this to be a fool's errand. I want to make sure that if we do this and we are very close to getting to a decision, that I am fully prepared to do it. I have not made the final decision but don't be surprised.


WILLIAMS: Beto O'Rourke revealing he's made a decision about 2020. He says he's excited to soon share how he can "best serve our country." O'Rourke also reportedly ruling out another Senate run next year.


WILLIAMS: Kennedy, in fact, the polls show that he would be tied with John Cornyn in a Senate race. You see a lot of the top Democrats right now thinking it would be better if Beto run for Senate. What do you think?

MONTGOMERY: He definitely got more Senate momentum in Texas and is really well known there. He's laid quite a foundation. He was able to raise so much money. He really could be a threat to Cornyn. I don't disagree with that because when you talk to Democrats and when you talk to independents about Beto O'Rourke, there is no excitement. He is really not an exciting person. Think about what we saw yesterday in North Korea, can you imagine Beto O'Rourke and Kim Jong-un?

What kind of conversation they would have? It would be so weird. He's so dorky and awkward. For some reason, he's infuriating to me. He's such a beta male. His nickname Beto is so appropriate because you just swap out an "A" for the "O." He is Beto O'Rourke. I think that he wants to be vice president which is just god-awful. He's probably going to announce with Joe that that is the solid ticket.

WILLIAMS: You think it will be --

MONTGOMERY: Biden-O'Rourke.


MONTGOMERY: Very intersectional, yes.


WILLIAMS: Wow. What do you think, Jesse? But Jesse, you know, let's go to Biden for a second because Biden has ran twice before. He says --

WATTERS: How did that go?

WILLIAMS: Not well for him, right? But of course he did win with Obama. But let's just say, he is right now indicating that he's looking at social media for young people.


WILLIAMS: He wants to understand if the support that he's hearing about now is sincere, if it is solid or if it will dissipate once he announces.

WATTERS: I'm glad you brought that up. This is an actual quote from Joe Biden. He said, "We are taking a hard look at whether or not this alleged appeal I have, how deep does it run? Is it real?" Biden doesn't even know if people like him --


WATTERS: -- because -- what did they say? Trump called him one percent Biden. The man has no base. He's going to get out there and it's going to just deflate. Remember Rudy Giuliani? High poll numbers in the primary in the 20s and he actually - when the rubber hit the road, it just went right down hill.

MONTGOMERY: I'm going to wait (ph) till Florida.

WATTERS: And that's what going to - right, and that's what going to happen to Biden. The minute Biden gets into a debate and Kamala and Pocahontas and Booker, they start sinking their teeth into him, I think he's too clumsy to handle these attacks on identity and he's not going to last. And he should just go out, make money, the Trump economy is strong, and, you know, ride off into the sunset with the nice, decent legacy that he has.

WILLIAMS: Dana, what do you think about his preoccupation at this moment with social media?

PERINO: Well, I think he's actually too preoccupied with what his family thinks about what he should do. I mean, it's like we've been in this family focus group for about two years as his grandchildren want him to run. My grandfather would have been an amazing president as well. Leo Perino, I mean, amazing.

WATTERS: Wait, how old are his grandchildren by the way?

PERINO: I'm not sure, but the peek-a-boo game from Biden and Beto is tiresome, and I think a couple of things. One, indecision is going to turn off the hard left. If you can't show that you are able, that you have what it takes, you have the fire in the belly to take on Donald Trump and to run against this guy, then you're just not going to get them, but neither of these two need to give themselves any artificial deadlines. If I were Biden, I'd wait. If the most important thing to Democrats is electability, let all these other characters campaign for a few months and lets see if they're actually electable and then get in and try to save the day -

MONTGOMERY: What about money, though? I mean, I guess that would be the only thing that would force someone's timeline?

PERINO: It might be, but see. The thing about Beto is also a lot of that money came from out of state. I think if he ran for Senate in Texas, it's full scold for Republicans. They always loose. I mean, the Democrats always loose.

WILLIAMS: But you were talking - you were talking about Biden.


WILLIAMS: You. When you talked about money -

PREINO: For money, for money, yes.

WILLIAMS: - about money.

MONTGOMERY: No, I was talking about Biden trying to figure out when to get in.

PERINO: If I were Beto, I would run now because Joe Biden had a moment to run. It was 2016, he chose not to, and I think maybe the time has passed. But if he would come on the show for the daily briefing -

WILLIAMS: That'd be great. That'd be great. We suggest you do it, Mr. Vice President. By the way, I think you got to give him a little space on the family stuff because -

PERINO: No, I know. And look, I know anyone to (ph) to suggest that. Look, I understand that of course his son who passed away said last - his dying wish was, "dad, I want you to run," but since then - but the clip we just showed, "my grandchildren think I should run." Like OK, at some point you've got to show that you think you want to run against Trump because you want to run for the country, not because your grandchildren want you to.

WILLIAMS: So Greg, I want you to take on Kennedy because Kennedy is putting down Beto O'Rourke a beta male.

GUTFELD: I will - I want to talk about Beto and Biden. First, every time is see, Beto is not exciting. He's excitable.


GUTFELD: Every time I see him I think of a buzz -

WATTERS: With his arms?

GUTFELD: Yes, he's like a buzzed college kid at Thanksgiving dinner excitedly telling the family about that class he's taking on gnome tromski (ph), and when he leaves, everybody at the tables going, "did he take something in the bathroom because he's really, really hyped up."


GUTFELD: Biden is like a redhead at the beach. He's got no base, and if he - why enter a race when you're going to have to leave because I feel like the media has already selected Kamala Harris. He's like the old white guy at the rave and people just want him to leave so they can break out the ecstasy. The only way Biden can win - and I believe this seriously and he could win big - is to go talk to the Obamas and convince Michelle to be his VP.

MONTGOMERY: Interesting.

GUTFELD: Then for four years he's got Michelle as VP, he steps aside, then you get eight years of Michelle Obama. 12 years of the Obamas. That's what you do, and I expect my check from the DNC tomorrow.

PERINO: Twitter is going to be lit.

GUTFELD: Don't you think that's -

MONTGOMERY: Pretty interesting.

GUTFELD: - what you do?

WILLIAMS: I think Beto O'Rourke might the vice presidential on the ticket with Biden, but I don't know.

GUTFELD: Two white guys?

MONTGOMERY: See, I think that's the package deal.

GUTFELD: Two white guys?

MONTGOMERY: They can't help themselves. Everyone wants to be president -


PERINO: I don't think they can do two white guys. I just don't think they can.

WILLIAMS: Well, I just think that the key here is for Democrats is beating Trump.

MONTGOMERY: Well, at least one -

WILLIAMS: Kamala Harris creating a new controversy. This is an interesting one. Find out about it next on The Five.


MONTGOMERY: Kamala, are you OK? Kamala Harris sparking a new debate on whether sex work should be decriminalized. The 2020 democratic candidate saying she now supports the idea. How convenient. Watch.


SEN. KAMALA HARRIS, D-CALIF.: I do. There is an ecosystem around that that includes crimes that are - that harm people, and for those issues, I do not believe that anybody who hurts another human being or profits off of their exploitation should be free of criminal prosecution, but when you're talking about consenting adults I think that - you know, yes. We should really consider that we can't criminalize consensual behavior.


MONTGOMERY: Oh, how big of you. Well, she's being accused of hypocrisy for those comments given her record as a prosecutor and in 2008 when they were talking about decriminalizing sex work in the great city of San Francisco she said, "I don't want a bunch of pimps and prostitutes coming here," and was instrumental in shutting down where sex workers were able to screen perspective clients. Dana -

PERINO: Well, I was just going to say that when you're a prosecutor, though, your job is to prosecute whatever the laws are. So as - you could have a -

MONTGOMERY: There are a lot of laws.

PERINO: There are a lot of laws, but that's the thing and you're -

MONTGOMERY: And there's a lot of discretion, especially in the -

PERINO: - allowed to change your mind.

MONTGOMERY: - state of California.

PERINO: But if somebody changes their mind and you're for it, should you just say, "great"?

MONTGOMERY: No, because I worry they're going to change their minds back to something that I despise out of convenience and political opportunity. She said -

PERINO: (inaudible)

MONTGOMERY: - the same thing with cannabis, and there are a lot of people rotting in prison in California because of some of the decisions that she made as a district attorney and attorney general, and now she's conveniently saying, "well, you know, if it's consenting, if it's consensual transaction between adults," I don't think she believes that. Greg, where do you stand on all of this?

GUTFELD: She's running on pot and hookers, and I think that's awesome. I'm with Dana. I think if somebody changes their mind, I wills support them. You know, Van Jones created a stir a CPAC for telling conservatives they deserve credit for prison reform. So I do have to say that she deserves credit for, I don't know what you call legalizing sex work. I do believe transactions - I don't have to convince you. Transactions between consenting adults in which both parties agree to the rules is - how can that be subject to prison? How can you go to jail for that blows my mind. People will say, "well, what about trafficking?" Well, prosecute that. You'll do a better job if you focus on trafficking and leave the professionals and the customers out of your way because like the stuff about Backpage and what are Craigslist, a lot of this stuff these are people making deals. They're like -

PERINO: Well, a lot of Backpage stuff was trafficking. If you -

GUTFELD: I wouldn't know, Dana.

PERINO: Well, I covered it as a story. That's how I know.

GUTFELD: Oh, you covered it?


GUTFELD: All right.

PERINO: Ask Senator Rob Portman.

GUTFELD: Why? Was he on Backpage?

PERINO: No, he was part of the - no, he was part of the - he pushed to get it closed down because of the human trafficking issues, but I think that you're right. I think the human trafficking part, if you want to really focus on that, if you take the other part of that, you would have actually more resources.

MONTGOMERY: But then you create an even darker black market, and that's the problem because when you force things deeper and deeper in to the shadows and you further criminalize this activity, the black market grows. That's not a good thing, Juan.

WILLAIMS: I'm not sure -

MONTGOMERY: Look, people are going to do what they're going to do, and -

WILLIAMS: Look, I was -

MONTGOMERY: - you're not going to affect the demand because it's the world's oldest profession because the demand is there.

WILLIAMS: Yes, but I think the violence and the kind of threats and the abuse and the larger sex trafficking we saw in the Bob Kraft case in Florida -

MONTGOMERY: Allegedly.

WILLIAMS: - I think - yes, and I think - but I think that's what we've got to go after. So I was struck today to see the New York Daily News here in New York come out and say, "yes, we agree with Kamala Harris. We think it's time that you take away the violence, you take away the intimidation, you take this out of the dark entity (ph), and allow people who are of a consensual bond to do what they want to do but then go after the people who are setting up the deals." That to me makes sense. I think it's a waste of our resources to go after what you just described as the oldest profession in the world.

WATTERS: I think she forgets she's running for President of the United States of America and not California. Look at these radical positions she taking. Legalize prostitution, she's for reparations, legalizing weed, she wants to get rid of Columbus Day and replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day, she wants to get rid of private health insurance, she is pro Colin Kaepernick, she is pro Green New Deal, she is for open borders, and partial birth abortion. If she's going to have to tack back to the center if she gets this nomination, she'll get shredded by the president.

GUTFELD: It'll get ugly.

WILLIAMS: Are you her communications director?

WATTERS: I should be.

WILLIAMS: I think so.

GUTFELD: If she does - if she wins, I'm going to need the pot and the hookers.

MONTGOMERY: And so much more. And guess what? It's wildcard Wednesday on Thursday. Stay with us.


PERINO: All right, it's been a busy week, so we're moving Wildcard Wednesday to Thursday because it's fun, and I'm going to open this up and not spin it too much more. We only have like four minutes.

WATTERS: Oh it's great (ph).

PERINO: Well Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, and Melvins members have formed a new super group. Whose is this?


PERINO: This is speculation over a new super group?

GUTFELD: I don't like super groups except - and Kennedy will probably agree with me - this is a great super group. You've got King Buzz O. from the Melvins.


GUTFELD: You've got the Foo Fighters and Soundgarden. These are kind of like I know it's a grunge super group, but having King Buzz O. super group. I'm on cloud nine.

WATTERS: Who are the Melvins?



GUTFELD: Get him out of here. Yes.

WILLIAMS: That's the question, brother.

MONTGOMERY: We're on a Melvins (ph) -

WILLIAMS: (inaudible) and what are we talking about?

PERINO: OK, Martha Stewart teams up -

GUTFELD: Created grunge.

PERINO: - with legal marijuana producer to make products for pets. OK, I could get into this. Stewart has signed on Canopy Growth. They're going to make products using CBD products for humans as well and things like that. Who's is this?

MONTGOMERY: That is mine!

PERINO: Had to be yours.

MONTGOMERY: Martha Stewart, she's getting into the refer game. How smart is this? This is going to be a multi -

PERINO: This is how she makes money, right?

MONTGOMERY: - billion dollar company. A lot of people are looking for cannabis stocks to invest in. This might be the one.

GUTFELD: So is Wiener.

MONTGOMERY: Canopy Growth -

GUTFELD: Weiner's doing it. Weiner's a spokesman.

MONTGOMERY: Watch your language.

WATTERS: Wait, I don't get it.

MONTGOMERY: Baner (ph).


MONTGOMERY: Baner (ph).

GUTFELD: No, Weiner. Anthony Weiner.


WATTERS: (inaudible) too, Dana.

MONTGOMERY: Weiner and Baner (ph)?

PERINO: What is happening?

MONTGOMERY: All sorts of people getting in the weed game.

WATTERS: So wait, they want pets to be high? Is that what -

WILLIAMS: No, no, no.

PERINO: They're just going to make -

MONTGOMERY: No, they want to alleviate pains so that -

WILLIAMS: Yes. This is not -

MONTGOMERY: - so pets with inflammation in their joints.

WILLIAMS: This doesn't get you high, the CBD.

PERINO: I actually - can I pass something (ph)?

MONTGOMERY: It saves you're life. Yes.

PERINO: A girlfriend of mine, Marie Unanway (ph), gave me some CBD oil for my muscle tension in my upper back, and I have to say it works quite well.

WILLIAMS: Yes, I think that's why -

MONTGOMERY: You know what, I use CBD cream -

GUTFELD: You take pot? You're a drug addict!


WILLIAMS: It's not pot.

MONTGOMERY: It's not THC. CBD is no psychoactive.

GUTFELD: I know, but I want her to feel really guilty about breaking the law.

PERINO: I said I was announcing something.

WILLIAMS: It's legal. It's not -

PERINO: OK, another one. A mom on a 10-hour flight hands out 200 bags of candy, earplugs in case a baby cries. This is mine. So this is a little - this is a mom who is worried because she's taking the kid on the first flight. So she gets on the plane with little Jun Wo (ph) and this is what the note says. I'm four-months old. Today I'm going to be flying with my mom and grandma. I hope I can be quiet, et cetera. And apparently she didn't make a peep the entire flight, but isn't that a nice thing?


MONTGOMERY: Very common -

PERINO: I'd say do less, mom. Seems a little extra -

GUTFELD: Hey, no they've got to hand out airplane bottles of booze.

MONTGOMERY: That's a good idea, too.

WILLIAMS: For kids, why not?


PERINO: Babies love the white noise on planes, and the young ones tend to sleep. It's the toddlers who raise holy hell on airplanes.

MONTGOMERY: Yes, you better bring me alcohol, not candy. All right.

PERINO: 18 months, yes. That (inaudible).

WILLIAMS: So we had a story this week where a woman made a scene on a place because she was seated next to a child, and she had to be taken off.

PERINO: Yes, she got bumped.

WILLIAMS: The kid got to fly.

PERINO: All right, Uber driver offers customer ride type menu. George the Uber driver gives his customers the option of how they want their trip to go. If they want jokes, if they want him to be rude or therapy or silent. Who's is this?

WILLIAMS: This is mine because -


WILLIAMS: - I mean, we get in cabs and we get in cars all the time, but this guy has broken it down so you know exactly what you're buying. You can say to him, "I want to hear jokes," and he can be a funny guy. Or you can say, "I want a scary ride," and he will not say a word. He'll just trance at you in the mirror.

PERINO: Five stars. Five stars.


PERINO: Indeed.

PERINO: All right, this must be your, Jesse. North Carolina considers dropping F grade to 39 percent for state public schools. How do you feel about that?

WATTERS: I don't feel good about it. I think failing is good for character. I think everyone here I'm sure, besides Dana, has failed something, has gotten -

PERINO: I've got something. I can't think -

WATTER: - a big, fat F.

GUTFELD: Did you get an F?

PERINO: I can't think of what - did I ever get an F? Oh yes, in our first - in graduate school our first writing assignment everybody - the 18 of us, everyone got an F.

WATTERS: Right. That is like a lesson.

GUTFELD: So now you can pass with what? A 40 percent? I mean, that's pathetic.

PERINO: 39 percent. Yes.

GUTFELD: That's pathetic. That's why the Chinese are taking over.

PERINO: Yes, I'm not for this either. And then before you know it, we're going to be smoking more pot and -

MONTGOMERY: With our pets, our happy pets.

PERINO: Oh boy.

GUTFELD: Legalize sex work with pets.

PERINO: At least there will be a new super group -

GUTFELD: Yes, King Buzz O.

PERINO: - for our enjoyment. One more thing is up next.


GUTFELD: One more thing, I go first. All right, so tonight Jesse and I will be on Tucker for the final exam. It's going to be a guaranteed barn burner although I am against arson, so - but -

MONTGOMERY: Since when?


MONTGOMERY: Since when?

GUTFELD: Yes, that's right. I love arson. OK, time for this. You know why animals are great? Because of this. You know, here you have this cat basically looking for a fight. She sees another cat, you know, and then there's a cat over there, and then her friend, the dog, says, "no, let's go back in the barn."

PERINO: Oh, wow.

GUTFELD: "Come on. Let's go back in the bar and have a couple of drinks. There's some people that (inaudible)." Isn't that nice? That's a good friend.

MONTGOMERY: That's a great friend.

GUTFELD: Get back in the bar. You don't want any trouble. You've been drinking a bit - a little.

PERINO: That's so funny.

GUTFELD: There's a girl at the end of the bar who likes you. This will be - you'll forget about it in 30 seconds. Let go. Isn't that nice?

PERINO: Where was that from?

GUTFELD: They really are, Dana. Beat that one.

PERINO: Animals are great, but kids are even better?

GUTFELD: Are you sure?

PERINO: But this one is.

GUTFELD: They're less fury.

PERINO: His name is Ashton Jones and he is from Colorado. He is Stephanie Jones's son, and that's my - a friend of my sister, Angie. So he had an assignment from school. You had to choose an awesome Amerian to be, and he chose to be George W. Bush, and this just a part of the speech he memorized.


AHSTON JONES: I love baseball. While I was president, I launched a t-ball on the south lawn program which gave little leagers a chance to play ball at the White House. I am an awesome, famous American and did a lot for America.


PERINO: Well done, Ashton. Congratulations on that great performance.


PERINO: It was pretty - hey, look. He's watching!

GUTFELD: Yes, it was alright.

PERINO: Ashton, he's joking.

GUTFELD: Who's next. Jesse?

WATTERS: Speaking of great performances, Dwayne Wade still has it. Look at this Miami Heat-Warriors game last night. Three pointer to beat the buzzer, top of the key.

PERINO: This is taking a long time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Back to Dwayne, shoots. No, he couldn't get it off. Now fires it up. Back it in (ph)!

WATTERS: He makes it in with one foot, that's right.

WILLIAMS: Oh my gosh.

WATTERS: All right? And that's going to be me tonight on the quiz with Tucker and Greg.

GUTFELD: You just want - you want to just do sports commentary.

WATTERS: All right, I'm also on Fox and Friends tomorrow morning 8:30 in the morning.

MONTGOMERY: Wow, you're really earning your pay this week, Jesse.

WATTER: I'm going to stay up all night.

GUTFELD: Somebody's not drinking tonight. All right, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Well everybody (ph) I want to tell you that once I was with George W. Bush and he said, "I just was reading something you wrote," and I said what? And it was a book where he was talking about his love of baseball much like that young man.

PERINO: I love baseball.

WILLIAMS: Oh my God. Anyway, don't you love it when people exceed expectations? Take a look at this seven-year old little leaguer.

PERINO: Yes, this was pretty cool.

WILLIAM: Yes. Tommy Morrisey (ph) hit that home run in his season opening game with only one arm. He just never let only having one arm slow him down. He's missing most of his right arm due to a birth defect. By the way, he's getting some top notch training. Last week, St. Louis Cardinal's pitcher, Chris Carpenter, threw batting practice for him and Tommy's (ph) also a golfer. At age three he was a prodigy and got to play with Tiger Woods and Bubba Watson. Go Tommy. Everybody believes in you.

WATTERS: Better story than I did.

MONTGOMERY: I love that story.

WATTERS: Do you really, Kennedy?


WATTERS: Do you?

MONTGOMERY: Very inspiring.

WATTERS: All right, well try to improve upon that story.

MONTGOMERY: Well that won't be hard at all because I've got a story about a pig who loves Oreos. Charlotte is a potbelly pig living in Ohio and she got out of her pin. Apparently nosy neighbor let her out of her little enclosure and she's a very social animal, so she went rooting through the neighborhood looking for pals. Her mom got real worried, so call the police officers. You know what they did? You know how they got her back inside?


MONTGOMERY: Well Most Stuffed Oreos are her favorite treat, so they left a trail of Most Stuffed Oreos and Charlotte was like, "these are delicious."

GUTFELD: That works on me.

MONTGOMERY: And she went back home. It's so great to be a pig.

WILLIAMS: Wait a second, what's the Most Stuffed?

MONTGOMERY: When you gain weight, people go -

PERINO: The Most Stuffed -

MONTGOMERY: Not double-stuffed. They're even more stuff than double- stuffed.

WILLIAMS: Beyond double-stuffed?


GUTFELD: The worst is the thin stuffed. That's just stupid.

MONTGOMERY: That's cruel.


MONTGOMERY: That is a form of torture. The Middletown Division of Police said we had to take this pig into custody. She was involved in a disturbance. Someone was trying to blow her house down.

GUTFELD: Look at that banner. Yum, yum, yum all the way home. Somebody earned that. Who did that? Who was in the - who wrote that?

PERINO: Quinette (ph) -

GUTFELD: Quinette (ph), well done. That was better than - what was that terrible one from earlier this week? Remember, I made fun of it.

WILLIAMS: I don't know, but I think Oreo stuffed pig would be pretty tasty.

GUTFELD: That's true. All right, we got to go.

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