House GOP demands IRS chief's firing

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: You have been voting at home during "On the Record." Do you thing the IRS Commissioner should resign, yes or no, keep tweeting your vote using #Greta and you will see live results on your screen in just moments.

So what else did the committee find? Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz joins us. Good evening, Mr. Chairman.

REP. JASON CHAFFETZ, R-UTAH: Thanks for having me.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you think the President should fire Koskinen, the IRS Commissioner.

CHAFFETZ: Yeah. You cannot come to Congress, give false statements and keep your job. And Congress has the duty and responsibility to get after it and hold him accountable. That may include a variety of different remedies. But he lied to Congress.

VAN SUSTEREN: How did he lie?

CHAFFETZ: He had the documents in his possession. He said that he has done everything that he could to get after them, but they destroyed them. Imagine if you had done that to the IRS, but they had more than 20,000 Lois Lerner emails in their possession and they destroyed them after there was a subpoena in place.

VAN SUSTEREN: At point they said they were asking about how many sources for recovering the IRS -- emails from Lois Lerner, and there were six different sources, hard drive, Blackberry, backup tapes, server drives, backup tapes of the servers, and Lerner laptops. And they didn't search any of them.

CHAFFETZ: Yeah. The Inspector General came in and found that of the six sources where they can find the Lois Lerner emails and they didn't even look for them, and didn't even ask for them. It took the Inspector General 15 days to find them. It took IRS years to come and get them. Ends up once they did discover that they had them. They destroyed them. You can't destroy evidence.

VAN SUSTEREN: President Obama said that he didn't think there was a smidgen of evidence to show.

CHAFFETZ: How did he come to that conclusion, Greta? There are five open investigations. None of which have concluded, House Ways and Means, House Oversight Committee, the Senate Finance Committee, the Department of Justice, the Inspector General all have open investigations, and yet the President comes to the conclusion there is not even a smidgen of corruption. Explain that one to me, Mr. President.

VAN SUSTEREN: We asked a softer question whether he should resign, and right now 91 percent of the viewers -- 92 percent, just went up say that he should resign. You take it one step further, he should be fired.

CHAFFETZ: He should be fired.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is he going to be?

CHAFFETZ: Well, Congress has some remedies. And Congress needs to get more aggressive and stand up for itself.

VAN SUSTEREN: Like what?

CHAFFETZ: They may hold him in contempt and there are other constitutional remedies perhaps one of the things we are exploring is impeaching the Commissioner. That's something that is in our repertoire, it hasn't been used since the 1800's but something we may do in this case.

VAN SUSTEREN: Does the speaker have the stomach for impeaching the IRS Commissioner?

CHAFFETZ: Well, I -- remember it was the speaker early on in 2013, he said I don't want to know who is going to resign, I want to know who is going to go to jail. And I think the speaker was right on that one. It's something we are looking at when we turn the corner into September and October, this is where you're going to see this committee is going.

VAN SUSTEREN: Can you actually impeach the IRS Commissioner?

CHAFFETZ: Yeah. In the constitution you can fire or can you impeach, I should say, a civil officer of the United States.

VAN SUSTEREN: So where is this headed now? What do you expect is going to happen with this?

CHAFFETZ: We have more transcribed interviews that are going on. We continue our investigation as do the other committees, the Department of Justice and the Inspector General, and these -- we are looking at remedies. But the president right now, if he wants to do what the he told the American people he was going to do, which is work hand in hand with Congress. Then he should fire this Mr. Koskinen because is he not working with us.

VAN SUSTEREN: I guess we hear so much this over so long -- sometimes it feels like you are banging your head against the wall.

CHAFFETZ: Hey. We are going to get to the truth no matter where it is, no matter how long this takes. We are going to get after it. We are not letting go of this one.

VAN SUSTEREN: Congressman, nice to see you sir.

CHAFFETZ: Thanks Greta.