Hollywood vs. fracking

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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: What if you had the answer to bad economy in Middle East in front of you? If you were Matt Damon you will bury it under mountain of lies.

I've heard of fracking, which extracts oil from rocks using blast of water and chemicals. Not only is fracking creating full employment wherever it goes, it could unleash billions of gallons of oil, divorcing us from much of the Middle East mess. Plus, frack is just a funny work.

Now, Damon is working on anti-fracking movie called "Promised Land." The flick's typical story has the frackers as bad guys and anti-frackers as the heroes.

Turns out, though, according to filmmaker Frances McDormand, the anti-frackers are the fraudsters making up the lies after absurd lies. Now, it may not be Damon's fault. He could be coming down with something.

Yet, according to the New York Daily News, anti-fracking freaks, the same kind of people who got Obama to block the Keystone pipeline are trying to block fracking in New York but saying it leads to syphilis.


GUTFELD: Their logic is that fracking will encourage men to go to New York to work, where then they'll catch a disease or whatever. Now, you could say the same thing about the modern green movement. After all, those activists produce more germ than health club yoga mat.

But, look, these days, the green movement is full of cranks and crooks whose purpose is to end capitalism. How does it affect a rich actor like Damon? It doesn't. Which why you can spread the dishonesty like a disease at will.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, my gosh.

GUTFELD: Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.

Andrea, I know you feel as strongly as fracking as I do.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: I woke up this morning and it's all I've been able to think about.

GUTFELD: Big deal. This could so many problems. Celebrities are literally changing the truth. They are changing the truth to prevent something from happening that could benefit millions of Americans.

TANTAROS: Six hundred thousand jobs I believe it was that President Obama said in his State of the Union.

Look at how dumb we are. We have this natural gas here to create jobs. What do we do? We export our clean, cheap, natural gas to China while we import dirty, expensive crude.

Now, President Obama could back the Natural Gas Act. He hasn't. More lip service. And he's promised to get us off Middle East oil in 10 years. Four years later, we're not even close. So, the question is: what are we doing about this? What's our national energy policy?

GUTFELD: It's windmills.

GUILFOYLE: Windmills.

TANTAROS: Solar panels.

GUTFELD: Exactly. Eric --

GUILFOYLE: Solyndra.

GUTFELD: Solyndra.


BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: I haven't heard that in a long time.

GUTFELD: We'll bring it back.

BECKEL: We had Reverend Wright yesterday, Solyndra today. OK, good.

GUILFOYLE: We have some Reverend for you.

GUTFELD: No, but Solyndra is -- it shows that they invest in idiocy and they're destroying something that's important.

Eric, isn't it great when you see celebrities or left wing actors with egg on their face? They're wrong on this and but they can't let go.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Wrong on it. Couple of numbers very quickly. We have spent $250 billion overseas because we are spending that much more money on gas. President Obama came in.

Here is the way to drop the price of gasoline. Embrace fracking, embrace natural gas, hundreds of billions of dollars of economic activity would stay here in America, tens if not hundreds of billions of tax revenue would stay here.

If you want to talk about closing the debt, the deficit? Allow fracking. Frack away. By the way, there's nothing, never has been any proof of disease or anything --

GUTFELD: Yes, they tried it with breast cancer --

BECKEL: I wasn't supposed to talk about the disease part. But I think Andrea made a good point. Marcellus shale is what they call this is what all the way from Ohio, I think all the way upper New York state. Our friend Denny Horton (ph), whom you met, my friend from West Virginia.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, he was here.

BECKEL: He convinced me how safe fracking was. And I think it's a very important point. If you can drive buses with natural gas, it seems you can drive anything with natural gas, right? And so, he told me we didn't have the infrastructure to carry natural gas. Why not invest in infrastructure to carry natural gas? And then not have so much dependency on foreign oil.

GUILFOYLE: Welcome to the Conservative Party, Bob Beckel.

TANTAROS: Tree huggers in you party, can you spread that --


BECKEL: When you have that much of an energy resource and you know it runs things, the only problem, of course, is that -- well, anyway.


GUILFOYLE: Look, I'm for fracking all the way and anything that gives us energy independence so we're not relying on bended knee constantly to the Middle East and putting our country in peril, these positions that we're doing. And I oppose President Obama's war on coal and fossil fuels. I think that has been a big mistake and it has cost Americans livelihood and jobs. Shame on you.

GUTFELD: Shame on you, Kimberly.

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