Hollywood Breakup Has World Talking!

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JOHN KASICH, GUEST HOST: And in the "Back of the Book" segment tonight, it's the Hollywood breakup that has the world talking.

Paramount Pictures announced it was splitting up with Tom Cruise after 14 years. Sumner Redstone, the chairman of the media company that owns the studio, says Cruise's recent behavior was career suicide.

Will dumping hot stars because of their personal peccadilloes become the newest Hollywood trend? With us now, Jill Dobson, editor at large for Star magazine. What happened? Why is Cruise out?

JILL DOBSON, STAR MAGAZINE: Well, Cruise and his production company was getting $10 million a year from Paramount to develop movies. And they just decided at Paramount it's not worth it to our bottom line. His movie "Mission: Impossible III" didn't do as well as expected and Sumner Redstone blamed that on some of Cruise's antics, jumping on Oprah's couch and bashing Brooke Shields for using antidepressants.

KASICH: Didn't "War of the Worlds" do pretty well?

DOBSON: "War of the Worlds" did very well. Like $580 million.

KASICH: And that was after he was making a fool of himself on that couch.

DOSBON: And that's why people are criticizing Sumner Redstone. They are like, come on, he can .

KASICH: So why is Cruise gone?

DOBSON: He's gone because studios are tightening their bottom line. They're saying if you are going to do this crazy stuff that's going to hurt our bottom line, we are not going to be happy about it. Tom's movies make a lot but the studio doesn't because Tom gets such a huge back end on the movies that he works on that Paramount itself doesn't really see a lot of profit.

KASICH: Can I get a deal like that is the question?

Is it also possible that Sumner Redstone, who is 83 years old, has decided there is more to life than money. So he looks at Cruise jumping around and some of this crazy stuff and says I've had it with this guy. This guy is out to lunch. Is that possible? Or is it just about money?

DOBSON: That's exactly right. It's all about the money.

KASICH: It is about the money?

DOBSON: Sumner Redstone is looking at the stock price of Viacom. Ever since January when Viacom decided we'll split up from CBS and be separate stocks they've been dropping.

Well, all of a sudden Sumner came out and said Tom Cruise didn't dump us, we dumped him. And then guess what — his stock went up a few points.

KASICH: Any bombshells coming out here on Cruise and Katie Holmes? Anything coming out?

DOBSON: We expect to see a photo of Suri very soon. We hear that famous photographer Annie Liebowitz is taking the photo. So there is a baby.

KASICH: Let's go to one of the other heroes in Hollywood. I mean that with my tongue so far in my cheek. Lindsay Lohan, she has decided she doesn't need to go to work. Party all night and just not show up. What's going to happen with her?

DOBSON: Lindsay on the set of her movie "Georgia Rule" was hospitalized for exhaustion. And of course the producer of the movie wasn't so happy when she was out at clubs late the night before and goes to the hospital and then back to the clubs that same night. So that really affected her.

KASICH: And her mother makes excuses for her.

DOBSON: Right, her mom says, he shouldn't have come after her, she's a young girl.

KASICH: I am not sure who ought to be spanked, Lindsay Lohan with her foul mouth or her mother or both. Let's talk about Kate Moss for a second.


KASICH: Now, cocaine, it takes a picture with this boyfriend of hers who apparently now is going to go to jail for heroin possession. And she's out and now she's back bigger than ever. You can't open a magazine without seeing Kate Moss.

What kind of message is that and why?

DOBSON: It's amazing in the course of a year, last September was when that all happened. Now you pick up the September issues that are just coming out of the magazines, some of them have her in ads for eight different companies. And some of the companies like Burberry — who didn't publicly disclaim her too much but they quit showing her in their ads — she is prominent in all of their ads. And she's in all the high-end ads. So she's totally back. I don't know what to say about it but apparently she's been forgiven.

KASICH: How about Mel? Will he be back? Yes or no?

DOBSON: Mel will be back. Give him a year. Just like Kate.

KASICH: Jill, thanks for being with us.

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