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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: All right. I'm Laura Ingraham. This is "The Ingraham Angle" from Washington tonight. 2020 Democrats had quite the weekend. We're going to bring you the wildest moments and absurd proposals from just the last 48 hours. Bongino and Hahn debate it all.

Also tonight, HHS Secretary Alex Azar is here live with the administration's response to the latest immigration controversy and great news on drug pricing transparency. Wow! And plus, comments from California Governor Gavin Newsom about masculinity. Have one prominent psychiatrist saying, he's looking to start a war between the sexes. She's here to tell us why. And finally, we speak to the reporter who spent five days in Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's district. What she discovered will shock you. But first, Nancy's magnet, that's the focus of tonight's ANGLE.

Over the weekend, Nancy Pelosi convinced the President to call off his promised removal of illegal immigrants who refused to appear for deportation despite outstanding court orders. Now, these are not people awaiting an immigration or asylum hearing, contrary to what you think listening to speak-no-truth Pelosi.


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., HOUSE SPEAKER: So when I spoke to the President, I said, look, I'm a mom, I have five kids, nine grandchildren. And your - children are scared. And I do think that some of the faith-based groups did weigh in with the President. I hope so. And now we have to continue to keep that pressure on.


INGRAHAM: Note her typical emotional ploy, using children to her way, except, by the way, when she wants their lives ended. Well, no one wants any child ever to be afraid, ever. It's tragic, and it really shouldn't happen. And kids of American criminals, they suffer here too because of the mistakes of their parents. And parents coming illegally, again tragic. Now comes the consequences, for the whole family sometimes, or at least there should be consequences if the rule of law means anything.

And by the way, if we really cared about kids, what about some of the stuff that's happening to American kids, those in the intercities, in homeless shelters, those with parents addicted to opioids or kids themselves who are addicts? Nancy doesn't need to go far, does she, from San Francisco to see suffering and desperation. We've seen all those stories. So maybe she should focus on fixing that before throwing rocks.

Meanwhile, her party rather than actually working with the President to solve the border crisis, instead, spent its time sucking up to Planned Parenthood.


SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN, D-MASS., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We need to pass a federal law to make Roe versus Wade the rule of the law--


SEN. CORY BOOKER, D-N.J., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Women that are incarcerated for, undocumented immigrants that are incarcerated, they deserve to have access to healthcare because healthcare is a human right.


INGRAHAM: No. So let's get this straight. They care so much about the children that they're taking orders from the organization that exist to destroy the children. OK.

Now, as for the resistance media who denied there was a crisis all along, just remember that they supposedly care about children and everybody else more than you do.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mike Pence is lying about children living in torturous positions right there, allowing children to walk around with lice and walk around without diapers.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is the wealthiest nation in the world.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have money to give toothpaste and soap and blankets to these kids.


INGRAHAM: Given the sheer volume of families we're talking about, hundreds crossing at one time and tens of thousands coming across in one month, just family units, of course, a Border Patrol processing center will be scrambling to keep up. We saw it with our own eyes, they are still doing unbelievable work. But awful situations will arise. But where were the Democrats? Where was their outrage before Trump came into office?

Remember when the most compassionate, coolest President ever said this?


BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT: Do not send your children to the borders. If they do make it, they'll get sent back. More importantly, they may not make it.


INGRAHAM: To demonstrate how woefully dishonest and purposely misleading the media have been on this issue of child's attention, consider the finding made by U.S. District Court Judge Dolly Gee, an Obama appointee from the Central District of California. She found that migrant children had been held in widespread deplorable conditions, and further the federal authorities had wholly failed to provide the safe and sanitary conditions required for children even in temporary cells. Do you know whom she was castigating there? The Obama administration. Yes, it was Obama's DHS that was supposedly running what buffoonish Democrat radicals are now calling concentration camps.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: It's been that way for a long time.


TRUMP: And President Obama built the cages. President Obama built - they call them jail cells. They were built by--

TODD: Let's talk about what's happening now.


INGRAHAM: Now, do any of you remember Nancy Pelosi firing off angry tweets in demanding a change in Obama policy or criticizing these allegedly inhumane conditions? Jeh Johnson was trying to appeal that ruling, remember. And were Hollywood starlets speaking out? No, and no.

Trump has been trying to manage this immigration disaster and solve it that he inherited as President. But given the arbitrary rules laid down by liberal judges, his administration has repeatedly asked Congress to fund more beds for detention facilities, they need more money. Guess what? Congress refused. And now, they blame him for the problem, as he told Chuck Todd.


TRUMP: --doing a fantastic job under the circumstances. The Democrats aren't even approving giving us money. Where is the money? You know what? The Democrats are holding up the humanitarian aid.


INGRAHAM: And though the President delayed his deportation plan this week and hoping that Congress will work together, in his words, to "work out a solution to the asylum, loophole problems," it's now increasingly clear that this is not in the cards. Pelosi in a statement only agrees to spend your tax dollars on the care and transportation of the illegals, and of course, don't forget the money to hire lawyers for them to fight their deportation.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Where is the asylum fix? Where is the Flores (inaudible) fix? Where is the TVPRA fix? These are quick measures that the Congress can deal with legislatively and the President is asking them to do that.


INGRAHAM: But it doesn't look like Pelosi is interested in doing any of that, especially since Congress is only in session until this Friday. I have a message for the administration in a bit, but don't be deceived by the media coverage or the emotive images you are seeing because it happened years ago and the Democrats were silent.

The Democrats want to eliminate all detentions and these politicians, corrupt lawyers, activist judges and NGOs will characterize almost any holding facility as a concentration camp and then shut them down. So no detentions, no deportations ever. Ultimately, they hope full voting rights for those who came illegally. End of story.

Pelosi is not going to end this crisis. She is cynically using the plight of migrants, most of whom have no valid claim of asylum to full political advantage. And that's "The Angle."

All right. Here now to respond, Republican Congressman Sean Duffy of Wisconsin, and Luis Miranda, Former DNC Comms Director.

Luis, when are the Democrats going to do what the Republicans asked them to do, I think, four-and-a-half months ago, five months ago, Sean knows, to fund these detention facilities, so children will not be released into society to sponsors we have (inaudible) and so-called family members we haven't identified?

LUIS MIRANDA, FORMER DNC COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR: Well, it's funny that you're trying to put this all on Democrats when it was Republicans who have consistently blocked any kind of progress on immigration, whether it's improving--


INGRAHAM: Luis, focus on the question.

MIRANDA: --the refugee situation--

INGRAHAM: Grandstanding isn't going to help you because this isn't working.

MIRANDA: Donald Trump taking away aid from Central America--


MIRANDA: --which only makes the situation worse.

INGRAHAM: OK. So this is a show everyone listening to Luis and I love Luis because he's a lovely person and I think you're smart. And I really - I'm not trying to patronize. I actually think you are. We could have solved this problem five months ago. We just forget just detention beds, just beds.

MIRANDA: I'm all for Democrats working with--

INGRAHAM: No, no, no.

MIRANDA: --the Republicans here on--


INGRAHAM: Nobody wants to see kids - nobody wants to see kids crying. I was in Del Rio. I was at the border patrol facility.

MIRANDA: I don't want to see them dying, Laura. I don't want to see them dying.

INGRAHAM: Right. So why do we have a magnet?

MIRANDA: And this is why (inaudible) supposed to be in charge of taking care of these kids.

INGRAHAM: Where are the beds? Where are they going to put them?

MIRANDA: I agree. Those are the ones that--

INGRAHAM: Where are they going to put them.

MIRANDA: --Congress moving. We can agree on one thing.

INGRAHAM: Where are they going to put the kids? Answer the question. Sean?

MIRANDA: Congress never does its job.

INGRAHAM: No, you're not answering the question.

MIRANDA: So - so--

INGRAHAM: Sean, where are these kids going to go?

REP. SEAN DUFFY, R-WIS.: We're going to put (inaudible) more so that--

INGRAHAM: Thank you.

DUFFY: --the bottom line was, during the last shutdown, Republicans said let's send more money to at least take care of the kids. And Democrats were in opposition to that. So if we want to put away all the problems we have out in the border, which we shouldn't, but if we want to, listen, let's care about the kids.

We should have a bill in the House led by Nancy Pelosi that we can match up with the Senate to send money to take care of kids who've come here with no one else, were unaccompanied minors, and we have nowhere to send them, Laura. There's - they're stacked in every ounce of concrete in these facilities because they've been overrun by kids. So let's send a bill to the Senate, to the President that will actually take care of the kids. Nancy Pelosi hasn't done it yet. There still is no bill.

MIRANDA: What's the President trying to do? He's also trying to put in poison pills that are designed to basically make it easier to deport and to mistreat people in the process.

INGRAHAM: Should anyone ever be deported?

MIRANDA: This - of course.


MIRANDA: Of course. Of course.

INGRAHAM: OK. How about people who have final orders of deportation? Yes or no?

MIRANDA: In fact, you showed the video of the President--

INGRAHAM: Yes or no?

MIRANDA: --because during his administration, we worked hard to send a message don't send your kids with these smugglers--

INGRAHAM: So, yes or no?

MIRANDA: --don't take this journey.

INGRAHAM: So people who have final orders of deportation, we have about I think in total 590,000 who've been order deported--

MIRANDA: Absolutely.


INGRAHAM: --and have all the--


MIRANDA: Absolutely.

INGRAHAM: So they should be deported?

MIRANDA: But look at - absolutely.


MIRANDA: But let me--

INGRAHAM: All right. Why aren't the Democrats allowing that?

MIRANDA: When President Obama--


INGRAHAM: --that done?

MIRANDA: When we had operations like the ones this past weekend the President was supposed to have, we focused it on criminals. That's the difference that this is basically an attempt to bully families when he could be going after people with criminal records.

INGRAHAM: No - OK. So this is the language you're using. So the rule of law shouldn't apply to families?

MIRANDA: Instead of focusing on the asylum process, instead of focusing on the--


INGRAHAM: OK. But you just contradicted yourself. I want to play something from yesterday.

MIRANDA: No, I'm not contradicting myself.

INGRAHAM: Yes, you did. You contradict yourself. Del Rio Border Patrol Station. This is Eagle Pass, I believe, the video we're going to show you. I was there six weeks ago. This is a processing center where Border Patrol agents are basically turned into - I mean, they are doing the best they can, kind of helping run a semi day care center. Let's watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have to remove from the field patrols to fill bottles, and the good thing is many of us are parents. So we know had to change diapers and we know how to feed bottles.

A lot of this is brought in by the agents themselves. We are parents. So a lot of the agents have two, three, four kids. When they outgrow, these are the hand-me-downs.


INGRAHAM: Agents are bringing their families' clothing in to help children who arrive because we pulled them out of the river with nothing. They have nothing. They have literally nothing but the clothes on their back.

MIRANDA: So let's focus on the care of the children and not putting poison pills.

DUFFY: So - so let's be clear. The Democrats control the House. They haven't sent a bill to the Senate that takes care of these kids. They have been the first part of these - you are saying there was a manufactured crisis. They refused to admit that we have a flood of kids and adults coming to our border and they haven't sent the money that's necessary to take care of kids. And so when we look at the conditions, no doubt they're horrible because we don't have money to take care of that. So--

INGRAHAM: We have breaking news. We have breaking news, guys. We just learned moments ago that senior Democrat officials have announced they do not have the votes for the supplemental. Am I getting that right, guys? Not - don't have the votes. Don't have the Democrat votes.

I mean, Trump administration says we need to care for these children, we need to have facilities to hold children and--

MIRANDA: And you're trying to pair it up with aggressive enforcement measures that--

INGRAHAM: But - OK. But you--

MIRANDA: --that are poisoning well.

INGRAHAM: You said final orders of deportation should be honored by U.S. courts and U.S. authorities. Correct?

MIRANDA: They should. They should.

INGRAHAM: OK. So 590,000 orders of deportation.

MIRANDA: Where is the effort to actually put more judges on the case and people to deal with these--


INGRAHAM: I think Trump has already said he want to do that.

DUFFY: Here's what you're missing. Democrats, in their control, could put down a slimmed bill with $4.5 billion to help the kids. They haven't done it yet.

INGRAHAM: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says no.

DUFFY: And that's problem.

INGRAHAM: Ilhan Omar says no. Both of them said no. I think there are Democrats. There are some - I shouldn't say all the - I think there are some honest broker Democrats who actually want to get this done. I think the Democrats want to separate Trump from his core supporters on this issue who are not heartless people, they don't want children to suffer, they don't want them to die in the desert or anywhere else. But a magnet at the border is bad for everybody. It's bad for the cartels getting rich, it's bad for our crime, it's bad for American citizens who need help. It's we - we're out of solutions unless someone is going to just make money appear off of trees here to help these kids.

DUFFY: If you heard what (ph) Luis says, in Congress, you would actually get something done because you--

INGRAHAM: Yes. Luis would probably get it done.

DUFFY: --you want to stop the flood of people coming to the border and you want to take care of kids, but there's no interest in that because what you said in your monologue is true that Democrats want this as a political issue. The kids are pawns, the migrants are pawns--  MIRANDA: Nobody--

DUFFY: --they want votes. But then you should secure the border because they're dying on the trip.

INGRAHAM: But they're actually saying there are Democrats.

DUFFY: They're being raped and they're being killed on the trip--


INGRAHAM: And I will still--

DUFFY: You've contradicted yourself. You showed President Obama himself making this case. We agree that we don't want-- a magnet.


MIRANDA: --a magnet.

INGRAHAM: No. I was - I was praising him.

MIRANDA: But we have to take care of the kids. And we can take care of the kids without adding extra poison pills--

INGRAHAM: All right.

MIRANDA: --that just make the situation at the border worse.

INGRAHAM: I was giving President Obama thumbs up on that. Panel, thank you very much.

DUFFY: Thanks, Laura.

INGRAHAM: We have a lot more to get to.

And now my message to the administration. Listen to the voices of the people we spoke to in Orlando last week.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you support the President deporting these people with final deportation?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: These are policies that were put in place by the Obama administration. Clinton has talked about it. They have all talked about it. The only difference is the President at the podium has changed.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's ridiculous, well, who's coming in and how they're coming in. And it just - there has to be rules, there has to be regulations.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Come to this country and come the right way, just like many others have done--


INGRAHAM: Did you hear him? All of them. Anyone in this administration, who is not on board with strong, consistent, fairly applied measures to address this crisis, deter future border crossers and deport those who've lost their cases, should quit or be fired. We have no time to spare.

The message is simple. We have limited resources and we must devote them first to Americans in need. Remind America that those who are on track to be deported this week were given all of the process they were due under U.S. law. None of us could ignore a court order with impunity, but the new radicals running the Democrat Party think illegal immigrants should be able to do just that and a lot more, frankly.

Mr. President, most of America is with you. According to a new Gallup survey, immigration ranks as one of the most important issues facing us today. A few weeks ago, people who were chastising the President for threatening tariffs against Mexico, remember, unless Mexico started getting serious about stopping the massive flow from Central America.

Well, this is a tweet from a reporter in Mexico. "Breaking, Mexico has deployed almost 15,000 troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to curve immigration flow. An additional 2,000 National Guard elements have also been deployed across the country's southern border with Guatemala and Belize." Never seen anything like this.

The President's instincts immigration are right. This newfound cooperation from Mexico is only happening because the President defied all the experts who've been wrong all along. And on interior enforcement, now is not the time to hesitate. There seem to be no honest brokers left in today's Democrat Party after all. What is their aim? Well, it's to demonize Trump and demoralize his base. On the one issue, other than the economy, that is his most potent, immigration. President Trump must not allow this to happen, and instead, continue to focus on America first in restoring safety and security at our Southern border.

Coming up, it was a big weekend for our favorite 2020 Democrat fanatics, and they didn't disappoint. Has Mayor Pete reached the end of the road? Dan Bongino and Hahn debate it in moments.


INGRAHAM: As we documented months ago, the Democratic Party thought they found their latest rising star in Pete Buttigieg. But South Bend Mayor stock is dropping after a wild weekend back in South Bend where he tried to calm the citizens who were in an uproar over the shooting death of a black man by a white police officer. And let's just say, things didn't go all that well for Pete.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You don't have votes, which I doubt you're going to get it. Do your job just so you can have a moral (inaudible) leave this place.

BUTTIGIEG: Thank you so much.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You've been saying thank you. But the end of the--

BUTTIGIEG: Thank you. Your time is up.



BUTTIGIEG: Thank you so much.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Get the people that are racists off the streets.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are here to fix the situation.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You're running for President or you're running (inaudible) for you?


BUTTIGIEG: I'm not asking for your vote.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You are not going to get it either.


INGRAHAM: So that was painful.

Joining me now, Dan Bongino, Former Secret Service Agent, Fox News Contributor; Chris Hahn, former aide to Chuck Schumer, host of the Aggressive Progressive podcast.

Dan, is Mayor Pete toast? Is this enough to kind of drop his stock?

DAN BONGINO, FORMER SECRET SERVICE AGENT & FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I'm not sure, Laura. This field is so abysmally awful. I thought Elizabeth Warren was done after that horrendous Charlamagne interview where he compared it to Rachel Dolezal. I said there's no recovering from that. Next thing you know, she's up 10 points. This field is so bad.

I'm not sure. But listen, be very serious. That was an awful, awful appearance by the Mayor Pete there. He just didn't look in control of the situation, didn't look in command. But is he done? Who knows? The field is so bad, I don't think so.

INGRAHAM: Chris, he looked younger than his 30 something years I think in dealing with the situation.


INGRAHAM: It was an easy situation to deal with. Part of me thought it was kind of gutsy to go back to South Bend and take the--

HAHN: Yes.

INGRAHAM: --take the incoming. But he is the Mayor and there is a big uproar there and big concern. So part of it, I was kind of--

HAHN: Yes.

INGRAHAM: That's kind of cool that he went back there. On the other hand, I though he looked a little out of his depth in answering the questions.

HAHN: Well, 90 percent of life is showing up. He showed up. He had some empathy. It's a tough situation. I don't know how to handle that situation. I don't know how, if anybody, would know how to handle that situation. Whether or not this sinks his Presidential campaign, I don't know. The young thing has always been a problem for him, and you pointed out correctly.

And my boy Dan here sounds just like me in 2015. I sounded the exact same way about the Republican field. Dan, you almost said the same words. I don't know if you were watching YouTube videos of me from 2015 to brush up your (inaudible), but it sounded just like me.

So I don't know if he is gone. I know that there are a lot of good candidates in this field and it's going to be a lot of miles between here and the nomination and even more miles between here and the election. And everybody better be on their toes because a lot of things are going to happen. There's 18 months, that's an eternity in politics, Laura. I don't need to tell you that.

INGRAHAM: You're right. And you have to have the African-American vote pretty strong though I think if you're a Democrat.

BONGINO: Do I get to respond to that?

HAHN: Absolutely.

INGRAHAM: Yes, real quick. Real quick, and I got to-


INGRAHAM: --move on to free stuff.

BONGINO: Yes. Chris, are you always this dumb? I mean, number one, I just said he wasn't done. And number two, the only YouTube videos of me and you are me annihilating you in debates on this channel.


BONGINO: There are no other YouTube videos. So I just wanted that. OK, we can move on.

INGRAHAM: OK. All right. All right.

Now, the Democrats are also, guys, engaged in this new game of free stuff one upmanship. And here's Bernie Sanders with the latest, fairly bonkers entry?


SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, I-VT., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: This proposal completely eliminates student debt in this country. Our proposal, which cost $2.2 trillion over 10 years, will be fully paid for by a tax on Wall Street's speculation.


INGRAHAM: Dan, he's trying to undercut and outbid Elizabeth Warren I think with the freebie craziness. But who doesn't want a tax speculator? I mean, it sounds so good. They're speculating after all.


INGRAHAM: Tax, and then we'll pay $2.2 trillion. Wasn't it just $1.6 trillion yesterday?


INGRAHAM: Now it's $2.2 trillion today. I'm getting at a trillion here or there I guess. Let's call--


BONGINO: I heard someone on the channel this weekend, Laura - forgive me, I'm - I would attribute it, but I don't remember who, and they said it the perfect way. they said it's like a reverse auction on the Democrat Party. Right? It's not that you're taking money for people to pay, you're giving stuff away. But this is ridiculous because, remember, it's a lot of middle- class pension funds that are invested in these very financial instruments that are earning middle-class workers in income in their retirement. You're going to collapse the stock market and middle-class incomes in pensions at the exact same time.

And frankly, Laura, I could explain third-party payer economics all night, but the reality is I don't want to pay for my neighbor's kids' college. I've got my own daughters and my own student loans to pay off. I'm not interested.

INGRAHAM: Chris, I mean, you do eventually run out of other people's money. And I mean, it does sound nice. Everything is free. I mean, everyone wants loan forgiveness. It sounds great probably for everybody. Car loans and--

HAHN: Yes.

INGRAHAM: --mortgage loan. But this just kind of seems now just patently ridiculous. I mean--

(CROSSTALK)  HAHN: I agree. Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of my graduation from law school, and I am still paying off that loan. And all of these proposals missed me. Thank God, I could afford it. Something has got to be done about the cost of education in this country. It's gone up dramatically over the last 40 years. I don't know if making debt free is going to solve that problem.

In fact, I think the low cost of debt has caused some of this problem in education across this country because universities get off the hook for charging higher and higher rates. So I would like to see something done in this country to reduce college debt. I don't know if making it taking away the debt is going to change it. We've got to do something. We want to make sure that--

INGRAHAM: We have a rare moment of agreement.

HAHN: --everyone has a chance to go to college and afford college.

INGRAHAM: All right. Real quick. Interview today, President Trump questioned why Biden's best buddy, Barack, hasn't endorsed him yet.


TRUMP: How he doesn't get President Obama to endorse him? There has to be some reason why he's not endorsing him. Now President Obama is not endorsing him is rather a big secret. And then he goes and lies and said I asked the President not to endorse me. Give me a break. So it could be that President Obama knows something, but there is something going on in that brain of his.


INGRAHAM: Dan, why is Obama not stepping up?

BONGINO: Come on, Laura. It--

INGRAHAM: Trump is always on that kind of--


BONGINO: It's embarrassing. Yes, it's embarrassing. Biden is an awful candidate, but he was at least loyal to Obama. You don't endorse your VP who stood by your side through that awful Obamacare? Come on. Trump is calling it like it is. You know it's embarrassing.

INGRAHAM: All right. Real quick --

HAHN: Laura--

INGRAHAM: --Chris.

HAHN: --you know what? Former presidents never get involved in their party's primary four years later. This President, Donald Trump, will probably be the first person to do that when he is out of office, I'm sure.

INGRAHAM: All right. Up next - thanks, guys - as Trump is being castigated for his border policies, two members of his cabinet urging Congress to address this humanitarian crisis. But will they receive any support from the Democrats? HHS Secretary Alex Azar joins me exclusively. He'll react to the breaking news tonight out of Congress.


INGRAHAM: As we told you at the top of the show, Fox News reporting tonight, the Democrats are balking at the supplemental border request of $4.5 billion. So let me just get this straight -- they claim President Trump is making this crisis worse, yet they will not step up to fix these facilities and actually pay for beds for children.

Joining me now exclusively on this and huge breaking news today on pricing transparency for prescription drugs, HHS Secretary Alex Azar. All right, Secretary Azar, thanks for being here tonight. Your response to tonight's news before we get to this amazing event at the White House.

ALEX AZAR, HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES SECRETARY: Laura, it is just incredibly troubling. We have a humanitarian crisis at the border. We have got families and kids flooding across our border in unprecedented numbers. I'm full. At HHS, as you know, we get unaccompanied alien children. A 12-year-old girl comes across the border by yourself. What do you do with her? Congress says give her to HSS and we take care of her in these shelters. We are full, and we're running out of money. We need this money to take care of these kids.

INGRAHAM: So 72 hours you're supposed to transfer to HHS facilities, but there's no facilities.

AZAR: I can't put a kid in a bed that doesn't exist, and I can't make a bed that Congress doesn't fund.

INGRAHAM: Jake Tapper had Julian Castro on over the weekend. Check it out.


JAKE TAPPER, CNN ANCHOR: If HHS needs $3 billion more dollars to improve the conditions to build more housing, wouldn't that alleviate it? You are talking about not giving one more dime, and it doesn't make any sense to me.

JULIAN CASTRO, D- PRESIDENT CANDIDATE: I wouldn't give them one more time for these types of conditions. I don't have confidence that if you give them more money right now -- if they have a plan to actually have different conditions.


INGRAHAM: Your response to that?

AZAR: What conditions are we talking about? We provide these kids some of the safest, most secure environments that they some of these kids have unfortunately ever had. They are provided a safe environment. They are provided three square meals a day. They're provided snacks. When we have funding from Congress, they get recreation. They have full education services.

INGRAHAM: Do they have health and dental?

AZAR: They get medical, they get mental health, they get dental, they get vision. And, by the way, there is this false narrative that somehow we are trying to keep these kids with us for a long period of time. Our goal at HHS is to have these kids with us for zero days if we could. We don't want any kids in their care. We have actually decreased the average number of days a kid stays with us from over 90 days down to 44 days. That is how fast we are trying to get the kids out to sponsors, family members here in the United States. So we don't want any kid with us one day longer than they have to be.

INGRAHAM: This is not what HHS or the U.S. government doesn't have facilities to detain families. That's -- we never had this problem until the magnet was created at the border. One federal, you and I both clerked together. The federal courts have a lot of power in putting these nationwide injunctions. You've seen it at HHS across a whole bunch of issues, and I think that's another issue this administration has to hit.

We have to talk about what's going on with prescription drug crisis. If I hear from one more person of the cost of prescription drugs, the president said he was going to deliver. Today, I'm looking at Twitter. The president could be delivering on this. I'm going to be skeptical. What has happened?

AZAR: So what the president did today is he signed an executive order that does what Democrats and Republicans for decades have said we should do, which is have transparency of pricing and quality in our health care system.

INGRAHAM: Meaning if you go to get an MRI on your neck?

AZAR: You should know before you go how much it will cost, and you ought to know where else you can get it cheaper, and you ought to know the quality of the service where its' delivered.

INGRAHAM: And that one would drive the price down, obviously, like with Lasik surgery, we had the prices come down over the years.

AZAR: What is one part of health care that actually functions, Lasik surgery. Every year quality goes up and price goes down. It's the only part of our economy where we don't have pricing.

INGRAHAM: Why hasn't this been done before?

AZAR: Because nobody has ever had the courage that President Trump has to take on the special interests. Trust me, Laura, they are going to come out with their teeth and claws and go after us for this.

INGRAHAM: I'm worried there are people -- this is my view but maybe I'm all wrong -- inside the administration who are such purists, like libertarian purists. You can't do this. But this is the president's agenda, is it not? He is a conservative realist. And he's a bit of a populist on this issue. These prices have to come down and there has be fairness across the board for Americans seeking this care.

AZAR: The president is absolutely a populist on health care. He is looking out for the average worker. His motto is, I want affordable, personalized, patient centered health because it puts you in control that treats you like a human being and not like a number.

INGRAHAM: Are the Democrats giving you a high five? Any support, thanks, we'll work?

AZAR: Actually, on this area of transparency on price and quality, I think we all can get together on that. In fact, I have gotten communications from some Democrats today saying, wow, you guys are actually doing that?  We can't believe you have the courage to take on these special interests.

INGRAHAM: OK, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, I've been warning about them for years. I'm sure there are good people there, but this is an ad they ran against you, Alex. Let's watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In America, the government doesn't set drug prices or block seniors' access to life-saving drugs because a bureaucrat decides it's not worth the price. But that's exactly what happens in many foreign countries. Now the Department of Health and Human Services wants to impose the same failed foreign price controls on Medicare.


INGRAHAM: It's like a movie trailer, the secretary, you're the villain. I like the ones that show your face and make you look really scary, and you're not really that scary.

AZAR: Laura, you know what socialism is? Socialism is asking American seniors to play list price for their drugs to prop up the socialist systems in Europe. That's what's going on, and President Trump and I are going to break it.

INGRAHAM: They have got a lot of cheap drugs over there in Europe, and our people are funding all that stuff or subsidizing it. It all has to be a little bit more level, level the playing field.

AZAR: A little more level.

INGRAHAM: Great to see you, Secretary Azar, thanks so much. And up next, the liberal governor of the biggest state in the country says that hypermasculinity will kill the GOP. In moments a psychiatrist is here to tell us how to diagnose that one. Don't go away.


INGRAHAM: It's no big surprise, it's becoming more pervasive in society, the decline of traditionalism, however you define it. Let's start in California where liberal Governor Gavin Newsom was asked about this previous statement about men in today's society.


GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM, D-CALIF.: I would argue the most dangerous words in the English language are "man up." "Be a man." "Don't be a sissy."


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Most people say it's an expression, like man up.

NEWSOM: That reinforces the framing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But you're saying that --

NEWSOM: I think that is a weak thing to say. They been sold a complete bill of bullshit. The Republican Party has walked off a cliff. They are third party status. They don't even know what is about to hit them.


INGRAHAM: Governor Newsom's comments were revealed just a day after an ABC affiliate in Houston created a story about a nine-year-old boy who is a drag queen spreading a, quote, message of love. So is this diverse expression or using a child for a political end?

Joining me now to analyze all of this, Doctor and Psychiatrist Carole Lieberman. Dr. Lieberman, I want to begin with Governor Newsom of your state saying this is a dark, dark situation with masculinity in America.  Your view?

DR. CAROLE LIEBERMAN, PSYCHIATRIST: Well, yes, obviously, he was traumatized as a young boy by people telling him to man up and not to be a sissy and so on. And he is still traumatized by it. And he's projecting onto Trump about this hypermasculinity because, really, he has done more to go against Trump and, in fact, making decisions that really are more about making Trump angry then what's best for California. And so he's trying to -- hypermasculinity, all about physical strength, aggression, and sexuality. And who is the biggest man? And he's putting himself opposite Trump and trying to show that he's the bigger man.

INGRAHAM: OK, now I see why you're a psychiatrist. That is a really great analysis, because he's trying to one up, like men do, they try to one up each other.


INGRAHAM: So he's actually doing in policy and rhetoric what he claims men are doing by flexing their muscles or saying "man up." I love that. That is something I hadn't thought of.

LIEBERMAN: Absolutely.

INGRAHAM: Can I ask about this other situation, with a lot of mothers, you go on mom blogs and online and social media. A lot of mothers, who even kind of more progressive mothers, are growing increasingly concerned about the sexualization of children, especially with the gender changing roles, and gender and so forth. I want to show you a boy in Austin, Texas, in a video that ABC Houston showed. Let's watch.


KEEGAN, NINE-YEAR-OLD DRAG QUEEN: I want the world to know that you can be special, and you can be who you want to be. You can be a vegetarian. You can even be a veterinarian. You can be LGBTQ, you can be a drag queen, drag king.


INGRAHAM: His mom said she's not pushing any political agenda. We have no agenda. It's all about basically not trying to put a label on this. Your thoughts?

LIEBERMAN: I think that his mother and father should be arrested for child abuse is what I really think. They are turning this child into a puppet for their -- to get attention for them, to get money through social media and through these appearances, and so on. It's not about what he wants to do. He's only nine-years-old. Look at him, how he talked in that video.  There is something not real about it.

And kids are too young to know about sexuality, to know about gender, to have all of these things thrown at them, oftentimes in school. They are being taught things that really they don't understand these things at this age. And it is totally messing them up. And when they get to be teenagers, when they have puberty and they start thinking for themselves about what they want, that is when things are really going to come home to roost because they're going to feel suicidal and so on. They don't understand. All they know is that he's getting a lot of attention for this and his parents are happy.

What it has to do with, for the most part, parents like to think that they are being progressive, and really what it has to do with is his some psychological issues that the parents have that they're projecting onto their child.

INGRAHAM: Well, and dressing a little boy up as Carol Channing, and he obviously doesn't know who Carol Channing is. People talk about JonBenet Ramsey and the pageants, and they thought that was sexualization, 1996.  Look at where we are all these years later, and this is being celebrated by a local -- it's very tough. And it's all about the children and protecting children. I think everyone, every mother and every father, it's about protecting children. We don't want anyone bullied, and we don't want kids to be sexualized at a young age. It's just wrong.

LIEBERMAN: Right, right.

INGRAHAM: Dr. Lieberman, we need to do a longer segment on this. We are out of time, but this is just wild. Thank you so much.

And coming up, an investigative journalist spent five days in Congressman Omar's district, uncovered stunning revelations about her sham marriages that are going to shock you. Don't miss it.


INGRAHAM: All right, a Washington Examiner reporter spent five days in Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's district and uncovered dozens of official documents that suggest that the freshman Democrat was living with her current husband throughout her entire legal marriage to her former husband.  This contradicts the story she tells to explain her multiple marriages. At issue -- joint tax filings Omar made with her current husband before they were legally married.

Tiana Lowe, the reporter for The Washington Examiner who spent five days in Omar's district joins me now. So Tiana, tell us what is going on here.  There are lots of elements to this story that are extremely curious and confusing. Simplify it for us.

TIANA LOWE, JOURNALIST, WASHINGTON EXAMINER: So we have always known that Ilhan Omar's marital history has been complicated because her current husband, Ahmed Hirsi, is who she was married to from 2002, and then she said that they split up in 2008 for her to marry Ahmed Elmi from 2009 to 2011. However, I went back and found some misdemeanor and petty misdemeanor filings from the Hennepin County courthouse which showed that she and Ahmed Hirsi, who she said that she had been split up at the time, were living at the same residence in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis.

INGRAHAM: And is this unrelated to other allocations about family members and being involved with them? What's that? People are messaging me, asking me for this flow chart. I said I have no idea. I can't follow any of these. It seems like there's interior contradictions, however.

LOWE: So in 2016 Alpha News obtained screenshots of Ahmed Elmi, so her now ex-husband's social media posts, which seem to indicate that he had been in contact with Ilhan Omar after she said that they had split up and she had no way of contacting him under penalty of perjury during her divorce proceedings. But we didn't necessarily have official records proving that she and Ahmed Hirsi were living together in what was effectively a common- law marriage for the entirety of adult life.

Again, it is fully possible that in these traffic proceedings and in these misdemeanor charges that we obtained that it was just by default that it listed the same address. But the fact is that reporters have been asking Omar to be explain why she was married to one man and living with another for years on end repeatedly misconstruing the situation, or just straight up rejecting the free press' inquiries into her marital history. And it would be a matter of public --

INGRAHAM: Yes, and what do you think the motivation would be?

LOWE: It then implies that there was a cover-up. Ahmed Hirsi was the father of two of her children prior to her marriage to Elmi. There is a very realistic position where if money was tight and if the divorce was amicable, sure, I could see all three of them living in a house if he couldn't afford to rent somewhere else. That would be a very easy thing to explain away. But instead there has been repeated attempts to deflect the press and repeated attempts to malign the press and impugn our motives as racist. The fact that she is now a public officials --

INGRAHAM: Yes, and one of the most high-profile, Tiana, public officials, high-profile critics, saying all kinds of outrageous things about 9/11, thoughts that she is anti-Semitic, a lot of American are unhappy with some of her expressed sentiments. She is a big, big figure on the political stage. So it's curious why there aren't the major media outlets trying to look into this.

LOWE: Yes, it certainly seems like a thing that shouldn't just be asked of her. It should be asked of Nancy Pelosi, it should be asked of AOC, how do you explain this away?

INGRAHAM: They won't touch it. Tiana, thank you for being here tonight.  We really appreciate it.

When we come back, the Last Bite.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What the hell is this all about? I need loyalty.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You will always get honesty from me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That is what I want, honest loyalty.

Mueller has to go. Call me back when you do it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That evening, McGahn called both Priebus and Bannon and told them that he intended to resign.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: McGahn said that the president had asked him to do crazy (BLEEP).


INGRAHAM: Oh, my God. Celebrities doing a dramatic reading tonight over the Mueller report. Well, that's more entertaining than the original, at least anything coming out of Hollywood these days.

Shannon Bream and the "Fox News @ Night" team take it from here.

Shannon, they're really hard up for material.

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