Hey, Senators: Time's Up!

You know what I think these Alito Senate hearings need?

A buzzer or a trap door. Maybe both. Something — anything — to get these guys to shut up. No, not the judge. The folks questioning the judge.

You have 30 seconds for a question. That's it.

At 20 seconds, there's a light in front of the inquiring senator that turns yellow.

At 25, red.

At 31 seconds, the bulb just explodes, a buzzer goes off and a trap door releases the chair and the bloviator sitting in it.

That quick. That simple. That's it.

It's the only way I know of to get the hearings back to hearing and away from grandstanding.

I don't mind repeated, pointed questions. But rat-tat-tat, not drag-drag-drag.

Senators, you have questions? I want answers. Do your job. Because it's "your" fanny in the hot seat now.

Judge Alito isn't the one suffering in this process. You are.

So listen to what "he" has to say. And realize we have no interest at all in what "you" have to preach.

He's the guy. You're not.

So act like you're interviewing someone for the highest court in the land. And quit acting like you're trying out for the lowest scum in the swamp.

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