Herman Cain: Obama assumes Americans are 'simply stupid'

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST:  Well, I was just waiting for the president to respond to Donald Trump`s remark lambasting the president for pushing climate change as one of the dumbest priorities he`s ever heard in politics.

President Obama finally did get that chance to respond today.  Take a look.


QUESTION:  Donald Trump, who is the front-runner on the Republican side, said your remarks were "one of the dumbest statements I have ever heard in politics."


Well, you know, Mr. Trump should run back a tape recorder on some of the stuff he`s said.



CAVUTO:  To Herman Cain, introducing Donald Trump at a big rally on Wednesday, big supporter of Donald Trump.

What did you think of the president`s kind of "away with you" response?

HERMAN CAIN, CEO, THE NEW VOICE:  The president has gone from assuming that the American people are gullible to assuming that the American people are simply stupid.

Donald Trump may say some things that irritate people, but he never assumes that people are stupid or gullible.  That`s the difference between what Donald Trump said and what the president said, Neil, plain and simple.

CAVUTO:  Now, what Trump was criticizing was the president prioritizing climate change this past week, when all this other stuff is going on.

CAIN:  Yes.

CAVUTO:  It was actually last week.

And I`m wondering if there is this -- this issue that Trump brought out that revealed a real weakness for the president, because even some Democrats have privately said his timing was off, that is, the president`s timing.

CAIN:  That`s just one of the weaknesses of President Obama that has been revealed.

His other weakness is, he acts as if he is clueless on the fact that this economy is stalled.  He wants people to believe that a 2 percent GDP growth is the new normal.  That doesn`t have to be.  He wants people to believe that we can ignore the spiraling national debt.

So, he is using climate change not only to push a political agenda, but he`s using climate change to divert the attention of the American people, with the help of the media, that climate change is more important than the economy, more important than national security, and a whole list of other important things.

That`s what the president is doing.  So he`s the one that`s not being realistic about the statements that he`s making, because he`s assuming that the American people are stupid.  More and more people are waking up and saying, we are not stupid.

CAVUTO:  But I -- I -- you know, obviously, you want to forgive -- or the president wants to just sort of dismiss some of these statements out of hand.

But, you know, I`m wondering, Herman, as someone who is backing Donald Trump, he has said some things that, you know, raise eyebrows, "I saw thousands protesting and cheering right after 9/11."

Do you get a sense that Trump overdoes it, that there`s a particle of truth to that, there were people celebrating in various communities after 9/11, but not thousands, and that that penchant for maybe exaggerating is going to come back and bite him?

CAIN:  Well, maybe the number that he quoted was not necessarily accurate, but there have been three sources that have said people were celebrating...

CAVUTO:  No doubt, no doubt.

CAIN:  ... when the...

CAVUTO:  No doubt.

CAIN:  ... no doubt, when the -- when the towers...

CAVUTO:  But do you think it hurts his case when he assigns a number like that to it and maybe...

CAIN:  No, I don`t think so.

CAVUTO:  You don`t?

CAIN:  I don`t think so.  And let me...

CAVUTO:  Well, clearly, the polls prove it.  Clearly, you know, you`re right.  The polls prove it.

CAIN:  Right.  Exactly.  That`s exactly what I was going to say.

If you look at the latest Quinnipiac poll, it shows Donald Trump at least twice the nearest competitor in the number two position.


CAIN:  The latest CNN poll, it is not just two times.  It is two times- plus.  So, here`s what I think.

CAVUTO:  No, you`re right.  It hasn`t hurt him. It hasn`t hurt him, Herman.

CAIN:  Exactly.

CAVUTO:  All right.

CAIN:  So the American -- here`s what the American people are saying, in my opinion.

They are more concerned about having a leader and a fighter in the White House...

CAVUTO:  All right.

CAIN:  ... than they are worried about whether or not somebody exaggerated a number relative to something else.

CAVUTO:  Got you.

All right, Herman Cain, thank you very much.


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