Health Insurer to Use Watson from 'Jeopardy'

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Rise of the Machines

Earlier this summer, we told you President Obama blaming ATM's and airport ticket kiosks for some of the nation's unemployment. Automation, he said, was taking jobs.

He may want to add Watson to his list.

The IBM super-computer that won "Jeopardy" earlier this year will take its talents to Wellpoint, one of the nation's largest health insurers.

Wellpoint plans to use Watson's technology to help diagnose medical problems and choose treatments.

A Wellpoint official insists, however, that Watson is not intended to replace humans.

Going to Pot

A Get Out the Vote effort in Lansing, Michigan could land one woman in jail.

Medical marijuana dispensary owner Shekina Pena allegedly gave free pot to customers who agreed to register to vote.

Michigan's attorney general claims Pena encouraged those clients to vote for city council candidates who support medical marijuana laws.

Pena's Facebook page was updated this morning to say -- quote -- "I stand for unity, I stand for patients, I stand for compliance, I stand for awareness. I stand for safe access! Let's focus on the BIGGER picture here!"