He Said, She Said: Will Men Go See 'Sex and the City'?

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BILL O'REILLY, HOST: In the "He Said, She Said" segment tonight: The well-touted movie "Sex and the City" opens today, and some analysts are worried guys will not go to see it. A survey by the movietickets.com outfit says only 22 percent of men have any interest. Since there are four attractive women leads in the film, the question is: What's going on?

Joining us now from San Francisco, Mark Rudov, who hosts a radio show on his Web site. And from Washington, FOX News analyst Margaret Hoover. All right, Margaret, now I understand you are going to see this dopey movie.

MARGARET HOOVER, FOX NEWS ANALYST: Correction, I already went and saw it.

O'REILLY: Oh, you did?

HOOVER: Saw it this afternoon.

O'REILLY: You could not wait. You were that…

HOOVER: Well, the woman that my brother is marrying tomorrow took her bridesmaids to see it. So I went because I'm a good member of the clan.

O'REILLY: You had to go. Is that what you're telling us?

HOOVER: I was forced, kicking and screaming. I got to tell you, the movie really redeemed itself from the series. I find the series to be sort of shallow and superficial. Sort of women who really can't fill the holes in their soul with the materialistic items they buy and the new brands they wear. But the movie really redeemed itself. Suddenly it's not about all the hoopla and the marriage and materialistic items. It's actually about the marriage rather than all the show. So the movie really redeems itself. Not as superficial as the series.

O'REILLY: Now you just convinced me even more not to go see it. I have no interest. If it were shallow, I definitely would have gone. There is a social redeeming part of that film, Margaret. I want no part of it.

Now Rudov, I just heard you with Cavuto a few hours ago say that the reason women go to see this movie is because they see themselves on the screen. I disagree. I believe the reason women go to see this movie — and I'm not kidding around now — are because of the clothes, the shoes, the gossiping about men and the overall tone of dish, d-i-s-h. That's why they go. I don't think very many American women identify with these four.

MARC RUDOV, MARCRUDOVRADIO.COM: Oh come on, Bill. You have to be kidding me. That's exactly what women do, and that's why they would see themselves in this movie, and that's exactly why men would not go see it because paying to hear women whine is as stupid as paying for cobwebs, because you can get them both at home for free.

O'REILLY: Maybe at your house. My house is a no whining zone.

RUDOV: This movie is the cinematic equivalent to ipecac. It's Woodstock for entitled princesses but instead of being...

O'REILLY: Marc, most American women are not entitled princesses. They're not.

RUDOV: Oh yes they are, Bill.

O'REILLY: This is where you live in San Francisco. That might be the case. Here in Manhattan where I am, there is a bit — you get out with the real folks. These people are aliens and that's another attraction for women. They see this kind of behavior that they never see, Margaret. They never see these crazy people.

RUDOV: Margaret, when you go out on a date with a man, Margaret, do you expect him to pay?

HOOVER: You know, Marc, it goes both ways. Here's the catch.

RUDOV: Do you expect him to pay? I know you do.

HOOVER: Sometimes I do. Sometimes I pay. Here is the bottom line, Marc. Women, unfortunately — and Marc is right here, Bill. A lot of women go to see this movie because they identify with these women and that's unfortunate. Because these women in this series and in the movie to a certain extent are really sort of — have low self-confidence, are looking to really fill their emotional lacking with materialistic items and that's really unfortunate. I wish these women were…

O'REILLY: If that were the case this on television, this HBO series would have gotten 10 times as many viewers as it got.

HOOVER: It got a lot of viewers. And there are a lot of women that really like this movie.

O'REILLY: In the big scheme of things it did not. It did not.

RUDOV: Bill, that's not the reason. The reason is not because all of Americans get HBO. If you don't think that this movie accurately reflects the way most women behave, then your Long Island…

O'REILLY: …urban segment of our society. It does not reflect the mainstream women in America. It doesn't.

HOOVER: And Bill, even more than that, it's a glorification of a certain urban segment of American society, which is not how most Americans live and not how most women live.

O'REILLY: Are you agreeing or disagreeing with me, Hoover? I can't tell what you're doing tonight.

HOOVER: I'm disagreeing with you, Bill.

O'REILLY: You're disagreeing with me.

HOOVER: I'm disagreeing.

O'REILLY: You believe that most American women are as shallow as those four?

HOOVER: No, no, no.

RUDOV: I do.

HOOVER: I'm saying that the movie is glorifying this behavior and this shallowness and most Americans are not that shallow.

O'REILLY: So you are agreeing with me, Hoover. You don't know what you are doing today. Do you know why? Because you sat through this thing for two and half hours a couple of hours ago and you are delirious. That's why.

HOOVER: The real question though, the real question is why aren't men going to see this?

O'REILLY: The real question is men have no interest in these dopey shoes that cost $400 and outrageously loud dresses, OK, unless they are a certain type of guy.

RUDOV: Any man who allows his wife or girlfriend to drag him to this movie, the title of his life is "Sex Out of Pity." That's the reason men are staying home. Men are not going to go see this movie.

O'REILLY: Men are not going to go see it?

HOOVER: This movie is the ultimate chic flick. Guys are not going to go see a chic flick when "Indiana Jones" is playing.

O'REILLY: I wouldn't even go to see it…

HOOVER: Here's the thing. You guys are forgetting the small segment of men that are actually going to this movie because they want to pick up girls. There is a whole movie theater full of beautiful women.

O'REILLY: I like this. I like this, Hoover. So you are telling me that in the dark, while a movie is on, some guy is going to come over and hit on you, right?

HOOVER: You don't think men are in that theater? Theater full of beautiful women eating their popcorn, you better believe it.

O'REILLY: Bottom line is women will go to see it.

RUDOV: Shoes.

O'REILLY: Forget it, Marc. Urban women will go. Some. It will open big. It'll fall off fairly dramatically, but most American women are not like these four.

HOOVER: I agree.

O'REILLY: Margaret, Marc, thank you.

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