Hating America: The Virginia Tech edition

As we reported, a number of far left American Web sites use just about everything that happens to demean their own country.

But here is something that is truly shocking. On a Web site run by radical writer Alexander Cockburn, who has been publishing magazines like Esquire and even in The Wall Street Journal a man named Sherwood Ross wrote this: "If a South Korean student is regarded as a berserk killer for murdering 32 people, what is President Bush? "The American people, including the families of the murdered Virginia Tech innocents, have collective blood-guilt on their hands. Who is responsible for the killings in Iraq except the same now bereaved parents of the murdered students at Virginia Tech?"

Now this vile piece of business speaks for itself and you can find tons of stuff like that on the far left smear sites right at this moment. I list some of them in my newspaper column this week available right now on billoreilly.com.

Most Americans realize the insanity of the radical left but the mainstream media is providing it cover. The right is consistently attacked in the print press while the irresponsible left gets a complete pass. — So the loons are getting bolder.

Listen to Sean Penn tell Stephen Colbert that the USA is causing the terrorism in Iraq.


COLBERT: It's our fault they're blowing themselves up.

PENN: Right.

COLBERT: That's their fault. We're strapping it is on them and making them blow themselves up.

PENN: Yes...

COLBERT: You're saying that?

PENN: ...I think the United States has absolutely encouraged that kind of hopelessness.


Mr. Penn will tell you he is a loyal dissenter. In my opinion, he's a hater. He despises his country. Of course I could be wrong.

But I'm not wrong about the growing boldness of the American haters on the Internet. They operate without scrutiny and now they're even threatening politicians. We'll have a "Factor" investigation on Monday spotlighting that.

In Dublin, Ireland where I was last week, I was struck by how some in the foreign press actually parrot what these anti-American Web sites are spitting out. So the American haters are doing what they want to do, damaging this country.

When we think about the Imus situation in light of what's happening on the net, Imus is trivial. NBC News actually employs people that use radical propaganda. Two New York Times columnists spit the stuff out on a regular basis as does a Newsweek columnist. The situation is becoming flat out dangerous to this country and we'll demonstrate that further on Monday.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

Once again, all of us here at FOX News would like to thank all of you for watching us in times of turmoil.

Our coverage of the Virginia Tech massacre overwhelmed the competition as FNC easily beat CNN. MSNBC was last as usual.

But elements at NBC continue to attack FOX News on an almost daily basis. So it's only fitting that we point out that NBC in general is in dire trouble. According to the Associated Press, NBC's entertainment ratings for the second week in April were the lowest in the network's history, with Brian Williams and "The Today Show" losing ground, as well.

General Electric stock holders — G.E. owns NBC — must be wondering what the deuce is going on because that stock hasn't moved in years. It may be ridiculous. It most likely is.