Hannity: Trump vs. the Radical Left

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And welcome to special edition of "Hannity: Trump vs. the Radical Left."

And tonight, we start with some pretty amazing news. Look at this. I doubt the media mob will be focused on it. But Donald Trump economy just broke another huge record.

For the first time in recorded history, the African-American unemployment rate in the United States is down to 5.5 percent. That is an all-time low. And that's not all. The unemployment gap between white Americans, black Americans, is also at a record low.

In other words, our economy is now humming on all cylinders, and thankfully working for our entire family, all Americans.

The president's tax cuts, they were a huge success. The president's deregulation, a huge success. The new trade deals with Mexico, Canada, the European Union, Japan, a big win for American goods. And, by the way, I would expect that the deal with China is going to be free and more fair at the end of the day.

And then top it all off, Americans are now safer. Look at this. Nationwide, violent crime is down significantly by a lot. And, oh, by the way, construction of the wall, the biggest unreported story this week, is well underway.

The president this week -- the media is not focused on it, Nancy Pelosi is mad -- after securing the $3.6 billion in new funding, the wall is going up, as we speak. The video on your screen is showing the progress at the border in Yuma, Arizona -- well, that's from last week alone, and the president is saying we'll get 500 miles built by the end of next year.

Nancy Pelosi tonight is furious. She vowed to challenge the funding in court.

The problem is there are laws that we have cited on this program as it relates to the president legally being able to build walls and barriers to stop drug corridors. And that law also is backed up by something called the Constitution. And you see the Constitution says he is the commander in chief. And we don't want the 90 percent of heroin in this country that crosses that border to enter any longer. So, we can end the terrible cycle of losing nearly 300 Americans a week.

Now, Nancy Pelosi, a lot of Democrats, they supported Obama's wall, but they don't support Trump's wall. That's their problem. In fact, Nancy Pelosi doesn't want to address the crisis at our southern border at all.

And even though today, by the way, in her own state of California -- look at this, Nancy, it's like we showed a mile from your house, needles, urination, defecation problems -- an illegal immigrant accused of shooting police officers was just apprehended after a high speed pursuit.

Now, here's another problem, Ms. Pelosi, Madam Speaker, if you are speaker in name only, he was previously released, allegedly because of California's cities and their state sanctuary laws. Oh, in other words aiding and abetting those people that committed crimes and not handing them over to ICE to be deported.

And meanwhile, in Maryland, look at this, six illegal immigrants, one U.S. citizen just charged in the stabbing death of a 21-year-old. Now, according to statistics from the administration, during a two-year period, 4,000 murders were committed by illegal immigrants in this country, 100,000 assaults, carried out, 30,000 sexual crimes carried out.

Each and every week, heroin is killing -- opioids are killing approximately 300 Americans. Ninety percent of heroin and now fentanyl are coming in through our southern border. This is a national security crisis.

The president -- he's absolutely right to make the border a priority. And that means we can prevent those drugs from getting into the hands of American kids.

Now, the president is also dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone in this country.

And, by the way, for all of you conservatives that said Hannity is just supporting the president, I said, no, the president didn't give up on the border wall, he just changed strategies. And I've now been proven correct because the money has been reallocated. It is legal. It is constitutional.

Now, despite significant gains in safety, security, prosperity of Americans here at home, you've got Democrats, their number one supporters, contributors, allies, and the media mob, they are seething with anger and pessimism and despair and even hoping for recessions, openly.

If you watch the terrible climate, oh my gosh, seven-hour disastrous marathon on fake news CNN this week, you heard Democrats warning the destruction of Planet Earth because of the evils of capitalism and plastic straws and, oh, the combustion engine.

Others on the left are actively using the politics of race and division to stoke fear among American voters and divide us. That is a classic political tactic from Democrats and the media mob. But this year, it's even more depraved than ever.

Look at this, for example, remember former ESPN commentator Jemele Hill wrote an article calling for voluntary racial segregation in college sports in order to, quote, disrupt the reign of an amateur sports system that uses the labor of, quote, black folks to make, quote, white folks rich.

And while Hill is using the politics of race to divide this country, one prominent author is stoking fear and resentments surrounding anybody who dares to wear any red hat -- any red hat, no writing on it. Now, the Pulitzer nominated author tweeting, quote: If anyone else made really uncomfortable these days by anyone wearing any kind of red baseball cap like I see on my heart does weird bleep and I finally realize that only says Titleist or whatever. Maybe don't wear red caps anymore, normal people?

I like red caps. And, by the way, if you're a Boston Red Sox fan and a Cincinnati Reds fan, apparently, your team's hats are scaring the snowflakes. They might think you might be one of us smelly Walmart shoppers.

I love Walmart, I love Costco, I love those stores. They're great. You know why? You save money, get the same products.

And irredeemable deplorables, that likes the president, that likes the success we're having, that likes the economy that's creating jobs and getting people off food stumps, and made us energy independent for the first time in 75 years.

Now, sadly, Trump derangement syndrome, it's become so bad, Trump donors, they are now being targeted with harassment and public shaming and boycotts. Former press secretary, Sarah Sanders, now a FOX News contributor -- we're glad to have her -- a private citizen, still confronted in public by angry, psychotic Trump-hating lunatics.

Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You're out of the administration now. Are you still taking heat when you go out to eat?

SARAH SANDERS, FORMER WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Sometimes. You know, usually depends where I am in the country.


SANDERS: Back home in Arkansas, things have so far been pretty easy and very welcoming.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How about here in New York City?

SANDERS: It's hit or miss. I have not been asked to leave any restaurant, thankfully. But every once in a while, you always -- you know, you have somebody who comes up to say something --


SANDERS: -- nasty to you.


HANNITY: Now, the vilification of political differences, that's got to stop. No one deserves to be harassed in their private lives.

Unfortunately, the mob and the media is constantly stoking -- well, this resentment, because they just hate Trump every second, minute, hour, of every 24-hour day, every week, every month, every year. Russia, Russia, Stormy, Stormy, racist, racist, impeachment, impeachment.

Sharpie, sharpie, sharpie is the latest. That insane, obsessive, nonstop hysteria over drawing a map.

According to NewsBusters, on Wednesday, fake news CNN and, yes, MSDNC, the conspiracy network, dedicated a whopping 145 minutes of airtime to sharpie coverage and analysis. And, of course, the breathless, hysterical reporting in an attempt to make the president look bad. That's what they do.

They're the ones who appear detached from reality. They're the ones that pretty much pushed every lie, conspiracy theory and a hoax for 2-1/2 years.

Does the media mob not know how insane they look? Do they even care? Apparently not.

They're now totally blinded by this anti-Trump rage. If Donald Trump cured cancer, I doubt they would say a good about it. The left's lunacy has now reached an all-time low.

Joining us now, the chairman of the American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp, author of the book "Still Winning", Charlie Hurt.

I'm not sick of winning, Charlie. Let me ask you, does this ever stop or is it always going to be?

CHARLIE HURT, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I think the big reason that President Trump and all of his supporters are still winning, is because the DNC spent seven hours on CNN last night talking about all of their goofy, crazy, expensive, power-grabbing environmental nonsense. And then that's only when they're not obsessing over sharpiegate and all of this nonsense.

The thing about the tweets, the tweets that caused all of the hysteria about the weather report, is that everything that President Trump included in that tweet about Hurricane Dorian came from who? The weather service people. He simply repeated what they all predicted, which is at one point, the cone of the storm was going to hit a part of Alabama.

And everything that followed since then is just pure Donald Trump derangement syndrome hysteria.

HANNITY: And, Matt, I'm looking at this. I really believe that the president caused -- if he cured cancer and gave every American citizen $5 million, they'd still hate him.

MATT SCHLAPP, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION CHAIR: Yes, and there's no question about it. If you actually look at what the American people care about, it isn't climate change and it isn't all of this other alarmism we're getting from the Democrats. They care about their families. They care about having a good job, being able to pay their bills.

And all of those fundamental questions, the president is passing with flying colors. I think we're at a crackdown moment for the left, Sean, where these crazy views that Democrat candidates for president and the squad and others are talking about really are dissonant with the American people. And I think when the Democrats lose badly over these radical policies. I actually think they might rethink some of these craziness.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you both. Matt, Charlie, I appreciate it.

All right. We turn now to some other big breaking news surrounding the deep state, the president versus the left. Yesterday, a federal judge healed private meeting with Lieutenant General Flynn's legal counsel. His new lawyer, Sidney Powell, after she accused the special counsel lawyers of withholding exculpatory evidence from the defense, also raising questions about whether he was illegally surveilled, something we have talked about at length on this program.

This could have massive ramifications for Flynn's case. It could shed light on the rampant prosecutorial misconduct in the Weissmann-led special counsel probe. Clearly, Robert Mueller didn't know what Fusion GPS was an had no idea Jeannie Rhee was once a lawyer for Clinton, he didn't look like he was too in charge. We'll have analysis of all this in a moment.

But, first, one more big update from Judicial Watch, a federal judge has just granted significant new discovery surrounding documents related to the Clinton e-mail scandal. Judge also blasted government officials in the State Department and the DOJ for not complying with Freedom of Information Act requests. We'll keep you updated with any new discoveries in that case.

Also tonight, a breaking new development from Congressman Devin Nunes and his suit against Fusion GPS. He, of course, accusing the shady firm responsible for Hillary Clinton's bought and paid for dirty Russian dossier of trying to impede his investigation with smears, lies, and intimidation. Now, a prominent businessman is also claiming to be the target of Fusion's dirty smear tactics and is even saying that Fusion's founder, Glen Simpson, is paid by individuals connected to the Russian government. OK, mind- boggling twist.

Now, keep in mind, "The New York Times" reported that Fusion's dirty dossier could be Russian disinformation, likely Russian disinformation from the get-go. In other words, that would mean that Russia, Putin, knew Hillary was paying for the lies about hookers urinating in beds, and everything else, and that Hillary would use it to bludgeon Trump. Which might raise the question of, oh, the media has been telling us, oh, that the Russians wanted to help Donald Trump. Maybe they were trying to help Hillary if they knew about the dirty dossier.

And for nearly three-plus years here, Donald Trump has faced a witch hunt into Russian collusion, not Hillary Clinton. And I know I've been saying this for a while, thanks to the Durham-Barr investigation, hopefully, we will see justice and truth coming. And even though the process is slower than we'd like, my message to you, we the American people, is hang in there.

I want to see the I.G. report on FISA abuse and I want to learn if those FISA warrants were obtained illegally, whether premeditated fraud was committed on that FISA court, because if they used the dirty and unverified dossier, said it's verified and they warned not to use it, that to me -- well, that meets the definition of premeditated fraud on the court, that would be illegal warrant, obtained illegally based on lies, propaganda, paid for by the other candidate.

My message to all you deep state actors, you know, the ones that tried to rig an election and then destroy a president-elect, and then a duly-elected president, I'd say tick-tock for you tonight.

Joining us now, author of the big new book "Ball of Collusion", Andy McCarthy, along with the author of the important, upcoming book, "Witch Hunt", FOX News legal analyst, Gregg Jarrett, and FOX News investigative reporter Sara Carter.

Andy, I want to go you specifically. Now, we know that the DOJ and the FBI and Comey were all warned that, uh-oh, don't trust, Steele, he's got an agenda, it's not verified. And we also know they were told twice, Kathleen Kavalec, and they're told once by Bruce Ohr, yes, Hillary paid for it.

So, now we know it's an unverifiable document, because not even Steele stands behind it. Does that sound to you -- you worked in the prestigious, I mean the sincerely, Southern District of New York, does that sound like premeditated fraud and illegal warrant effort?

ANDY MCCARTHY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Sean, what I would be most concerned about and alarmed about was, we now know that in connection with the Kavalec incident, which was only days before they went for the warrant, they were told that Steele had been wrong about something that was fundamental.

So I think that between the bias that he had, which was quite obvious and as you point out was known throughout the unit in the FBI and the Justice Department who was looking at this, the fact that at least we know somebody at the justice department had problems with their lack of transparency with respect to Steele, and the fact that they knew that he was wrong about something fundamental, which normally in an investigation, that means you put the brakes on everything and make sure that you scrub what the guy has given you to make sure that it's not only verifiable, but actually verified. That's very problematic.

HANNITY: And, Gregg, this is what you've been saying, your follow-up book, the number one bestseller, lays it out. That was all true. Hillary's investigation was rigged. I think we've proven that point over and over again with real evidence.

And then, of course, we have the issue of, well, did we outsource, subcontract spying abroad with our allies for the purpose of circumventing American law.

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: Yes. So, all of that is true and I hope will be the subject of the inspector general's forthcoming report, which should come out some time this month. I agree with Andy entirely that, you know, when you concealed vital evidence from the FISA court and deceived the judges, you're perpetrating a fraud on the court, you're also committing perjury, because Comey who signed the first FISA warrant applications, signed a certification under penalty of perjury, verifying that the information was true and accurate, when he knew it wasn't. They hadn't verified any of the collusion allegations upon which they relied.

And not only that, when they received subsequent information, Rule 13 tells them they must immediately run back to the FISA court and notify the judges of new information, so that the judges may reevaluate whether the spying and surveillance on Carter Page could continue. They didn't do that either. So, they broke, as identify in my book, a myriad of laws in my judgment, including six different felonies.

HANNITY: Sara, you've been at this for 2 1/2 years. I feel we have overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence that Hillary Clinton violated multiple aspects of the Espionage Act. I believe what she did with the deletions and everything else, I believe all of that was obstruction. I believe that -- these warrants, these FISA warrants were obtained illegally. I believe a premeditated fraud was committed on the court. And I also believe that we accused the intelligence to spy on Americans by outsourcing it.

Do you believe the inspector general will find that those four warrants, the original and the four on the three subsequent renewals, were obtained illegally?

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, I absolutely do believe that he's going on do that. And we're going to see that in Horowitz' report, and I think John Durham is going to drill right in to that, because this is the - - in essence, this is the law that we physically can see was broken, Sean.

If what we are hearing, if all of the evidence that we've obtained over the last 2 1/2 years, is accurate as I believe it is, and all of the sourcing that we've been told that that these FISA applications were fraudulent signed, remember, I think a lot of people forget this, but the former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, when she was under questioning by Congress behind closed doors, she basically had selective amnesia when they got to these questions, did you know about this, did you review those FISA applications? And she said, no, she did not review the FISA applications even though it was under her purview, because the buck stops with her.

So, not only is she responsible, but certainly the people, the signatories, Comey as well as Andrew McCabe. Remember the fourth FISA application, actually renewal, was signed by Rod Rosenstein. So, that's going to be very interesting.

What was in all of these renewal applications? So, yes, I absolutely believe that Horowitz is going to find a mountain of evidence in that. It's going to be a scathing report. It's going to point directly at all of the malfeasance because the only reason why they would ignore that evidence is because they wanted to spy.

HANNITY: All right. Last question, exit question, Andy, in your great new book, by the way, you talk about there is no counterintelligence investigation at least it's the president's. Do you believe that Barack Obama has the important questions to ask, what did you know, when did you know it? Do you believe that he knew all of this?

MCCARTHY: I don't know that he knew all of it, I think he knew enough of it to be considered complicit in it. And, you know, we know that the day before President-elect Trump was briefed, there was a meeting in the Oval Office with Obama where they talked about what information not to share with the incoming team. That's a pretty significant fact.

HANNITY: All right. Guys, thank you all.

When we come back another day, another massive Joe Biden blunder. He can't stop himself. Rudy Giuliani weighs in, and much more, straight ahead.



HANNITY: All right. Now, Joe Biden is caught again telling yet another big lie, this time about his position on the Iraq war, telling NPR, he came out against it right after the invasion, even claiming that President Bush tricked him into supporting the war in the first place. He got tricked.

Take a look.


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I let my record stand. I think my record has been good. I think the vast majority of the foreign policy community thinks it's been very good.

For example, I got a commitment from President Bush he was not going to go to war in Iraq. He looked me in the eye in the Oval Office. He said he needed the vote to be able to get inspectors in into Iraq to determine whether or not Saddam Hussein was engaged in dealing with a nuclear program. He got them in and before we know, we had shock and awe. Immediately the moment it started, I came out against the war at that moment.


HANNITY: OK. But the little problem with all that, you see, Biden was still out publicly backing the war for many, many months, more than he's claiming. Here's a sample of his remarks back in 2003 and 2004. Joe needs to learn to tell the truth.


BIDEN: Some of my own party have said it was a mistake to go to Iraq in the first place, and believe that it's not worth the cost, whatever benefit may flow from our engagement in Iraq. But the cost of not acting against Saddam, I think, would have been much greater, and so is the cost and so will be the cost of not finishing this job.

I'm convinced that we can still succeed, if we level with the American people about the costs and the risks, if we develop a coherent plan for success, and if we bring the Iraqi people and the rest of the world with us.


HANNITY: And there's a lot more, because not only did a spokesman for the Bush family tell "The Washington Examiner" just a flat-out lie, but even David Axelrod is calling out Joe 30330, accusing him of serially distorting his record.

And Biden is under fire from all angles because he reportedly declared Thursday that he's committed to not raising money from fossil fuel executives, well, at a fundraiser hosted by fossil fuel company founder.

And, of course, we told you this would happen. Biden wouldn't be able to keep his stories straight and escape his past. He'd be spinning in a million different directions.

And remember, even Joe isn't far left enough for the new extreme Democratic Party. He fully supports the New Green Deal. And that party is now filled with radicals, socialists, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, comrade de Blasio in New York, who, by the way, Rudy Giuliani slamming for his failures to manage the city that he saved.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani joins us right now.

I know were you on "FOX & Friends" today, Mr. Mayor, and crowd of heroes, first responders, the best of the best.

RUDY GIULIANI, FORMER NEW YORK CITY MAYOR: Yes, very emotional -- I was very emotional, Sean. I was very emotional to see all of those men there. And a number of them I recognized from being there, you know, trying to dig up the bodies of their brothers and their friends. And so --

HANNITY: It's rough.

GIULIANI: So, you know, like, it's a long time ago but you still feel it's yesterday.

HANNITY: Especially in New York, all of us know people that were killed.

You said something about -- you know, we're watching something that is interesting much the number one state people, the mass exit, is New York state, followed closely by California, followed by New Jersey, followed by Illinois. States that have been run by liberal Democrats.

Now the city that -- I remember New York City pre-Rudy Giuliani, pre-stop and frisk.


HANNITY: I remember the 2,500 murders a week.

GIULIANI: I mean, I live here all my life, so I remember it really well. I was U.S. attorney, you remember, for eight years before --

HANNITY: Sure, Southern District.

GIULIANI: -- before I became the mayor. So, I knew everything that was wrong with it.

But de Blasio is a disaster. I can't find a Democrat, Sean, that will defend him. I have Democrats that come up to me and say to me, I'm angry at you for supporting President Trump, but you know something, you're right about de Blasio. God, he's a disaster. He's a Democrat, liberal Democrat.

So, I mean -- I don't think -- I don't think that people in the rest of the country have any idea how bad a mayor he's been.

HANNITY: Let me ask you about Joe. We know the Ukraine story, we've covered it. Peter Schweizer did a great job on China.

GIULIANI: He committed a prima facie case of bribery in Ukraine, and "The New York Times" --

HANNITY: Demanding a firing in six hours.

GIULIANI: -- and "The Washington Post" are covering it up. And they go after Republicans, like poor General Flynn, for getting trapped by the FBI into what they say is a lie that meant nothing.

HANNITY: Well, the thing is - withheld American dollars, our money as leverage to say fire the prosecutor that's investigating. But here's my question. I look at Joe Biden, everything we're saying we have covered. Joe Biden looks like he aged 20 years since he left office. I don't think he ever had a fastball, but his softball is gone, too?

GIULIANI: He's always been dumb. So he mixes things up all of his life. I believe he's always been an essential cheat. Not an honorable man. Everybody liked him he was funny, he made jokes. But he's plagiarized twice; usually you don't get away with once.

HANNITY: Well, he also said a lot of dumb things.

GIULIANI: And he plagiarized just now.

HANNITY: Here is a thing do you think he can survive this process? David - actually said--

GIULIANI: He is not going to survive it.

HANNITY: It say, he is as a well known reputation for goofy harmless gaffes but it's it another serially distraught your own record. Joe Biden is in danger of creating a more damaging meme. Let me ask you this, I don't think Biden is going to make it any more? So then who wins?

GIULIANI: I don't think Biden is going to make it either. If I didn't know about Ukraine and China I'd feel bad for him, I would. But here's why I don't feel bad for him. All of the millions and billions that his family took out based on his selling his public office. I spent my career investigating political corruption. And it is disgusting that these newspapers won't cover it.

HANNITY: I got to run, Mr. Mayor, good to see you. Thanks for being with us. Climate change hysteria, wow, we thought it got bad this week, it's even getting worse. Joe Bastardi, Kimberley Strassel they'll be here to tell you what's really motivating the Dem's dire predictions. It's about socialism a lot more than climate change. Also you won't believe Alec Baldwin, what he said this time coming up.


HANNITY: All right, welcome back to this Special edition of Hannity, Trump versus the left in America. Now during fake news' CNN's disastrous seven- hour DNC Informer Show Climate Town Hall that they had, we saw one candidate after another proposed bans on everything to frocking to cold planets to also drilling to eating red meat, to using plastic straws and everything is free, free, free.

And you had the guy that can't govern South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete well he is now talking an apocalyptic terms about the end of the planet and making very bizarre claims about World War II, maybe needs to learn about the guys that slammed the beaches at Normandy.


MAYOR PETE BUTTIGIEG (D-IN) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We're seeing more and more instability around the world. You know there is evidence that drought that might have been partly worsened by climate change, contributed to everything from the Syrians of award to the migration out of Central America, that starting to hit our own borders. This is just the very beginning. We could see climate wars in the future, let's not let that happen.


HANNITY: Anywhere from 1.7 to $16 trillion they want to spend and we're facing future climate wars, and of drinking from straws make you a part of the problem looks like, well Mayor Pete, also part of the problem. Here with reaction, weatherbell.com, Chief Meteorologist Joe Bastardi, from The Wallstreet Journal, Fox News Contributor Kimberly Strassel.

Okay. I get it. But this is not, Kimberly, about the climate change. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Former Chief of Staff even said nothing to do with climate change. This is about everything free, this is about new taxes, this is about government control, and their power. Once they get control of every aspect of our life what do we have left?

KIMBERLEY STRASSEL, WALLSTREET JOURNAL AUTHOR: Well, that's just it. You know, I know people have been rolling their eyes over this seven-hour climate town hall. I've enjoyed this I think it's useful. It is revealing, first of all how far left that party has moved just in the past five years.

The radical things they're talking about were the fringe just five years ago. Now they're mainstream in the Presidential race. But also revealing because about what they want to do? If you listen to this, you come to realize just how convenient a crisis climate is right?

Most things you got a problem in the banking sector, you got to go fix the banks. This one, if you got a climate problem it means the left gets to rule everything in your life. It can tell you what you can eat, what can you drive, what toilet paper can you use, what kind of house can you live in, what we have to teach in school, what the military looks like? What industries are allowed to exist and how they are to be regulated?

It is the ultimate tool for running the country. I think that's why you see them talking about it so much and in such extreme and sort of crisis terms.

HANNITY: Let me ask Joe, you follow the weather, I'm hearing all of these dire predictions, you would think, and made a lady on the radio today that wants to silence people like me, get me off television and radio, because I'm dangerous.

The point I'm asking is, we have had worse years of storms, historically, one of the things that I like about you and I kind of make fun of you because you're the Chief Meteorologist on my radio show, the fact that you can tell me about the storm years, 1928, the 1800s, the 1950s. Where are we in terms of today's storms versus those storms?

JOE BASTARDI, CHIEF METEOROLOGIST: Well, first of all they're weaponizing the weather. That's all because most people don't know what happened yesterday? Now there's weather Joe, and weather Joe and climate Joe intersect because I was taught from a very early age that the foundation you stand on today was built yesterday to reach for tomorrow. And ignorance about the past leads to arrogance about the future.

So what did I do? I realized that the weather is a majestic system, it doesn't stop, I went back and gave what my father taught me to do. Go back and look at the past. Study the past. Study your history and then when you see something show up on the weather maps chances are you have an up on it.

I will tell you this; I'll give you an example. Do you think for one minute that Mayor of South Bend knows that in 1963, '64 and '66 three category-4 hurricanes hit in the same spot in Hispaniola? Does he know hurricane Flora in 63 stalled for four days with 100 inches of rain over Eastern Cuba?

Well, how about Jeanne, in '63. Three loops of the eastern sea board, there were countless examples Sean. I even mailed you something, well I don't know if you saw it. The 1924 hurricane, the third one of the season had almost the same exact track and movement as Dorian, except it was 50 to 60 miles further North in the Bahamas. And that's why they didn't get swamps.

HANNITY: All right, thank you both. Well, pretty shocking what we hear every day. Of course the media mob, they just perpetuate the hyperbole, the hysteria, the fear-mongering, the lies, conspiracy theories. Take aback shocking stories, suspected illegal immigrant, allegedly shot a Sheriff's Deputy. Now President yes, he succeeded this week, the most underreported story about President Trump. And later, Alec Baldwin is complaining about Donald Trump. We have got an update.


HANNITY: Right, as we continuing this special edition of Hannity, Trump versus the radical left. A Sheriff's Deputy sadly has shot by an illegal immigrant in yes the sanctuary state of California. What's worse is he had already committed previous crimes. Trace Gallagher from our West Coast Newsroom with the latest. Trace?

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Sean, Federal Agents routinely complaint about California's Sanctuary laws. But now even a Sheriff is fed because the law nearly got one of his Deputies killed. Merced County Sheriff Van Varkey says 51-year-old Guadalupe Lopez-Herrera is an illegal immigrant and known criminal with the past that includes assault with a deadly weapon and spousal abuse.

So when Lopez-Herrera threatened to kill his wife's family deputies went to arrest him. But the suspect was hiding in the bushes and opened fire hitting a Deputy in the leg and bulletproof vest. That led to a shootout, but Lopez-Herrera got away.

Hours later he was spotted in a stolen truck. A chase ensued at speeds above 120 miles per hour. When police stopped the truck with a spike trip, Lopez-Herrera again opened fire until he was stopped by a canine. Here's the sheriff watch.


CALIFORNIA SHERIFF: Bottom line is that our immigration policies need to be revamped because we're going to continue to have more of this situation happen. We knew ahead of time that this guy is potential for violence who was there.


GALLAGHER: Lopez-Herrera shoot had been deported numerous times, but because local law enforcement can't communicate with ICE, he remained in the country. Sean.

HANNITY: All right, Trace Gallagher, thank you. Also in California the Hollywood hate machine there is off the rails as ever. It's called President Alec Baldwin, said in a recent interview, that he was so fed up with playing President Trump on "Saturday Night Live" he wanted a meteor to hit the building. I think he's talking about 30 rocks. Take a look.


ALEC BALDWIN, AMERICAN ACTOR: Did Loren ever called you to come in and do Trump and you said I had a lone man and you know some watch. I'm not tired to have it.

REPORTER: To do Trump?

BALDWIN: Yes. Every time I did it after the season the second and third season I would do it, I'd go in my room and it was like I hope a meteor hits this building and kills me, because I don't want to do this ever again. Trump, has past them in one of the grand moments well they're going to vote their wallet over everything. Environment, climate, you know the rights of people--


HANNITY: And the never ending hysteria of serious consequences because Pro- Trump donors and businesses oh, yes, they're facing more targeted boycotts and so on and so forth and harassment. The good news is some in Hollywood are waking up to the dangers of Anti-Trump rage, psychosis, derangement syndrome and industry blacklist.

Look at this like actor Isaiah Washington, he revealed in a new interview with Fox Nation and he's leaving the Democratic Party, calling out the party for their failure to deliver for underserved communities. Here with reaction, Fox News Contributors Lawrence Jones, Emily Compagno is with us.

Lawrence, good to see you. Lawrence has been moving so we gave him a couple of days off if you've been wondering where Lawrence is? He got a u-haul, and he is moving around. We're glad to have you both back.

Lawrence, here's the deal. These are the facts. We have a new record today, a record low unemployment, part of our American family; I know politics is all broken down demographically. The lowest unemployment ever for African- American Hispanic Americans women in the workplace youth unemployment again in spite all the dreams of recession and all the dreams of Trump failure.

LAWRENCE JONES, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: There's an openings there, Sean. The President has delivered when it comes to unemployment numbers and improving different things within the community. All he has to do is just go to the community and ask for the vote.

You been sending me across the country. These people don't care if you have a D or R in front of your name, they just want their problems solved. And although the unemployment rate has solved some of issues, some of the community is still struggling.

And I guarantee that the Democrats Party proposals, isn't going to help improve the community. I think that's what you see with Isaiah. He is not pleased with any political party. He's just saying who's going to save my community? And I think President Trump if he was to go into the community and talk with people he'd get their votes.

HANNITY: You know, I don't see the media mob Emily talking too much about the good employment numbers today, the good economy, the record low unemployment, the record high labor participation, how demographic groups, I call them - people in the 2016 election the forgotten men and women in this country.

We have now close to 8 million Americans that were on food stamps under Biden-Obama that are off. We have 8-plus million new jobs created. We have manufacturing coming back. We have prosperity beginning. 75 years for the first time we're energy independent. That's going to raise the standard of living for so many of our fellow Americans.

EMILY COMPAGNO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, and that's one of the reasons why I'm grateful to be a part of this network because here we were talking with it. It's why it's so unfortunate and misguided that those on the left aren't talking about those facts.

Mr. Washington said it best, when he basically was a critical thinker about it, and said I vote for the policies not the party, not the person. And because I stepped back and evaluated my community and what has changed in the past 50 years, which has been nothing. Then I asked these critical questions.

Instead from the left in the mainstream media we get simply don't wear any hat that is red or you might trigger someone or let's boycott this business. Let's dock the people who voted for or who support the existing President. The President not realizing that all of that does is galvanized as you put it the forgotten men and women.

HANNITY: You know what Lawrence?

JONES: Well, Sean, it also highlights the hypocrisy in the media. For so long we've been lectured to about civility and keeping the cool when you have Baldwin talking about a meteor. You have other political leaders in Canada talking about a hurricane hitting Mar-a-Lago. These people talk about the possibilities. When they don't like the political side they encourage this. They don't talk about that violence, but the media doesn't talk about this.

HANNITY: Lawrence, imagine for a second. What I would it be on this show if I said, I dream an awful lot about blowing up the White House, with Barack Obama as President? What would happen, Emily? Will let you answer to that.

JONES: You would be gone.

COMPAGNO: Exactly. Like Lawrence, I'm sure you would be absolutely gone and likely ostracized. Debra Messing just a few days ago re-tweeted the quote that black voters for Trump must have mental illnesses. Sure she later apologized, but it's that level of hubris and delusion--

JONES: He's racist.

COMPAGNO: Exactly, and double standard. Again, if one of us said it, we would be absolutely vilified.

HANNITY: Thank you both. When we come back after donating a part of his liver our friend, our colleague, Ed Henry did this for his younger sister. He is back on the air. He's next. Stay with us on this special edition of Hannity.


HANNITY: All right, you never get good news on the news channels, right? Sometimes you wonder is everything dire and horrible? No, not here tonight. Fox News Chief National Correspondent and our friend Ed Henry is back after donating 30 percent of his liver to his sister Colleen.

Ed, welcome back. We're proud of you. I know how hard this was, and I'm not going to make you cry. I saw you this morning. I'm not going to play it. But what you did was really just an act of love and kindness and unbelievable generosity. And you didn't blink a second. You did it. It's amazing, we're proud of you.

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, I appreciate that. I didn't blink, because it was my sister Colleen, and I love her and you've showing that picture there, that's a picture. That's her, right now, last weekend. She's doing great.

The previous one right there is us holding hands before we went in to surgery. I have to admit now that I was trying to be brave. But at the time I didn't know what was going to come out on the other end. I thought that the risk was low for me and that's why, one of many reasons I wanted to do it.

One of my great fears, was that may be we would do all of this and maybe it still wouldn't work. I didn't know how I would cope with that if I were to lose my sister. I can't bear to think about that. We both had faith.

And she texted me the morning of the surgery, she's so strong, she's my younger sister. I was getting ready at the hotel with my wife to go over to Mount Sinai here in New York. That morning I didn't know what was going to happen. I was kind of get the strength, the courage you were talking about. I didn't have it, frankly. My sister did.

HANNITY: You did so; I talked to you throughout the process. You had it.

HENRY: Then my sister, Colleen, texted me that morning. She said we got this. I love you and this was somebody and my sister was the one who gave me the strength. That's the point.

HANNITY: You know what is amazing. You didn't hesitate, it was my sister but if it was Hannity, we let him drop dead. I got the message.


HANNITY: But honestly, what is really amazing, I just want to say this last thing, the liver regenerates.

HENRY: Yes, within four to six weeks.

HANNITY: Yes, to its normal size and hers grows into the normal size, right?

HENRY: Right. So basically I shared, you have two lobes, I donated one of those lobes within 4 to 6 weeks my liver regenerated that's why I feel healthy. That's why I'm coming back to work. My sister has a longer road; she is taking a lot of drugs to make sure there's no rejection.

So far what I can report that's amazing is that she's healthy.

HANNITY: Thank God.

HENRY: The liver has been accepted her surgeon said that within a few seconds of her taking my liver it started working. This might be bad for your reputation. All your critics out there, Sean, I should credit, before the surgery I was having a couple of difficult moments, about what was ahead and you were on the phone with me walking me through it, and you were a great friend. You called - you sent a care package to our house. You after the surgery were checking on my sister, Colleen. It means the world to me.

HANNITY: I'm going to leap hole this.

HENRY: I know what your critics may not believe it, but you are.

HANNITY: I'm editing all this out. That's it. Listen, we are praying for your sister. Thank God, you did this. It shows who you are, we've always known it. I'm proud of you. You are a good man. Thank you, friend.

HENRY: Thank you to the Fox family and President tweeted about it today, appreciate all that.

HANNITY: That was cool, too, I saw that. All right, that's all the time we have left. And we'll never be the media mob. Let not your heart be troubled. Laura is next, will see you Monday.

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