Hannity: McCabe is as corrupt and crooked as they come

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SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: Anyone that defends dogs is on my good list. All right, Tucker. Thank you.

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We are following several major breaking news stories. The Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reviewing FBI recommendation to fire disgraced former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe just days before he is set to collect of big fat government pension. For this to happen, something explosive had to have been discovered.

Now, does this potential major development mean the release of the DOJ inspector general's report on the FBI's corrupt handling of the Clinton email case and the FBI's conduct leading up to an election is imminent? We'll see.

Now, also breaking tonight, liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds. Gun-grabbing Democrats show up at anti-Second Amendment student protests across the country. They have armed security. You can't make this up. We have the video evidence tonight.

Now, this comes as the House overwhelmingly passed a new school safety bill. So, it's time to protect our kids in school the same way Democrats protect themselves.

And also brand-new tonight, the acting director of ICE is fiercely responding to Nancy Pelosi who called federal immigration authorities cowardly. And families whose loved ones were killed by criminal illegal immigrants, they are demanding that the DOJ prosecute this liberal mayor of Oakland, California.

And also tonight, the liberals are racing to attack the first female CIA director nominee. Why? She was too tough on terrorists. What they won't tell you is that Gina Haspel saved American lives.

Also tonight, I have a special message. Tell your Republican congressmen and senators to watch. We have all of that new information in tonight's breaking news monologue.


HANNITY: All right. Tonight, we start with the bombshell development about former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. Fox News tonight reporting that the Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reviewing a recommendation from the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility to give McCabe the ax. And sources are telling Fox News that firing McCabe before Friday -- get this -- would mean he would lose his taxpayer-funded pension. He's set to retire on Sunday, something explosive has gone on here.

This new development is raising speculation that the DOJ's inspector general's report about the FBI's phony Clinton email investigation where the fix was in, that that could be released soon.

And Fox News has learned that the inspector general's investigation has discovered that McCabe was not forthcoming about his approval for an FBI official to talk to reporters about the bureau's investigation into the Clinton Foundation. And according to reports, this scandal is what forced McCabe to be removed from that position and placed on leave.

And according to a 'Wall Street Journal' report from earlier this year, McCabe waited an entire month to inform Congress, remember those thousands of Huma Abedin emails that were found on Anthony Weiner's laptop? Why would he wait?

Then, of course, there was the text message from the Trump-hating FBI lovers Peter Stark and Lisa Page, remember, they mentioned talking to Andy? We think that's Andrew McCabe about that insurance policy, God forbid if Donald Trump won the election.

And by the way, you have McCabe's wife Jill, she took over $700,000 of political contributions from Hillary Clinton's ally Terry McAuliffe and another Democratic group for a failed Virginia State Senate run, an obscene amount of money. So, when it comes to firing Andrew McCabe, the Attorney General Jeff Sessions should not be contemplating a decision here, because the answer is obvious and the facts are staring Sessions right in the face.

McCabe is corrupt and he's as crooked as they come. He's one of those deep state actors that we've been telling you about and he needs to be held accountable. And firing McCabe, by the way, should only be a start. We know for a fact James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, other top officials put the fix in and they ignored overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence that Hillary Clinton in fact committed multiple felonies.

Clinton should have been prosecuted. She never should have made it to November of 2016. It was an open and shut case. The evidence was all there, it didn't happen, the fix was in, it was rigged.

And that's why McCabe, Comey, Strzok, Page, and all the other top FBI officials that played a hand in the sham of an investigation into Clinton, they should be terrified tonight about those DOJ inspector general report that we expect to come out any day now. Criminal referrals should also be made to the DOJ and if you believe an equal justice under the law, all of these deep state officials, they all need to be prosecuted.

All right. Also brand-new tonight, liberal hypocrisy reaches a stunning new level. Take a look at this video. There he is areas, socialists Senator Bernie Sanders working his way through an anti-Second Amendment rally on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. But notice, oh, he is surrounded by armed security guys.

Bernie Sanders was not alone. We have other gun-grabbing liberal politicians, they all showed up to speak out against your Second Amendment right to bear arms and also predictably attack the NRA. Take a look.


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., MINORITY LEADER: Our congressional solidarity walk-off is here to say enough is enough. We need a vote now. We need a vote now. We need a vote now.

SEN. BILL NELSON, D-FLA.: And it is common sense that we should get the assault
rifles and the banana clips off the streets.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER, D-N.Y., MINORITY LEADER: The NRA has been made public enemy number one and I'm proud of it. We are going to win! We're going win to win! We're going to win!

SEN. CHRIS MURPHY, D—CONN.: I want to know, are you prepared to do whatever it takes to beat the gun lobby?

SEN. RICHARD BLUMENTHAL, D—CONN.: Are we going to ban assault weapons? Are we going to have universal background checks?


HANNITY: Unbelievable.

And then there's the anti-Second Amendment crusader, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who actually participated in a die-in a in a protest in New York City. Take a look.




HANNITY: He has tons of security also. Just shameless hypocrites. They stand in front of crowds of people, no fear about their own personal safety because they are surrounded by armed security, but they would deny those same protections to America's school children. Does that make any sense?

By the way, here's a quick question. If being protected by armed police officers is good for these politicians, shouldn't it be good for our children and America's schools? Pretty simple answer, right?

Anyway, have you noticed that congressional Democrats, they are always the champions of gun free zones except places where they work? There's tons of security at the Capitol, and the same goes for Hollywood liberals. Those pompous award ceremonies have more security than Fort Knox, but in their minds, it's outrageous for schools to take the same precaution that they have.

You want to protect America's schools and our kids, the solutions are obvious. I have highlighted them on this show. You need comprehensive threat security assessments, you need controlled points of entry, you need to secure the perimeters, you need school IDs, metal detectors, and, yes, concealed carry, armed, highly trained, retired former police and military.

By the way, the House to take a step forward today. They overwhelmingly passed a school safety bill that awards grant money to states to help train teachers and students and law enforcement officials to stop the violence in schools. It's a good start, but it's not good enough. America's schools, our kids deserve the same security that liberals demand for themselves.

Also tonight, the acting director of ICE slamming Nancy Pelosi for daring, if you can believe, to call federal immigration authorities that risk their lives every single day to keep this country safe, Nancy called them cowardly. Watch this.


ACTING ICE DIRECTOR: Not only did she say they were cowardly, she said that ICE was terrorizing immigrant communities. First of all, you're talking about law enforcement officers, these are men and women that put their lives on the line for this country every day. They strapped a gun to their hip and leave the safety and security of their homes to defend this nation. So, how dare you call them cowardly?

And to say that we are terrorizing immigrant communities -- the people we arrested during these California operations, ludicrous acts with a juvenile, assault with deadly weapons, murder, these people were terrorizing immigrant communities. ICE went in there and removed these people from the communities.


HANNITY: So, liberals like Nancy Pelosi, they are making it clear they have no problem putting American lives in danger to protect criminal illegal immigrants. I'm not talking about DACA. I'm not talking about
Dreamers or people that benefited from the chain migration or the visa lottery. But these liberals like the Oakland, California mayor, liberal -- what's her name? Libby Schaaf, their aiding and abetting criminal illegal immigrants, those who have caused real harm to real American citizens and real American families.

So, it's hard to imagine how anyone could defend doing this, but, of course, the left is and we watch it every day. And that's why you have Angel parents. Those are people whose children were killed by illegal immigrants. They are now rightly demanding that Mayor Schaaf face prosecution for obstruction of justice, protecting criminals, aiding and abetting, people that shouldn't be in the country in the first place and then commit other crimes.

Liberals like to pretend that illegal immigrants don't commit crimes, but they're lying when they say that. And sadly, these angel parents are needlessly suffering all because of this. It's a national disgrace, it can be stopped and if it happens again, those people protecting them, they are the ones to blame.

Also tonight, liberals are channeling their rage to attack a brand-new target. See the woman on the screen there. Democrats are now threatening to block the nomination of Gina Haspel to be the first female CIA director. Here is why: Haspel played a very key role in overseeing the enhanced interrogation techniques that were used at CIA black sites against top-level Al Qaeda terrorists.

Of course, this was after 9/11, 3,000 Americans were killed. And the left can feign all the moral outrage they want, play all the politics they want, but facts are not on their side. The CIA, other top officials, like Leon Panetta who worked in the Obama administration, have said, and we'll show you this later tonight, that enhanced interrogation techniques, they worked.

And it led to finding and killing Osama bin Laden. Without them, he probably still be alive today. People like Haspel literally saved American lives. In that sense, she's a patriot. Democrats should not put partisan, petty politics ahead of your national security.

Of course, we would have preferred not to have been attacked on 9/11 but sadly, we all know, evil does exist. Evil must be defeated. Radical Islamists came here.

Finally, tonight, I have a message to congressional Republicans after last night's special election in the 18th district of Pennsylvania. GOP members of Congress, take a good long look in the mirror because that could be your future. And if it happens, you'll have nobody to blame but yourselves.

You can't put aside the fact that this was an interesting case because the Democrat, Conor Lamb -- well, he pretended to be pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and even pro-Trump and anti-Pelosi, so he was kind of acting like a Republican. He's quickly going to fall in line with whatever Nancy Pelosi tells him to do, watch and see.

But what happened last night should serve as a warning to all Republicans. You want to be successful in 2018? There's a simple solution. Keep all the promises you make in campaign years. It's really that simple. That's the best politics.

Make the country safer. Give us a great economy. Go back to your district. Look your voters in the eye and tell them that you did what you said you were going to do.

You've already passed tax cuts. Check, good job. But you also promised to repeal and replace ObamaCare and you also, most of you, promised to build the wall. So, now is your opportunity. It's March. You have until November to follow through, show some backbone, show some vision, mean what you say, say what you mean, finish the job and ObamaCare, and start building the wall.

If you do that, my guess is -- we've been at this 30 years -- the voters are going to reward you. If you don't do it, they probably won't.

All right. A lot of news tonight. We'll get to all of it.

Joining us now with reaction, FOX News contributor Sara Carter, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett.

All right. I want us to go back. I want to start with the Andrew McCabe. As of Sunday, he would receive a government pension for the rest of his life. Now, if he is fired before Sunday --


HANNITY: -- that pension is gone.

JARRETT: Because the rules are quite clear. If you lie, you are fired. And if you're fired, you should not get a pension.

You know, the story of Andrew McCabe actually proves the old Richard Nixon adage, it's always the cover up and not the crime. Apparently, the inspector general has determined that McCabe was covering up and lying about his conversations about giving permission to talk to reporters about the Hillary Clinton case.

But he's got bigger problems than that. He could be charged for lying. It's a crime, making a false statement and an investigation. But this is a guy who signed off on the FISA warrant, knowing that what he was doing was against the law, six different felonies.

This is the guy who cleared Hillary Clinton, along with others at the FBI, in the face of compelling evidence she committed crimes and this is the guy, along with others, who appears to have sanitized the so-called exoneration statement, which is obstruction of justice. So, losing his pension, that's the least of Andrew McCabe's worries right now.

HANNITY: All right. Sara Carter, let's go to you.

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I agree, I agree with Gregg on this, you know? I think there are a number of things we can look at, Sean. I mean, what we know right now is what we are hearing and reports. And what very few sources are saying about what the I.G. has to say.

The Office of Professional Responsibility would not send this recommendation if they did not feel there was something so strong, something so poignant, that they would have to ask for McCabe's firing, which I believe is imminent and which I believe Sessions will have no other choice but to do this week.

HANNITY: What else do we hear -- but it's not just McCabe. McCabe, then you got the text messages between the lovebirds, Lisa Page in Peter Strzok. What do we know about that? What do we -- how does Loretta Lynch get away with this and where is Jim Comey? Because Comey along with others but the fix then.

Even though he said he didn't make his mind until he interviewed -- or really Peter Strzok interviewed Hillary Clinton, but they were writing the exoneration months earlier. Where's Comey in all of this as he prepares for his big book tour?

CARTER: Oh, I think Comey certainly is going to have to prepare himself for the I.G. report, because the I.G. report isn't just going to focus on McCabe. McCabe was a part of that. But it's focus on the entire FBI, the bureau, the higher echelon of the apparatus and how they handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of that private server or to send classified information and the fact that it was shut down.

So, we are only saying a narrow portion of this. Once the I.G. report comes out, I'm sure they will be other recommendations made. I'm certain that Comey is going to be a part of that I.G. report. Lisa Page, Peter Strzok will also be a part of that I.G. report.

HANNITY: Hasn't this been going on for 14 months? And I was told there are 500-plus people, many former prosecutors, many lawyers that have been working on this?

CARTER: Yes. I mean, this is -- this is huge. This is very extensive. And remember, it's not just the I.G. There is a prosecutor looking at the specifics right now. So, that means that the I.G. found something very significant. Something he is going to follow up on.

And another thing, Sean. The story that I wrote about this week, remember, Judicial Watch, and former FBI special agent, Jeff Danik, had sued the FBI for all of McCabe's text messages, for all of his emails at the bureau because they believe that will show a timeline where we will be able to see how they either slow-rolled the investigation into Hillary and his full involvement in the Hillary Clinton investigation. And they have refused to give that up.

HANNITY: Where do you see this going, Gregg? And what do you see -- who is in legal jeopardy here?

JARRETT: A lot of people are in jeopardy. And the I.G. report may reveal a lot. It's no wonder that it took Inspector General Horowitz so long because the acts of corruption and illegality here were so pervasive and involved so many different people at the FBI and the Department of Justice in protecting Hillary Clinton and conjuring a fraudulent investigation of Donald Trump under the guise of counterintelligence that it was difficult to unravel it and gather all of the evidence.

HANNITY: Here's -- so we have the report from the House Intel Committee. No evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. I have read it on the air multiple times. No evidence.

But in the process of investigating this, what have we learned? Well, we learned the fix was in on Hillary Clinton and we have evidence to prove it. We know the people involved in it. We didn't mention Loretta Lynch either. Then we also find out after a year that it was Hillary and the DNC that she could draw controlled financially that are responsible for paying for this phony Russian dossier.

OK. That's -- and then the lies told to the FISA court. I got to think if I'm Robert Mueller and I'm supposed to be looking at Trump-Russia collusion, well, how do you ignore Hillary's collusion? How do you get to ignore that dossier?

JARRETT: Yes, where was Comey? Where was Andrew McCabe? Where was Loretta Lynch, when all of this was happening?

Why didn't they say, hey, wait a minute, stop right here, we cannot use an unverified document to surveil an American citizen, because the law says you have to verify it first? The law, by the way, also says we can't hide to the critical information that was paid for by Hillary Clinton, but they went ahead and did it anyway.

HANNITY: What about these reports, Sara, what are you hearing? That possible Trump administration changes of McMaster, and at the V.A. and at the chief of staff, and the attorney general?

Go ahead.

CARTER: Look, I think the president, President Trump, sent a very clear message with -- and I know this from talking to sources -- with the firing of Rex Tillerson. He is sending a message across the board to everyone, even allies overseas.

He's saying, you either work with me, but if you are working against me behind my back, I know this. And if you're not going to work with me on this, then we are going to get rid of you. If you are not doing your job, then we are taking you out of your office.

HANNITY: But politically speaking, won't the country explode of Jeff Sessions is out? I mean, look, I understand the president's frustration about the recusal. I don't believe Jeff Sessions should -- if he knew he was going to recuse himself, he never should have taken the position because without that recusal, none of this happens.

JARRETT: He betrayed the president. He knew when he was sworn in, he was going to recuse himself because he testified that the very next day, he put the recusal in motion. He never told the president about that.

And, by the way, he cited the regulation of his recusal --

HANNITY: What a political --

JARRETT: He cited the wrong law. It didn't reply.


HANNITY: I remember you said that.

CARTER: That's true. But I think he was being advised badly at that time.

JARRETT: Yes, by Obama's holdovers.

HANNITY: That's correct.

CARTER: That's right, that's right.

JARRETT: Who in the world would believe them?

HANNITY: What about the political fallout before -- we have to move on here in a second. What about the political fallout, Sara, if he did that?

CARTER: Well, you know, I don't know if we've seen massive political fallout here. I think you would definitely feel it from Republicans who support Sessions, who don't want to see him removed. But, look, I think Sessions is probably the least of it right now, because I think what we are hearing from Sessions and from the attorney general is that there are things in motion at the DOJ taking place right now that they can't discuss publicly because we won't even know if there is a grand jury convening on some of this. That is very private.

But he did say there was a prosecutor looking into this. I think other people should be more worried. I think the head of the Veterans Administration, Shulkin, should be very concerned.

There are a lot of people I have spoken with that said, look, he's not doing his job, he doesn't know how to be a leader. He has an armed guard outside the door. People can't access him. What is going on here?

So, I think there is other people that need to be very worried right now.

JARRETT: Jeff Sessions, I'm sure, you know, is a very nice man. I don't know him personally. But he has got to be the most feckless and incapable attorney general.

HANNITY: But what about what we're learning, there is -- in Arkansas, a
Clinton Foundation investigation.

CARTER: That's right.

HANNITY: We learned he recused himself from Uranium One. We are told that he believes the process is I.G., DOJ, then special counsel. You don't buy it?

JARRETT: I think he's naive, and gullible, and he is the puppet and Rod
Rosenstein is the puppeteer.

HANNITY: That's scary actually.

CARTER: Well, I think we should wait. I think we should wait and see if he actually fires McCabe based on the recommendation by the FBI.

HANNITY: Well, that would be the first step. But we need the special counsel. At this point, what happened with the FISA abuses, everything else. You guys have been great. Thank you both.

President Trump only moments ago arrived at the White House following his visit to St. Louis.

Another major story we are following tonight. Almost immediately after president announced he was nominating Gina Haspel to be the first woman to run the CIA, well, some people in the left, in the media, were just waiting to attack and wait until you hear the reason why. Take a look at this.


JOHN BERMAN, CNN: There is controversy in her past. She was involved with the torture programs after September 11th and then involved with destroying videotapes of the matter also. That might be something that could be problematic.

KATY TUR, MSNBC: Gina Haspel has a real history with enhanced interrogation in the CIA.

JAKE TAPPER, CNN: There's a lot of people raising questions, including John McCain today, about the fact that in 2002, she ran a so-called black site CIA prison in Thailand where two terrorism suspects were tortured. And she also reportedly, her name was on a cable ordering the destruction of tapes. But you support her?


MURPHY: She clearly presided over a massive, illegal operation that violated both U.S. law and international law. I'm sure those orders came down from above her but that is no excuse.


HANNITY: Typical left-wing attacks about Haspel.

Now, Jose Rodriguez, remember him? He is the former head of the CIA National Clandestine Service. He prays to the intelligence that was gained from these black sites, like the one that Haspel ran.

Here is what Rodriguez told me in 2014. This is crucial.


JOSE RODRIGUEZ, FORMER CIA OFFICIAL: Those of us who read the intelligence coming out of the black sites every morning, and who acted on that intelligence, know the value and basically, it led to the destruction of the organization.


HANNITY: Led to the destruction of the organization. Without interrogation techniques, there is no getting Osama bin Laden.

She saved American lives. I wish the world wasn't evil. Sadly, the world is evil.

Here with reaction, former deputy assistant to the president, FOX News national security strategist, Sebastian Gorka, FOX News chief national correspondent Ed Henry.

By the way, what -- Ed, this is like a full-time gig. You are replacing Shannon Bream? What's up with that?


HANNITY: All right. Let start with the news. This is woman -- as I see it -- are they going to oppose the first woman ever nominated to be the CIA director -- and they are saying she is too tough on terror? She's too tough on terrorists? That saved American lives?

Jose Rodriguez witnessed the waterboarding and he knows the information extracted.

HENRY: Sean, this is almost tailor-made for the Trump White House. If they were to design a strategy, to sit around the table and say, if only the Democrats would accuse our CIA nominee of being too tough on terrorists, that we are too tough on trying to take out al Qaeda and ISIS, that will be exactly what they would like to design, and that is with the Democrats are doing.

And on top of that, as you say, she'd be the first woman to lead the CIA. That is a wonderful achievement if she's confirmed. And yet you have Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein suggesting she might not get the job.

Here's the bottom line. The clips you played, there are legitimate questions to be raised about those techniques. There was a great debate as you remember better than anyone at the end of the Bush administration, the beginning of the Obama administration about all of this.

But the problem was, and almost every one of those clips, the Democratic senators and various journalists are talking about the allegations that may have broken the law. But not one of them talked about the actual intelligence, the actionable intelligence cotton from that to wipe out terrorists. That's the other side.

HANNITY: And Jose Rodriguez was -- couldn't be more clear to me, Dr. Gorka, if they didn't use these techniques against KSM that led to the courier, that led to bin Laden, that led to us killing bin Laden. Now, I wish the world wasn't full of evil radical Islamic terrorists that think they are doing god's will by killing innocent people, but they killed 3,000 Americans, Dr. Gorka.

She, to me, is a hero.

DR. SEBASTIAN GORKA, FOX NEWS NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGIST: Look, that is why I wrote the book "Defeating Jihad" because we are at war with evil.

Look, the left just wants to attack a female appointee of a Republican president. They couldn't care less about whether we tortured people or not. These are all politicians who were briefed -- you've told the world -- they were briefed behind closed doors, they had no issue with the black sites, the enhanced interrogation techniques. But now they do?

Let's go back in time, Sean. The last administration run by a guy called Obama who had a female national security advisor, they weren't just involved in, you know, things that were dubious when it comes to enhanced interrogation. This was an administration that had for the president something called the threat disposition matrix, a big iPad on which he would decide which terrorists were going to kill today, including more than one American citizen abroad.

So, if they want to get high and mighty about black sites, when their president and then female national security advisor was killing Americans without due process.

HANNITY: Dr. Gorka, think of the mindset. Bill Clinton, $3 billion, energy to North Korea, and this is a good deal for the American people, they're not going to get nukes. And they got nukes.

I can't even fathom what Obama was thinking, $150 billion in the hands of Iranian mullahs chanting 'death to America.' And then the same mindset, no, we can't dump people that we know were terrorists that have information about killing Americans their head in a tank and make them feel like they are drowning. We better build them soccer fields and make sure we cater to their dietary needs.

I don't understand the mindset. Help me out. Maybe I'm missing something.

GORKA: Let's look at the reality. A transit cop in D.C. was charged and prosecuted and put in federal prison because he thought he was wiring $500 to ISIS. It was actually an FBI contact, a covert asset, $500, and he goes to jail for material support to terrorism.

The Obama administration gives $150 billion to Iran.

HANNITY: It's -- I can't even comprehend how stupid that is.

Ed Henry, other news in Washington tonight?

HENRY: Yes. Well, the other big story is the House passing this bill to deal with school safety, about $50 billion. What's it about is training teachers, training school officials to deal with these threats more money for mental health.

It is interesting, the bottom line. You have Democrats tonight complaining there are no gun-control measures in there, but let's remember, it started out in the immediate aftermath. It's one month today since the Parkland, Florida, shooting, terrible tragedy. It started out in the immediate hours, this is all about the NRA, it's all about gun control, as we got more facts about how the police didn't respond, you know, quick enough, some of them were afraid to go in, all of those questions about the FBI not following up on tips.

It shifted from gun-control to school safety. And so, the House has passed it. We still need to see the Senate to pass it.

HANNITY: What a display to watch the politicians with their armed guards showing solidarity for students, wanting to get rid of weapons.

All right. Thank you both. Great report.

Now, when we come back, yes, he's back, the great one, Mark Levin, who's going to weigh in on shiftless Adam Schiff, straight ahead.


HANNITY: Now, the GOP and the House Intel Investigation Committee that intel investigation is over. It concluded there is zero evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, after 14 months. That is not stopping Democratic, well, hack Congressman Adam Schiff from continuing to push his ever-changing narrative, trying to desperately prove that this Trump-Russia collusion, after 14 long months, and even he admitted, two weeks ago, no evidence. Take a look.


CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC: What do you have hard?

REP. ADAM SCHIFF, D—CALIF.: Well, Chris, yes, Chris, unfortunately, I can't go into the evidence that they presented in the committee.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you have something hard, that you can't reveal?

SCHIFF: I can't reveal that, Chris.

Of course, there is one thing to say there is evidence. There is another thing to say we can prove this, or prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, or there's enough evidence to bring to a grand jury, for purpose of criminal indictment.

I don't think, we can say anything definitively at this point. We are still at the very early stages of investigation.

JAKE TAPPER, CNN: We haven't seen an actual proof of cooperation and collusion, so what am I missing here?

SCHIFF: You know, I think, you have to look at the pattern and the chronology. The Russians offered help, the campaign accepted help. The Russians gave help and the President made for used of that help, and that is pretty damning.

MEGHAN MCCAIN, ABC: Last March, she said, you had more than circumstantial evidence of treasonous, collusion with Russia. What specifically where you're referring to, and please be specific, because if it's true, I do believe Americans have the right to know a year later what that is.

SCHIFF: Well, I certainly --


SCHIFF: I certainly said that, there is ample evidence of collusion. I've never use the word treason. Only Steve Bannon has used that word. But, if you look at the facts that are already in the public domain, they're pretty damning.

The American people need to know, whether the Russians, still have something they can hold over the Presidents head -- the President of the United States. So, our work is far from done. I can certainly say with confidence that there is significant evidence of collusion, between the campaign and Russia.


HANNITY: It's 14 months, what is it? All right. Here with the answer, the host of CRTV -- TV's Levin TV, and the host of the number one show, three weekends in a row, in his time slot, very proud of my buddy, the great one, Mark Levin. Thank me. How am I? Look, this guy has been lying to this country for well over a year, Mark, 14 -- Meghan McCain destroyed him.


HANNITY: Your thoughts?

LEVIN: Well, my thoughts are this. Mr. Schiff is a shell for the Russian government And I'm going to tell you why it is Schiff, who is a propagandist for the Russian government, despite his spinning, on all this left wing TV shows. He put out a list of 30 more interviews he wants to do. Even though the Republicans on the committee said, there's no collusion. And he mentions a long list, Reince Priebus, Stephen Miller,
Kathie McFarlane, Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, a bunch of consultants, people with the Trump organization, some are Trump's lawyers, somebody that runs a group, Christian Rights activists. Of course, he wants Donald Trump, Jr., to kick around. He wants, Jared Kushner, to kick around, family members, on and on and on. Let me tell you, who he doesn't want.

Let me tell you, who this shell for Russia doesn't want. He doesn't want Hillary Clinton. He didn't say, we should subpoena Hillary Clinton, even though it was the Hillary Clinton campaign that laundered money through a law firm in this Fusion GPS, to do what? To corroborate and collude with the Russians, with their phony dossier. He didn't ask for a single Hillary Clinton campaign official. Why is that, Mr. Schiff? Since we know they colluded.

He didn't ask for the former head of the DNC. I don't know if that was Wassermann Schultz, or Donna Brazile, he doesn't want to subpoena them and question them. Where did their money come from? That money that they laundered through that law firm, the Fusion GPS to the Russians. That's something he doesn't want to talk about.

I've got more, Barack Obama, how could it possibly be that the President of the United States, under whom all this occurred, Donald Trump is a candidate, Donald Trump was a victim, his family was victimized. Barack Obama was President of the United States, when the Russians were interfering with our election. Don't we, the American people, want to hear from Barack Obama, in an open committeehearing, while Mr. Shell for the
Russians, Schiff, he doesn't?

What about Loretta Lynch and her role, on the FISA warrants, as attorney general? She is not on his list, neither other senior Justice Department officials in the Obama administration. What about these FISA court judges, who even now know, as a matter of fact, that what was presented to them to issue a warrant against an American citizen, was materially false, because it omitted everything I just told you about the dossier.

Now, what else is it Mr. Schiff, interested in? He is not interested in Uranium One, he doesn't make a single request for a witness or subpoena. Twenty percent of America's uranium is now controlled by Vladimir Putin, because Shell -- Schiff is a shell for Putin, am (inaudible), what else doesn't he want?

He doesn't want to hear Bill Clinton testify, who got money from the Russians to give speeches around the same time. He doesn't want anyone from the Clinton Foundation to testify, any of the senior officials. That foundation made a fortune off the Russians. Who else doesn't he want to testify? He doesn't want, senior lawyers at this law firm Perkins Coie, that keeps popping up, through which money was laundered at Fusion GPS, and then to the British ex-spy, and then to the Russians to put this --this dossier together.

He doesn't want her -- and he doesn't want Susan Rice back. Now, why doesn't he want Susan Rice back? There's a new book out that says Susan Rice, objected to the cyber security personnel in the White House, who said, hey, Susan, the Russians are interfering with our elections. And you know what she told them? Stand down. Shouldn't Susan get another invitation with a subpoena to testify before the committee? Apparently not, because Mr. Schiff is a shell.

Who else? What about Ben Rhodes, the Deputy Director of the National Security Council? Doesn't Mr. Schiff want to know what the Obama National Security Council knew about Russian interference in our government? No, he doesn't mention her, at all.

Now, let me tell you something. Mr. Schiff is not interested in the abuses of the FISA application process. He is not interested, in what the FISA court did, he is not interested to the fact that American citizens were spied on, and their names were unmasked. He doesn't ask for any witnesses related to that, none whatsoever.

I will tell you this. Mr. Schiff, you are a leaker.

HANNITY: Let me ask you this.

LEVIN: You sit on the Senate, the House Intelligence Committee. And because you are on that committee, it ought to be called the House Stupid Committee. You are the Ranking Democrat on the committee.


And you say, you didn't leak.

HANNITY: He lied.

LEVIN: I have a challenge for you, Mr. Schiff. Why don't you take a lie detector test? Why don't you take a lie detector test, so the American people can be sure that you, all over TV, ubiquitous, you might as well be on airport radar and sonograms. You're everywhere, Sir. And you tell us you don't leak, OK. Take a lie detector test, because I believe you do.

Comey leaked, FBI Director -- Deputy FBI Director McCabe, leaker. James Clapper, according to a new book, National Intelligence Director, leaker. According to their own text, Mr. Strzok, head of Counter Intelligence, leaker. His girlfriend, Page, leaker. This has been a sham from day one. Why the hell would the Russians want Donald Trump as President of United States? You think, they like him now?

One other, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, and under Barack Obama, they've got Crimea, they've got part of the Ukraine, they've got a big chunk of Syria, they've got 20 percent of our uranium. Why the hell would Vladimir Putin want Donald Trump as President of the United States, when he promised to beef up the United States military?

HANNITY: Let me.

LEVIN: And do all the things necessary to secure this nation.

HANNITY: I couldn't say it any better. Now, the next logical point. I want to ask you about Robert Mueller. You're right on every point you just made. The fix was in in the primary, that's Democrats. They can deal with their own party. The fix we know was in -- on the Clinton email investigation, we'll learn more in the I.G. report.

She tried to fix the general election, they paid for Russian and Russian government lies and propaganda. Then you mentioned the FISA court issue, they lied to FISA judges, and all that you just said. Why is it they -- Robert Mueller hasn't lifted a finger to go into any of these issues? None of those people have been brought in. And what does it say about our justice system?

LEVIN: I will tell you, why.

HANNITY: You got about a minute.

LEVIN: Mr. Mueller, and I know you are watched this programs. And I believe you and your Democrat prosecutors are leakers, too. Mr. Mueller, I have a question for you. You've asked repeatedly, apparently the Deputy Attorney General, who is the acting Attorney General in this case, Rod Rosenstein, to expand your authority, to chase down issues that have nothing to do with Russian collusion.

Now, you're running around in the Middle East, now you're running around over here, now you're running around over there. Mr. Mueller, why haven't you asked Mr. Rosenstein, your friend, the Deputy Attorney General of United States, to expand your investigation to include the Hillary campaign? Why haven't you asked Mr. Rosenstein to expand your investigation to look into the Russian apparatchiks, who gave information to a foreign ex-British spy, who was paid through a launder process, by the HillaryClinton campaign in the DNC, Mr. Clue-so (ph)? How come, you don't look at that? How come, you haven't look at the abuse and violations, by your friend, Mr. Comey.



LEVIN: And the former Attorney General of United States or the FISA court? I'll tell you why, because this guy is a hit man.

HANNITY: You're right.

LEVINE: This guy, who got the whole anthrax investigation wrong and still hasn't apologized to the man he was chasing and ruined for five years. This man is out to get the President. That's why.

HANNITY: Inspector Clouseau, best line of the night. Great one, good to see you, my friend. Sunday nights, Life, Liberty, the great one, Levin, congrats, number one on the ratings, three weekends in a row.

When we come back, Democrats, are they finally over Hillary Clinton? Jesse Watters and Jessica Tarlov. We'll find out whose world it is, straight ahead. You get to vote.


HANNITY: All right. Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton bashed millions of us, irredeemable deplorables, during a speech abroad. This is what she thinks of people in America. This is just so impressive.


HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE: We don't do well with married white women. And part of that is a -- an identification with the Republican Party and a -- sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should. His whole campaign, make America great again, was looking backwards.

You know, you didn't like black people getting rights, you don't like women, you know, getting jobs, you don't want it, you know, to see that Indian-American succeeding more than you are. Whatever your problem is, I'm going to solve it.


HANNITY: And it's not just Republicans taking issue with her despicable remarks. According to a report on the Hill, many Democrats are now calling Clinton's continued remarks harmful to the party. Joining us now, the host -- cohost of The Five and the host of Watters' World, Jessie Watters, it his world we live in it.



HANNITY: Although -- yes, or -- and Jessica Tarlov. All right do it together, ready? All right. Isn't it beautiful?


WATTERS: There you go.

HANNITY: All right. These bitter people that cling to their God, guns, Bibles, religion, irredeemable deplorables, oh, and the only -- and women in the United States, they voted the way their husbands, sons, and bosses told them to vote and they're racist.

TARLOV: Just the white women, yes.

HANNITY: Yes, just the white women. Sorry they listen to their boss's, husbands, and sons. What century is this woman living in?

TARLOV: Let us talk about Farrakhan, I actually got (inaudible).




HANNITY: Wait a minute. I think, it's going to be Jessica's world tonight. We can't beat that.

TARLOV: We can give Mark Levin's back an extra five minutes.

HANNITY: He needs it.


HANNITY: I want to hear more.

TARLOV: No, it was -- it's an extract -- extremely unhelpful comment to make, obviously.

HANNITY: I know.

TARLOV: There are a number of Dems (inaudible).

HANNITY: Do you believe women -- that white women in America vote, because their husbands, bosses, and sons tell them how to vote, Jessie?

WATTERS: Well, listen, husbands cannot control their wives. I mean, if they could, Bill Clinton would have convinced Hillary to campaign in Wisconsin. And this whole racism thing, rural America is racist, how did Obama win Iowa twice? Doesn't make sense. She insults women, she insults everybody that doesn't live in the city. She is a deplorable candidate, but I want to see crooked Hillary 2020. I don't want to shut her up. I think its sexist for the Democrats, to want to shut Hillary up. Let her keep talking. She is the gift that keeps on giving, Jessica.

TARLOV: Listen, there is no way to defend those comments. They don't make a lot of inherent sense. White women tend to go that way, because the Republicans.

HANNITY: By the way, did you vote for that woman, for president?

TARLOV: Oh, I did, and I would do it again tomorrow.

HANNITY: Even after that?

TARLOV: Oh, well, I don't agree with that.

HANNITY: I'm a little bit worried. I was worried. I'm serious now I mean, I saw her flip, fall.

TARLOV: Don't do that.

HANNITY: Slip and fall, no, I am serious.

WATTERS: And then, she hit her head.

HANNITY: And look what happen, you know, at the Trade Center.

TARLOV: First of all, she came out and explained what happened there, medically speaking, but I thought that we kind of had a hack that we didn't go after people for mental issues or physical health problems.


TARLOV: I don't call Trump mentally ill, a lot of other people do, but I've made it a point. I am not a doctor, I don't know, I think he does a lot of kooky things, but I'm not willing to say that the guy has.

WATTERS: But Hillary does a lot more cookie things. Hillary has actually insulted more Americans than Trump has.

TARLOV: I don't think that is true at all.

WATTERS: She insulted us as a country.

TARLOV: Oh, come on.


HANNITY: More than half the country.

TARLOV: No, I think.

HANNITY: Do you think Jesse is an irredeemable deplorable? Look at him in the eye.

TARLOV: Jesse seems quite fine. No, I don't think that -- I don't think, that people are, you know Claire McCaskill.

HANNITY: Let us talk about Farrakhan.

WATTERS: I could never -- I could never convince you to vote for someone you wouldn't want to vote for, because you are a very strong, upstanding woman. So, why did Hillary take women are controlled by men? I mean, that is not very feminist.

TARLOV: No, it is not at all, and it is completely out of step with what she has been advocating her entire career. That is why it didn't make sense. And it cost people. Claire McCaskill tweeted about it.

HANNITY: Can I ask you a question? Do you think maybe it has something to do with she can't accept she got crushed in the election?

TARLOV: It was like pretty many, but.

WATTERS: It is pretty many?

HANNITY: It is pretty many?

TARLOV: Yes, I mean.

WATTERS: You mean, if you lost Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, that is pretty big.

TARLOV: She did do -- well, I mean, if you look at what could have happened, I , it could have been worse.

WATTERS: It could have been worse.


HANNITY: She could have lost (inaudible) to?


WATTERS: California.

TARLOV: You guys are having a great time.

HANNITY: We really are.

WATTERS: Farrakhan.

HANNITY: You put out Farrakhan.

TARLOV: Let's talk -- let's talk about Conor Lamb.

WATTERS: Lamb the Sham. That is right. That is a district that voted for Trump by 20 points.

TARLOV: Right.

WATTERS: And then, it went Democrats, like it's all the husbands in that district convinced their wives to vote Democrat, right?

TARLOV: No, that is not what happened.


HANNITY: Last minute comeback by Watters.

WATTERS: Last year and now there are not (inaudible).

HANNITY: The Democrats a win, he did have to be pro-life, pro-Lamb, anti-
Pelosi and pro- Trump.

TARLOV: You have to defend the ACA.

HANNITY: All right. I've got to go. Hang on, hang on.

TARLOV: You got to go?

HANNITY: It's his world.

WATTERS: Oh, there it is.

HANNITY: Katy Perry under fire for kissing a contestant. I have a message for Katie.


HANNITY: All right. So American Idol co-host Katy Perry is facing backlash. She gave a 19-year-old contestant his first kiss during an audition at the show and has caused outrage. Everyone is outraged. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Have you kissed a girl and liked it?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, I have never been in a relationship.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I can't kiss a girl, without being in a relationship.

PERRY: Come here. Come here.


PERRY: Come here right now.


PERRY: Come here right now. Come here.


PERRY: He didn't even make the smush sound.






HANNITY: You know what -- at the segment airs the -- the contestant said that the kiss was uncomfortable. Stop! Stop! Everybody calm down. It looked -- listen, it was charming. It seemed very nice, fun, and innocent. Please stop with the faint outrage. Time for the Hannity Hotline. I'm not going to get outraged.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Please quit showing clips them and the Democrats what they say. I can't stand it when you do that. They make me so mad. I have a terrier dog that is smarter than they are.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I cannot believe Hillary Clinton. She just can't own it. She lost because of her. I'm a woman and I voted for Donald Trump. I didn't listen to my husband. I voted for Donald Trump. I just wish she would go away.


HANNITY: Really? Women in America, they voted for Trump, because their husbands, sons, and bosses told them what to do. That is insanity. Have something to say, nice, mean, we don't really care, and don't faint outrage, 8772258587, before we go, my film, Let There Be Light available
DVD at Walmart, Amazon.com, hannity.com. Follow me on Instagram.

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