Ham Sandwich Trail in the Caylee Anthony Case

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Former LAPD homicide detective Mark Fuhrman is on the ground in Florida, investigating the murder of toddler Caylee Anthony. And a ham sandwich has become a big clue. Mark joins us live from Orlando. Mark, when I got the word that a ham sandwich somehow figured into this -- we always make that crack about you can indict a ham sandwich. I thought that was the reference and that my leg was getting pulled, but -- a ham sandwich is a clue in this case, isn't it.

MARK FUHRMAN, FMR LAPD HOMICIDE DETECTIVE: Well, ham and cheese. There's kind of a dispute here. And of course, we know when the vehicle was finally recovered from Johnson's Tow and there was a smell of...

VAN SUSTEREN: Meaning -- meaning -- let me stop you for a second. You mean Casey's -- the car Casey had been driving, right?

FUHRMAN: Yes. Casey Anthony has the car that -- the Sunbird, the white Sunbird that George and Cindy Anthony gave Casey to drive. Now, that's impounded, and when it's recovered, there is the odor of a decomposing body is a description from the Anthonys, George and Cynthia. But there's garbage in there, too, and in that garbage there is food items. Now, one side, law enforcement, said there's no meat, but they list there's cheese. And then the other side says there's ham and cheese in there that was causing the smell. So this is -- this is one of those disputes that should be fact, but it's become kind of an issue now. That's the beginning.

VAN SUSTEREN: Where -- where is -- what happened -- I mean, when the police impounded this car, I would assume that they recovered everything. Can't you just look at the sandwich and see whether there was ham in it or not? Where is this?

FUHRMAN: Well, it was -- from what I'm hearing, it wasn't a sandwich. There was actually physically, you know, a group (ph) of ham and group (ph) of cheese that was purchased.

Now, what's odd is, is when the vehicle was impounded and George Anthony two weeks later goes to recover it, he goes there and he starts cleaning out the car, leaves the impound yard, goes and gets some gas, comes back. And then he comes and they report this odor to the police.

Well, George and Cynthia, while they're there with the police, they say, Oh, I cleaned out the car and I threw away this -- this bag of garbage. So the police go back out to Johnson's Tow and recover it out of the garbage can in which they threw it, and that is what is in dispute. Now, what didn't make it out of the garbage can into police evidence, that's up to argument on both sides, I guess.

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VAN SUSTEREN: I guess the jury will decide that one. All right. Tony Lazzaro is the former boyfriend of Casey. What's new about him, or what are we learning new about him?

FUHRMAN: OK. There was something we've been trying to work on. We're trying to get confirmation that Anthony Lazzaro or somebody else picked up Casey Anthony at Amscot's check cashing on the 27th. When her car supposedly stopped running, was broken down, ran out of gas, whatever reason, she parked it at Amscot's check cashing.

So we wondered where did she go, who picked her up? Well, we got confirmation from somebody very close to the case today that Anthony Lazzaro actually picked her up at Amscot's check cashing. Now, what's interesting about that, it has to come from Anthony Lazzaro and/or Casey Anthony because all those video surveillance cameras, none of it was recorded. It's on a digital system. They have to trap it and then record it on a DVD to memorialize it, and if not, it's just lost. It is lost.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. So apparently, the -- the video (INAUDIBLE) at least the same place as the ham or maybe no ham, which is a freak thing turns out to be of some significance to the case, and both sides will be fighting about that one. Mark, thank you.

FUHRMAN: Thanks, Greta.

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