Half Full or Half Empty?

Lest you think all the mail is so kind on my book, think again. Adam T. e-mails:

“You glorify a bunch of rich guys when we know most rich guys are creeps. But that's your crowd, Cavuto, creeps. Greedy, money-grubbing creeps. Frankly, I think half the stuff that's happened to you is because God thinks even you're a creep."

Adam, where do I begin?

You think most rich guys are creeps. I don't.

You think all companies are tainted. I don't.

You think if you have a big bank account, you can't also have a big heart. I don't.

You've given up on what's made this country great. I won't.

And here's why: There are bad CEOs out there. But there are many more good ones.

There are bad priests out there. But there are many more good ones.

There are crooked money managers out there. But there are many more good ones.

You say you're sick of my heroes. I'm sick of not hearing "more" about heroes.

I'm sick of all the negative news and not a bit of the good news.

You'd think we'd lost this country. I think we're still a great country. And my book is about getting us back to what makes us great.

You might dismiss the compassion of a John Duffy who loses his son on September 11 and nearly 70 others from his firm, but then rebuilds that firm in their honor. But I won't.

And you might think a story about a dyslexic kid labeled an idiot who becomes a billionaire is silly. But I don't.

You might think a book that takes a look on what we do right in this country is a waste of time in this country. But I don't.

It's why I wrote it. And why I feel so passionately about it.

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