Hail to the Chief

This being Presidents Day and all, I have a question: Who'd really want the job? Apparently quite a few folks. But again, why?

Every president I've known ages quickly in the job.

Sure they get a nice plane. But they also live in a bubble.

Chefs are at their beckon call. But so are protesters.

Because for the life of me, not once -- not once -- have I seen a rally-around-the-president demonstration.

Presidents are second-guessed. They're either doing too much, or not enough.

They don't have time with their families. They don't have time, period.

Yet for all that, most who serve a first term, want a second. Why is that?

Me? Well, I'd make a lousy president. The security detail hovering around me in a Burger King would be enough to make me lose my appetite!

Or telling my closest confidantes, "Could you stop by the grocery store and pick me up some boxes of Ring Dings and Yodels and bring them back here pronto!"

I guess I'd feel funny.

And what if I just wanted to go on a walk? Can you see the president breaking out of the White House for that? It wouldn't happen. It couldn't happen.

So they go to Camp David, or some remote spot. But even there, they're watched.

Remember images of Ronald Reagan chopping wood? Or Bill Clinton eating ice cream?

These guys can't get away from themselves.

And pity the guy who's just had a massive fight with his wife! Remember Bill and Hillary and Chelsea walking arm and arm after Bill 'fessed up about Monica?


Yet so many want that job and that security and that notoriety and that big white house. Maybe because of that security and notoriety and that big white house.

But I've seen the White House. It's not that great a house. And it isn't very private either.

I remember reading that Abe Lincoln would sneak upstairs and read by himself while his wife was throwing a party downstairs. I knew there was something about that guy I loved.

Where else could our greatest president get away from being president at all?

Leave it to Honest Abe to go from "Hail to the Chief," to saying, "It's hell just being chief!"

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