Hacked Sharyl Attkisson tells O'Reilly: 'I think I know' who did it

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O'REILLY: "Personal Story" segment tonight. CBS News announced on Friday that Investigative Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson's computer was hacked into late last year. This, combined with the James Rosen situation here at Fox News and the A.P. snooping, causing a lot of concern.

With us now on a Factor Cable Exclusive is Ms. Attkisson. So, when did you know that somebody was messing with your computer.

SHARYL ATTKISSON, INVESTIGATIVE CORRESPONDENT, CBS NEWS: Well, there were signs probably around 2011 but I don't think I recognized exactly what was going on until perhaps the fall of last year when so many things were happening in the Attkisson household, so many of sort of strange electronic related things that --

O'REILLY: Give me an example because I don't know anything about computers. Give me an example.

ATTKISSON: I know very little, too. But the computers coming on by themselves at night. My personal Apple desktop as well as my CBS --

O'REILLY: -- disappearing. You weren't even there, just popped on.



ATTKISSON: I mean I was sleeping. So, they would come on in the middle of the night, sometimes one right after the other. By the time last fall came around, they would sometimes both be starting up kind of a cacophony of computer music at night, in the middle of the night.

O'REILLY: So, you had a personal and you had a business computer. And they both came on. Sounds like poltergeist.


O'REILLY: You know, it's something like that. So, what were you working on that might have interested somebody to try to intrude on your computer. What were you working on.

ATTKISSON: Well, you know, the first I thought of sometime ago were my personal accounts, my finances, my passwords and so on. But nobody has intruded upon my finances although they had access to that material.

So, nobody stole my identity or got into my bank accounts, which they could have. So, I assume the reason they were in the CBS computer is something related to what I was working on and --

O'REILLY: Which was what. What big stories were you working on.

ATTKISSON: Well, at the time, I was doing "Fast and Furious," of course, some "Green Energy" debacle, sort of stimulus-spending stories, and then later on, the "Benghazi Story."

O'REILLY: All right. So, they were all not complimentary to the administration. You were working on --

ATTKISSON: Well, yes.

O'REILLY: -- "Why Is Barack Obama So Brilliant" and "Obama did the Best Thing in the World."

ATTKISSON: Yes, I mean it's kind of what I do, whichever administration is in office. That's kind of what I do.

O'REILLY: Right. I'm not saying you were partisan. But I'm saying that the stuff you were going after, if the information came forth, might hurt the Obama administration. Is that accurate.


O'REILLY: OK. So then, CBS then, -- you tell CBS News that you think somebody is hacking you because your computers are coming on by themselves. Did they send in their techs.

ATTKISSON: Not exactly. I mean, I had more information than just my suspicion by the time I went to CBS. I had some help that I can't go into detail about.

O'REILLY: All right. So, you got some computer geeks to help you find out if, indeed, you're being hacked.

ATTKISSON: I got some help. And then in January -- this was about January of this past year, I informed CBS once I knew because this is CBSs-issued equipment and they were in the CBS systems. And CBS hired an independent forensic firm that came and looked at the CBS computer.

O'REILLY: And they found out that you, indeed, were being hacked and made the announcement on Friday. So, where does it go from here?

I guess CBS could sue somebody but you've got to have somebody who is under suspicion, right? Do you have somebody who is under suspicion.

ATTKISSON: Well, we're being cautioned, you know, what to say and what not to say at this point.

O'REILLY: By whom.

ATTKISSON: I have attorneys at CBS who are helping us through this. I also have personal counsel.

O'REILLY: And so, all your counsels are saying, "Don't say anything." Just maybe you have the same counsel that the attorney general and Ed Muller has?

No, it's a joke. Bad joke. Sorry. So, all of your counsels are saying, "Don't accuse anybody right now."

ATTKISSON: Well, they're just telling us what we can say, more than anything right now, which is, you know, what you basically heard, that there has been an intrusion of the computer, this is not phishing, this is not malware.

This is not ordinary, as someone asked me, old boyfriend trying to look through my files. They know it's not that.

O'REILLY: No. This is big.


O'REILLY: Yes. But in order to go after somebody, you've got to have the suspicion. And I assume you have a suspicion.

You don't have to tell me. I don't want to get your lawyers mad. But I assume you have a suspicion.

ATTKISSON: Well, I think I know. But I am just not prepared to go into that. So, we're continuing our investigation.

O'REILLY: Right.

ATTKISSON: There are multifaceted, you know, looks at what to do next and where we're going.

O'REILLY: Sharyl, you've got to break it on this show.


I mean, I guess you've got to break it on CBS.

ATTKISSON: Break it on my own network first.

O'REILLY: Yes, you've got to do that. But then you have to come here because it's a big story. You know, with Rosen and everything, I mean it's a big story.

If it's organized, if it's from the federal government snooping on your computer, we've got to know.

ATTKISSON: Let me just say, whoever did it, to come into a private citizen's home, whether I'm a journalist or not, and look in my family's computer and look in my work computer and go through it like they did, --

O'REILLY: You sue their butt off.

ATTKISSON: Well, it's outrageous.

O'REILLY: You sue their butt off.

ATTKISSON: It's outrageous.

O'REILLY: OK. All right, Sharyl, thanks for coming and we appreciate it. And you'll keep us posted, you promise.


O'REILLY: Because I know you are a lady of your word.


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