Gutfeld's take on the health care disaster

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So, how come health care is a disaster? Here's why: This is a remote. It's got like a hundred buttons, but I only use the power and the channel arrow. I don't know what the other buttons do. And I know that if I hit the wrong one, it's all over. I'm helpless. That's health care: It's poorly designed, overly complicated, one side fits all. It is so convoluted. Its manual needs a manual… which needs a call center… which needs a help desk. Why is that? Because like this remote, it's badly designed.

If it were a car, ObamaCare would have been recalled in hours. You'd be sitting on the steering wheel, the windshield made of marshmallows. Remember that website launch? It made Olestra look good and Olestra caused diarrhea. But that website, that website was the door to the ObamaCare building and you couldn't even get inside it. What is that say? It says that bureaucracy fails because it is designs for the product and not for you. And the product fails because no human can figure out how to use it.

President Obama took something as vital as health, cordoned it off like a crime scene and left it to a bunch of chuckle heads. The wrong people are handling it and it's time to get it out of their hands and into those who understand humans. Every single day, doctors and business types email us with solutions. They understand functionality and simplicity so people can use this service minus all the anxiety. The cell phone is way more complex than a financial product. But a10-year-old can master it. Because a successful product fits you, not the reverse.

So, if President Trump truly wants to change things, here is his chance. Wrestle this problem away from politicians and ideologues and let someone else have a shot. Could it possibly, possibly be any worse?