Gutfeld's advice on how to punish North Korea

As everyone tries to figure out what to do with North Korea, National Review reveals a key fact: The world buys slaves from the place.

Up to 100,000 North Koreans are sent abroad as essentially slave labor to build, among other things, the stadiums for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. When the workers return, nearly all their money is taken by the government, which I doubt is spent on eldercare or prenatal nutrition.

Obviously, we must pressure banks from handling North Korea's money here and elsewhere and we can do that by punishing everyone involved. We also need countries to stop using these laborers. And we also need to lean on FIFA, which after translation stands for International Federation of Association Football. And by "football," we mean soccer. It's the soccer organization that benefits from this gross export. North Korea exports bodies, extracts their value and tosses them aside.

Now, I know no one is going to cancel the World Cup, especially if the world doesn't exist in 2022. North Korea got its nukes after all, and they got nukes because people pay them to build stadiums. The money paid goes straight to those maniacs who don't use it to feed their citizens, but to build missiles.

So what if you started writing to FIFA now, demand that the games not be played on a field created by tormented souls? It may not amount to anything, but it sure beats watching soccer.