Gutfeld: What happens when ISIS returns to Europe

So as ISIS crumbles, some surviving members are returning to Europe and finding it hard to get a job. Now I can see that. It's got to be a shock for an employer when she asks about that gap in your resume and you say I was in Syria chopping off heads. Anyway, tell me about your 401(k).

So does it strike you as odd that they're allowed to return at all? Why aren't they dead? Did we ever worry about the career plans of Nazi war criminals after the war? So far, up to 150 are back in Sweden and according to Newsweek, the paper Expressen talked to some of them. One guy, Walad, whines that he applied for a lot of jobs but the online images he had posted of himself and ISIS tarnished his otherwise great reputation. I don't know, complaining about not being hired because you're an ISIS is like complaining you can't get a date because you're a pedophile.

But Sweden thinks you can reintegrate which puts everyone at risk. One fiend is looking for work right now after posing with corpses. How much do you bet they don't let his future co-workers know about that? Anything for tolerance.

In England, roughly 400 have returned too. This is why Europe's screwed. You can return from a death cult and they worry about job placement. And they're not even returning due to a change of heart, but because they lost.

So employers are right to be scared but mark my words, in months, there'll be stories about how bigoted it is to hold their ISIS past against them. Forgive and forget, even if they chop your head off.