Gutfeld: We the People must protect future from bad ideas

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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So, tomorrow's vote is about America, not Obama. Although for so long he seemed to matter more than us. It's not all his fault. He was indulged by the media and celebrities. Their propaganda would make a Stalinist quiver.

The Obamagandist shielded his failures and punished those not following the gospel. Celebs do this a lot. When saddled with a bad movie, they attack the critics.

The thing is, we saw this movie. It was four years long, but it felt like eight. Can we tell Obama it counts as two terms?

So now it's revenge, an emotional tit-for-tat, a vote for Obama is now like applauding a Bill Maher joke. Some people do it no matter the content.


BILL MAHER, COMEDIAN: So I would like to say for anyone thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, if that's who you are, if you're thinking about voting for him, I would like to make this one plea. Black people know who you are and they will come after you.


GUTFELD: Hilarious. So, joking that blacks are a violent threat is a hit with Maher's applauding white seals. But since Obama got a million bucks from him, it's OK. Who runs HBO these days? Is Reverend Wright's arm of Maher's sagging butt?

He's a puppet. It's a puppet reference.

So, what's beyond the election? Well, whoever wins, we're always going to be the incumbent. It's up to us to protect our future from bad ideas. Or we end like frogs in a slow-cooking plot, slowing to our demise.

As for Mitt, there's nothing cool about him. Hero worship is impossible! The first Mormon president will never make Eva Longoria swoon. But to quote Ms. Turner, we don't need another hero. We just want someone to gets the job done.

Is Mitt the guy? Why not? At least we're not blinded by cool. And so, as the cool kids orchestrate a country-wide version of high school with Will Ferrell and Bill Maher acting as dumb jocks taunting the uncool, it's your turn, it's time for you. It's time for adults again, facing up to adult world. We cannot wait another four years for Obama to grow up.

I had to make clear, that was a puppet reference, not some kind of strange, perverted act. All of us are going to go around and do our own little thing about tomorrow.

I guess I'll start. I'll just go across this way. Start with you, Kimberly.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: OK. So, I'm expecting great things tomorrow. I liked what I saw today. A lot of passion, a lot of momentum, enthusiasm, which I think is going to be key for the voter turnout, especially when you see an election like this where all the numbers are kind of across the board. We are seeing some consistency for once in some of the polling that shows that this is going to be a very tight race, indeed.

But if I had to favor one, I'd say Romney just because of the enthusiastic supporters he has. And the crowds -- I mean, did you see it all weekend? Come on. Somebody should have sold tickets.


Bob, your turn.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Well, I'd like to make two points. If I used that up to butt analogy, I'd have been beat up by everybody at this table. Number one.


GUTFELD: But it's a puppet.

BECKEL: I understand what you said, but it's a long reach.

GUTFELD: Literally.


GUILFOYLE: That's the point.

BECKEL: Now, I get myself in trouble just by saying that.

And, by the way, enthusiasm last weekend, everybody has enthusiastic rallies. That's good. I mean, it's an enthusiastic electorate. Let's hope that it stays that way.

But I -- the reason I think Obama needs to be re-elected for four more years is simply this: I think things have gotten better. There's absolutely no doubt people are better off than they were four years ago. I think he did a remarkable job on Hurricane Sandy. If he's to win, it will be a combination I think of Sandy, of Bill Clinton and early voting.

So, it will be -- I think it's important. I think the continuity is important. The one thing about Romney, he may be a nice guy. He does have some record managing a company, which does things I wouldn't necessarily do. But the fact is --

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Like capitalism?

BECKEL: Excuse me, I thought I was told that nobody is going to interrupt me.

PERINO: Sorry.

BECKEL: I was told nobody was going to interrupt what I said.

GUILFOYLE: Call your lawyer.

BECKEL: Well, it doesn't matter.

GUTFELD: Give him his time, he's right. Nobody interrupt --

BECKEL: Just before the show started and it went like this. "Nobody interrupt anybody when they're talking." I just made a comment and I had two interruptions. OK.

And the last thing that I'll say is, I think that everybody, particularly my friends around this table, need to go back to school and understand what the world socialism means.

Oh, I see. Excuse me.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: I can't even make noises?

BECKEL: I won't say anything else.


GUTFELD: No, I want you to finish.

GUILFOYLE: He kissed the ring enough.

GUTFELD: He has to sit here and endure my monologues.

BECKEL: Endure your monologues?

GUTFELD: I was going to say, you have listen to me. So I should listen to you.

BECKEL: I have to listen to everybody.

GUTFELD: That's true.

BECKEL: I would just say that I think Obama is a phenomenally good president and will get better and better, and Romney is somebody we know nothing about. And I think that's dangerous.

GUTFELD: All right. Eric?

BOLLING: OK. So I'll respond to Bob's comment. The crack about the socialism. I understand socialism.

BECKEL: No, you don't really understand.

BOLLING: No, I kind of do, it's a redistribution of wealth. It's class warfare.

BECKEL: No, you don't.


BOLLING: I'll coin another term for you. It's Obamanist, Obamunist, all right, Greg. Seven-point-nine percent unemployment.

BECKEL: Oh, yes. OK.

BOLLING: Forty-five million people out -- on food stamp rolls, 1.5 percent growth rate.


BOLLING: Subpar growth for four years. That's no way to handle the economy.

My brain says Romney. But let's take a look at the electoral map. Let's take a look at the road, the who's going to win, specifically for Romney. Here's how he has to win. He has to either win Ohio, we've been talking about this --

BECKEL: Can I interrupt you for a second?

GUTFELD: You can't!


Or he can do it this way, it's either Minnesota or Wisconsin, one or the other. He has to win one of those. Plus Iowa. Plus New Hampshire. This has to be the only other way he does it without Ohio.

They told me to hold it up.

GUTFELD: That is so funny.

BOLLING: But one more, can you look at the bottom of this?

There's a couple of things that are very important. Pennsylvania and Florida are going to be called relatively early. The polls are going to be closing early. If Pennsylvania goes long, goes late, be careful, because that probably means Romney is doing a lot better than Obama is doing in Pennsylvania and maybe it goes to Romney.

But if Florida goes late, everyone thinks Romney should go early. It should be called early. If Florida goes late into the night, that means Mr. Romney is not doing as well as everyone thought. So, it would probably go the other way. There's my two cents.


BOLLING: I'm sorry, Dana. They told me to hold this up.

PERINO: When you watch the replay, you'll see why we were laughing.

GUILFOYLE: You'll see why it's so funny. I can see the Perino eyeballs. Yes, right?

GUTFELD: Yes. Like a little gremlin from the woods, peeking out of the hole in a tree.

GUILFOYLE: What are you?

GUTFELD: I'm a spry -- sprite. I'm a spry sprite.

Dana, do you have anything remotely interesting to say that doesn't include the word Jasper?

PERINO: Yes, I do.

OK. So, Eric, talk about his brain, because he knows how to do numbers. I'm just going to talk about gut and heart.


PERINO: Because I think -- Peggy Noonan noticed this today as well. Over the last several weeks, what has happened especially since the first debate in Denver, Republicans across the country have gone from being just anti-Obama to now being pro-Mitt. You don't get the crowd enthusiasm, the kind of goose bump type commercials, that feeling. And I am not deep in the weeds on numbers, I'm just going to tell you, that that's one of the things that I think it's important.

I'm going to mention one other thing. The thing that I think is impressive about America this time around in this news cycle which -- or this presidential cycle, which has been quite negative -- you know, we all thought during the primary that Mormonism, and Romney's religion would be a really big deal.

And the Obama team hung back from that. And I think that was at the president's direction to his credit because we actually had a debate about who would be the best man to lead. And it wasn't about their religion.

GUTFELD: All right.

PERINO: That was kind of serious.

GUTFELD: It was a serious point.

BECKEL: Can we talk?

GUTFELD: Yes, we can talk. Go for it, Bob.

BECKEL: I just want to point out that Eric's numbers, if you will -- he is not going to win Iowa and he's not going to win New Hampshire. Those two states are pretty much in the bag.

BOLLING: Are you sure?

BECKEL: It gets back to Ohio.

But I can make one other point here, there are three states that automatically trigger a recount. And that is in the states of Colorado, Pennsylvania and Florida -- or excuse me, Ohio -- automatically trigger recounts. It's one percent or less automatically triggers them. And two of those states, Ohio 0.05 or less automatically triggers. If you get less than one percent, or less than 10,000 votes in Virginia and North Carolina, you can request a recount.

So, it might be possible --

GUTFELD: Can we just skip the first vote and go right to recount?

BOLLING: That's true.

GUILFOYLE: And count what? What's wrong with you?


BECKEL: It probably won't matter in Florida because I think Romney will win in it by more than that. But in Ohio, it certainly will. And in Pennsylvania, it will. If you want to call for it in Virginia and North Carolina, you can.

BOLLING: Recounts, fine, but there are also lawsuits that may be -- there's rumors out there on the street. The whisper is Democrats are going to sue, they're already lining up the lawyers to sue in Ohio if they don't hold Ohio. No matter what the number.

BECKEL: Well, they sued yesterday in Florida for good reason, because the foolish governor closed down the polling places.

GUTFELD: I'll tell you, there better not be any hanging chads. If I'm going to -- if I can see any chads, I'm going to hang them.

BECKEL: No more chads.

GUTFELD: No more chads?


GUTFELD: OK, good.

Kimberly, how do you -- let's say Obama wins. How do you see him reacting? Will he tack left, or will he seek unity?

GUILFOYLE: Yes, with surprise and astonishment perhaps that he was able to pull it off once again. But I don't think he's going to pivot at all towards the center or anything like that, that we saw Clinton do to be able to pull people together. But he would do well to listen to the electorate, especially if this is going to be a close election.

He does have to bring people together, unless he wants to be the most unpopular president of all time, because if things go the way it's looking, if he gets elected, it will not by a large majority. It will be a very small number and that is going to very difficult for him to govern with any kind of authority when half country wanted you out.

BOLLING: And two things to note, during an interview, was it Univision? Or no, it was with the Des Moines Register, the one that was kind of stifle, that was pushed under the rug for a while, and then brought out later. President Obama said he was going to tackle immigration reform in his second term.

Richard Trumka also said today, I believe it was, said in the second term, card check will be in President Obama --

GUILFOYLE: Big promises.

BOLLING: Right now, you have a decision to make. Who are you going to vote for? The guy who's created jobs on one hand or the guy who promises to have immigration reform and maybe card check in the second term?

GUILFOYLE: The mistress of the unions.


BECKEL: Because I have one more thing to say. You want to say something, Dana?

PERINO: No, I'm good.

GUTFELD: Wow, you're just mailing it in.

BECKEL: What I would say about this is that I thought one of the all-time lows occurred yesterday when Paul Ryan got on a conference call with the Christian Coalition, Ralph Reed people, and said that Obama was leading us down a path away from Judeo Christian tradition, which is one of the roughest, toughest, most obscene comments I have heard. Now, if they're resorting to that, let's face it, man. That's inexcusable.

GUTFELD: Well, at least -- did he ever accuse a candidate of killing somebody?

GUILFOYLE: Yes, right.

BECKEL: I don't think Obama ever did that.

GUTFELD: Yes, I know.

PERINO: Remember the Soptic ad.

GUILFOYLE: There goes Bob's frontal lobe again.


PERINO: Look, I think when suggesting revenge on half of the country when President Obama said that on Friday, is just as bad. People say a lot of things -- no, I don't think that is bad.

BOLLING: Vice President Joe Biden said Romney is going to put you back in chains. Is that any better?

BECKEL: It's -- I just think it was absurd and obscene.

GUTFELD: I don't approve of it on either side.

PERINO: But why, Bob -- we're going to talk about the Gallup? We're going to talk about Gallup poll in another segment.

GUTFELD: Yes. You don't want to do it now?

PERINO: I don't think you have enough time in your block.

GUTFELD: It's all right. Fine then. Why did you bring it up? I don't know what she's doing here.

PERINO: It's called a tease.

GUTFELD: All right.

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