Gutfeld: We need an armed citizenry now more than ever

The great thing about progressivism: Who needs to connect a dot?

If you say welcome all refugees, because it's the right thing to do, you ignore modern consequences. If you say grabbing metadata is wrong, you ignore the consequences when intel goes dark. What you're left with is an open gate and no way to track the incoming. It's nuts.

So if we can't protect everyone, then it's up to us to protect ourselves. One solution?




GUTFELD: Guns, guns, guns.

One guy had it right. Since you can't harden every soft target, we must, quote, "let people carry the means to defend themselves." Sorry, President Obama, that wasn't Ted Nugent who said that. That's the Interpol Secretary-General Ronald Nobel. After the Kenyan massacre he asked, "If that was Texas, would those guys have been able to spend hours, days shooting people randomly? Is an armed citizenry more necessary now that it was in the past with an evolving threat of terrorism?"

Of course. But I have another idea. We must harden more than targets, but also our memories. On occasions, we reenact historic events. At Christmas, it's the nativity scene. I might have been a sheep. On Thanksgiving, kids reenact pilgrims and Indians giving thanks. We need a reenactment of heroism to teach the young its value. A Flight 93 Day, where kids replay a key moment in history, when citizens did what the government couldn't do: saving countless lives as they lost theirs.

After Paris, the Twitter trends were already MTV stars and Charlie Sheen. It's a sickness we have, this instant amnesia and it's up to us to destroy it before it destroys us.