Gutfeld: Trump leak is an 'October what did you expect?'

If you live by the media, you die by the media. Trump's appeal, was also Trump's huge flaw.

Excitement. Scandal. Laughs. Spectacle. You can take advantage of it -- as we all did in TV land -- but so can your foes.

So it's not simply about Trump's words, it's about how -- no matter how bad Hillary is -- it's not as interesting as Trump. Because Trump is all visual and audio. You get hot tape, even when he scowls. With Trump, you get beauty queens and brawls; with Hillary it's BlackBerries.

The Dems suckered the Republicans. They knew that Trump will always do something that overshadows a flawed Hillary. He was her perfect choice: An endless, cornucopia of crisis that drowns out her failings. And everyone knew this; seriously, were you that shocked by this latest Trump leak? If you didn't see this coming, then you must be shocked every morning when the sun comes up.

Trump has a history. So it's not an October surprise, it's an "October, what did you expect?"