Gutfeld: Trump is succeeding and it's the media's nightmare

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MIKA BREZINSKI, ANCHOR, MSNBC: We did lots of fighting over issues, so it should be a good show tonight.


BREZINSKI: Oh, yes, we did.

SCARBOROUGH: We never fight.


SCARBOROUGH: We're going to then.

BREZINSKI: Don't do that. Not on the air. Not on the air. What are you doing? It's 6:03.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, we can ask you questions.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Uh-oh, I don't know.

SCARBOROUGH: We are engaged. I mean, we've been engaged now for like 13 years. Do you think I should be able to hold her hand at this point in the engagement?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: With her consent.

BREZINSKI: If you'll be quiet, I'll hold your hand.


GREG GUTFELD, HOST: Well, that's one way to shut them up. Hooray, hooray. All right, let's take an inventory. Unemployment nonexistent, check. GDP soaring, check. Trade imbalance addressed, check. Nuclear threat reduced, check. Terror seems at bay, check. Things are looking up and why is that?

If only the flag had arms to hug him back. It feels like a good run for everyone. It is. Satisfaction with the country's direction has reached a 12-year high while trust in the mainstream media drops to another low, which could be why the press has gone nuttier than an elephant's diarrhea. Thank you. Thank you. That means it worked.

For as it becomes harder to deny something is working, the harder the media works to show something is wrong. So how do you smear America as the third Reich when it is not? You lie. Take TIME magazine's cover. This weeping young girl became the media's poster child for the evil Trump's separation policy.

But it turns out, she was with her mother the whole time and her mom, according to dad, took the child without telling him. Now, maybe your husband is bad, I don't know, but I do know the media spread this photo like a common cold just to keep the evil alive. Meanwhile, a feverish dolt is coming for you.


DONNY DEUTSCH, HOST, MSNBC: If you vote for Trump, then you, the voter, you not Donald Trump, are standing at the border like Nazis go, "You here, you here," and I think we now have to flip it and it's a given the evilness of Donald Trump, so that if you vote, you can no longer separate yourself.


GUTFELD: That is the next step. Everyone is a Nazi. Now, remember, once you brand someone as evil that allows for any or all behavior. You can show up at people's homes because they are Nazis, you can threaten their kids because they're Nazis. You could shoot Congressmen because they are Nazis. Funny, the people shouting "Nazi" to a great job impersonating them. If Donnie Deutsche got any dumber he would be two Donnie Deutsches.

Because what he was mad about actually happened before Trump. The only change is the guy in office. Brooke Baldwin, a rare exception, she got it right.


BROOKE BALDWIN, ANCHOR, CNN: Here is a question for Democrats, so many people in this country are certainly outraged by the cages, the thermal blankets, and the facilities housing these kids. You know, they were all there in 2014 under President Obama. And my question to you, Senator Baldwin is, did you up against them then?

TAMMY BALDWIN, US SENATOR, WISCONSIN, DEMOCRAT: You know, on this issue that we get into a moment where we're making progress and then when it stalls we turn around.


GUTFELD: I don't think those were words. Talk about a deer and the headlight. That senator, she just got mugged by the truth in broad daylight. So, people now care about the problem because it is Trump. Good, imagine if you have four more years of some Democrat, the human trafficking that happened only under Obama would still be largely ignored. It is true. This abuse happened while he was president. Even the liberal website, Snopes, agrees but then the press forgot that they covered it because amnesia will not interrupt her anti- Trump tantrums.

So, now Trump owns while trying to stop it and solve a greater problem. Fact, long-term fixes have short-term setbacks. Adults get this, children never do, and by children, I mean the media. Their outrages unaccompanied by an adult solution. We know separating kids from parents, that's is bad, leaving kids with traffickers that's worse. But I applaud those who are waking up to an issue they slept through under Obama, but Trump is exceeding and that's their nightmare. And even if Trump compromises, it is not enough. And there again, the goalpost is on wheels.

Here is the current liberal opinion. Split up a family temporarily, you are a Nazi. Keep the family together, you are also a Nazi. But as for a solution, they freeze. They do not need solutions, all they need are feelings. He is a former Obama official explaining how to solve the immigration problem.


JILL MORRISON, AMERICAN ACTRESS: I wish that I could bake a cake make out of rainbows and smiles and we'd always be happy.


MISS NORBURY, CHARACTER, MOVIE, MEAN GIRLS: Do even go to this school?

MORRISON: No, I just have a lot of feelings.


GUTFELD: That is all you need. So, the left calls Trump Hitler as Trump handles North Korea, trade, jobs, tariffs et cetera. That is the opposite of Hitler. He's a Gandhi, an orange Gandhi, which is why the left is losing it. The latest of course is Peter Fonda. Yes, he has lost his motorcycle and his marbles. This brain-dead basket case suggested kidnapping and assaulting Donald Trump's child. What did I say before? Deem someone evil and you can do anything to him. And so the liberal manifesto has been boiled down to two words - "F" you. Actually that's one letter and a word.

But instead of professional suicide, Fonda has a movie coming out. What Roseanne did was zilch compared to this. The double standard thrives, but it's not just Fonda, every celebrity. They are all dull conformists, they think alike, talk like - at times, they even walk alike. Here they are on the red carpet.

No wonder they hate Trump. He's a bigger star and he is more entertaining. What would you rather watch? Sarah Sanders reducing Jim Acosta to a puddle? Or Peter Fonda trying to eat peas? It is all I can take. But it's not about kids really, it's about 2020 and a willingness to cleave a country over it. Luckily, America gets it. A new poll has a large majority believing the media is inherently biased.

As optimism in the country is grows and as more people reject the mainstream media, journalists get furious like mean girls uninvited to the prom. Hence the mental chaos, the threat to Trump's son, shout outs to Hitler. Tweeted pictures of death camps, the world is crumbling. It began when Trump was elected, when Paul Krugman and his ilk then predicted of course, economic collapse. Wrong again you jackasses. The economy is on fire which is the only reason you can afford therapy.

Let's welcome tonight's guest. He has more punch lines than a high school dance, writer and comedian Joe Devito. She is so sharp her parents never gave her balloons, she is attorney Emily Compagno. Misery loves company, "National Review" reporter, Kat Timpf. And there is no deep end in his swimming pool, former WWE superstar and my massive sidekick, Tyrus.

All right, Joe, we know this is a tough subject nobody wants to separate kids, what is irking you?

JOE DEVITO, AMERICAN WRITER AND COMEDIAN: Well, I think that senator missed a perfect opportunity. That's when you pretend your microphone and earpiece don't work. You don't just start fumbling like, (inaudible). If you believe Trump is that bad, then you don't need to make fake photographs and you don't need to repurpose photographs from four years ago. It's a serious issue and it should be treated seriously instead of ignoring it the way the people who had the reins of power for the past eight years it did.

It's not going to be easy and there is going to be a lot of suffering, but I think what pisses off the left the most is the idea that there are people who want to come to the United States on their own volition. That is what drives them nuts because if that means that the United States is not the worst racist hellhole for nonwhite people, then their whole value system gets exploded.

GUTFELD: That is an interesting and very perceptive thought.

DEVITO: I do what I can.

GUTFELD: All right, Emily, you are the legal mind and I want to ask you, is - basically Trump's sin is trying to enforce laws and he will enforce a law if they change the law, right? Isn't that kind of how he is?

EMILY COMPAGNO, LEGAL AND SPORTS BUSINESS ANALYST, ATTORNEY, AND FORMER CHEERLEADER FOR THE OAKLAND RAIDERS: Right, that's exactly what is happening is that he is trying to enforce but he is running into the same conundrum that Obama did which is essentially, if you please the masses then you are not enforcing the law and if you enforce the law, then people are up in arms, and I think this issue is an iceberg and the reality of our southern border and nine border sectors of it is that it's not just about the drug cartels as being these linchpins, it is the messaging first of all that has been over simplified by both sides, and also, we have to think about what is pushing and driving these people so desperately to our borders? And what is the pull factors that we have on our side attracting them, which includes now, catch and release under the former administration.

So, I think the journalists that are doing the best work there are people like Brandon Darby and Aurora Delgado, they are amazing because they're not subscribing to that messaging and they are really committing to the fact that it is actually diplomacy which is where we need to put our efforts. And that there is a lot more people involved in these cartels that are financers and bankers and attorneys in these places that they are far more powerful than the actual cartel heads, but again messaging just produces it. So, how are we to actually combat these Central American pull factors and push factors if we don't actually know the whole picture?

GUTFELD: Emily, smartest stuff this week. Tyrus, I feel like...

GEORGE "TYRUS" MURDOCH, FORMER WWE SUPERSTAR: My mic ain't working. I am not following...

GUTFELD: I was going to say...

MURDOCH: Ask be about Dennis Rodman.

GUTFELD: All right, Dennis Rodman is going to Honduras - no, but we were talking earlier and it seems like the left got - this is Christmas for them.

MURDOCH: You finally got one. But they don't know what to do with it. They are a dog chasing the tire. "We got them..." and they just fumble it away because they just don't know how to play their hand.

GUTFELD: Right, right, right. They overplayed the hand.

MURDOCH: Yes, it was a bad week for Trump. When he does well, we have to say, "Good job, Mr. President," and when he is bad week, we have to say, "Hey, pull it back." The pundits didn't handle it right. Everybody kind of want the business for themselves, they said whatever they wanted to say, and because it's an ugly thing. But here in the States, this is something that on social media, I kind of got into it this week, it was like, when - if someone in this audience has their children in the car with them and they get pulled over for a misdemeanor and they go to jail, their kids go to the system.

Like, being arrested and committing a crime is a rough, ugly thing. It affects a lot of people, and your children, if they are with you, if you are choosing to break the law, they go to the system. Now, I understand the reasons why you are coming to this country, I get it. I grew up in California. I was around a lot of immigrants that were coming in, with one person awesome, and for the most part, they were there to work, raise their families and they worked hard.

So, there is also that bad element and we have to be able to screen because even if you let in 500 great hard-working soon to be American citizens and one of them is a mass murderer, that is one too many. We have to screen and we have to vet and we have to do those things.

GUTFELD: Kat, do you think it's - where you think this is going with the constant Nazi Hitler comparison? I mean, is this ever going to end? Where is it going?

KAT TIMPF, REPORTER, NATIONAL REVIEW: I did not like the separation policy. Not a fan, glad that it's not a thing anymore although I really just generally do not understand how it is like Nazi, Germany? I don't get how that's even a comparison. So I am convinced that a lot of people maybe just don't know what Nazi Germany is.

GUTFELD: That is a good point. Yes.

TIMPF: Maybe, I think it just kind of spread like wildfire. Like they hear one person say it and they're like, you know, they realize that what they have to do to fit in with all of their buddies is agree that it is Nazi Germany, so that way everybody you know, are also going to think that you're a jerk, so everyone just keeps repeating it, without ever actually really explaining it.

DEVITO: Well, if you believe being a Nazi means being in favor of school vouchers, you've given yourself a wide range of people you can call a Nazi. If you just include anyone who doesn't agree with you vociferously is a Nazi, that's how they get away with it. It's completely illogical.

GUTFELD: You know, I think you are a Nazi.

DEVITO: (Inaudible).

GUTFELD: Yes, the ironic conclusion here and I know we have to go, Trump gave a lot of these cynical hypocrites the wherewithal to do their job. Now, this is a problem that reporters are now going after only because it's under Trump. They actually care about the kids now. So, it's actually, thank you Trump for making reporters care once again about children.

All right, coming up, the midterms are coming, the Dems are fired up, the Republicans are fired up - everyone is fired up except for my cousin, Steve, because he is a big jerk.

He is revving the motors of midterm voters, a new Pew research survey finds that voter enthusiasm for the midterm election is at its highest point in
20 years and it's mostly because of the President.

The good news, the eagerness extends to both Republicans and Democrats. The bad, we could all end up killing each other. Some key findings, 60% of voters consider their midterm vote as a vote either for Trump or against him, and 51% said they are just simply more excited about voting than usual, and 98% said I'm better looking than Bill Hemmer and Brian Kilmeade combined. Can't argue with the American voter. So, will it be the blue wave or the GOP undertow.

We went our chief political correspondent, my cousin Steve for comment. Old Jimmy was a jerk, and yes, my cousin Steve is a cat, so what? So, Tyrus, I think the analogy for me is what if the Super Bowl is everyday and every person has a team in it and the team is like red and blue, it's like every day - it is like constant.

MURDOCH: After a while it won't be "uh," it will be like - you know what, man? Dr. Tom Pritchard was one of my first wrestling coaches. He used to say, "Hey, you've got to treat it like there are two elephants having sex in your front yard."

GUTFELD: Really?

MURDOCH: Right? And every time you wrestle, you do big moves, right? Right, two elephants having sex - after day ten, it's just two elephants having sex in your front yard. You'll want to park, excuse me, I'll park. It's not even a big thing. And the point is, with all this drama and stuff, after a while unless something is going on real with Trump like punch somebody or, you know, we blew something up, it just depends on who's winning that week for the voter turnout is going to be. So, right now, we have a lot of elephants getting it on in our front yards right now.

GUTFELD: All right, Joe, I admit that - I feel that this could devolve into total chaos. Are people interested? And the media just wants a climax. It's like the end of "Carrie."

DEVITO: I am a good fan of partial chaos. I don't want total chaos, but why don't we just have a big lever in the booth that just says "Trump on it," and whatever you like, you either pull it down for him or you lift it up if you're against them and then we don't have to argue policy, you just vote with whatever your feelings are.

GUTFELD: All right, Kat, where will this go? Blue wave or red undertow?

TIMPF: I think it's really hard to say, but I don't think that it's surprising at all that Trump is inspiring all this enthusiasm. If you really think about it, if you ask somebody, "Hey, what did you think of this thing that Trump said or that Trump did?" No one is ever like, "Neh."

GUTFELD: No, no.

TIMPF: They are all like, "I don't know, it was fine." They're either like, "This was the best thing ever," or they are like, "He is so bad, we are all going to die."


TIMPF: So, I am not surprised that someone that inspires those kinds of emotions are resulting in enthusiasm. And normally, in the midterm, the party that is already in power to say, it doesn't have that kind of enthusiasm, with Trump it is different, so I don't think that we can expect that it will just be a blue wave, because I think it's a lot different with Trump.

GUTFELD: My theory, Emily, is that this is a way more personal decision for the anti- Trumpers, but Trump is basically the hood ornament for a car that they hate because Trump symbolizes a whole swath of Americans, so the vote is against this whole idea, the deplorable, maybe.

COMPAGNO: You're right, the idea that they have created and perpetuated and that isn't accurate and I find it ironic that it is Democrats statistically who now are feeling more pumped up to go to the polls because of party control in the House or the Senate, and I also think it is interesting that the United States still remains 26 out of 32 in terms of highly Democratic developed countries in terms of voter turnout.

So, I like to take this to plug and be an advocate for restoring post felony conviction and probation rights because to me, that is four million people whose rights could be restored to vote and who better to participate in a Democratic process, especially with criminal justice reform than those who have lived it. If only a portion, a smaller portion of our eligible voters are even participating, why not include those who really could make a difference instead because of their knowledge.

GUTFELD: I don't want criminals to vote. I think it is going to be to be a Democrat because you have to get against peace, against jobs, against fighting ISIS, against GDP growth. You've got to be for bad news in order to win.

MURDOCH: Not necessarily, Greg, you just have to go with whatever the narrative is. You just have to be anti-Trump.

GUTFELD: Yes, that is true.

MURDOCH: You can sort the other stuff out later. He just can't win. The biggest problem is if you are looking at it on both sides, some of the characters we've got running - I mean, even Trump is like "uh."

GUTFELD: Oh, I know. I know. I know.

MURDOCH: If there's (inaudible). Yes, this guy is going to - I mean, that's the problem. Our Senate is terrible, they don't even have a rating, I don't think. They're like, 0.5. They're like a little bit higher than like the worst kind of criminals, you know what I'm saying? They're just not popular. They don't get anything done. It's ugly.

GUTFELD: All right, still to come, Angela Merkel's Parliamentary coalition seems ready to collapse. Just kidding. Our special World Cup coverage is next. Stick around.

ROBERT GRAY, CORRESPONDENT, FOX NEWS: Live from "America's News Headquarters," I'm Robert Gray. The proposed summit between President Trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin may be happening soon. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tells MSNBC the duo will likely meet in the "not too distant future." Pompeo says, Security Adviser, John Bolton is heading to Moscow Sunday or Monday to lay the groundwork. Pompeo has no plans to travel to Moscow before the summit, but does plan a meeting elsewhere with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov. They have had several telephone conversations.

And women in Saudi Arabia are driving into history. That nation's controversial ban on women driving has finally ended, but there's much to be done before many women can hit the road. Most still don't have licenses and there is a long waiting list for the gender segregated driving courses. I'm Robert Gray, now back to "The Greg Gutfeld Show."

GUTFELD: They are making a splash by picking up trash. The World Cup continues through mid-July, but we already know the best fans are from Japan, Senegal and Uruguay. They were spotted tidying up the stadiums after their matches. Japanese fans brought their own garbage bags, compare that to a Raiders game when you leave in a garbage bag. I am a Raiders fan. Still with no team USA to root for, American viewers seem less interested this time around and favorites like Germany and Brazil, both countries, haven't drawn viewers like the Americans did, but it is not a total loss.

This week, the world met this guy. This is Herve Renard. Look at him. He's the head coach of Morocco. I said look at the sky. Anyway, back to soccer. My problem with soccer is not how it all happens, if only there was a drug for it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, Tom, what is wrong, man? Are you all right?

TOM SHILLUE, AMERICAN COMEDIAN: I've been watching soccer for 90 minutes and nothing has happened. No one scored. I don't feel well at all, I'm so bored I am numb.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Man, soccer is not about scoring, it's called a beautiful game because it transcends goals.

SHILLUE: What I'd give for a little excitement.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It sound like you could use Scorex.

SHILLUE: What's that?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It turns soccer into something exciting, but isn't like soccer at all.

SHILLUE: Tell me more.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Scorex is the breakthrough drug that breaks up the monotony of soccer making it fun for a change like turning it into hockey.

SHILLUE: Goal. How does it work?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Scorex is an eye drop that distorts your vision to make soccer look just like hockey. Your brain will think you're watching something truly exciting even though you are not.

SHILLUE: I never thought I could love soccer so much. Come on, man. Yes, get into it. Thanks Scorex.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You're welcome.

SHILLUE: Hey, hey, announcer, I've got a question. What will happen if I take Scorex while I'm watching a regular hockey game?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You don't want to do that.

SHILLUE: Why not?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Because you'll see this.

JOY BEHAR, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": Trump said if I am wrong, I will admit it. Yes, right. When pigs fly.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Scorex for when you want all the excitement of the Stanley Cup even when you're watching the World Cup. Warning, Scorex is equal parts saline and LSD.


GUTFELD: I'd buy it. All right, Emily, I grew up playing soccer. I love playing it, I can't watch it. Isn't that strange? Is it because as I got older, I just can't play it because you have to be fit. I don't know.

COMPAGNO: That makes sense. I mean, I think it's true that America is not participating in this World Cup, so maybe that probably has contributed to the fact that not a lot of Americans are watching it right now, but I think it would be good if other cities did what LA does which is host high- profile teams and it's sponsored by corporations. We could have PepsiCo out here in New York and have Barcelona come out and play the New York - and then you know, it would garner interest.

GUTFELD: Dream on, Emily.

COMPAGNO: To invest for 2026 and also, we obviously we got the World Cup out of Morocco's hands and our friends, China and Korea and France and Brazil voted against us in that.

GUTFELD: Time for a war. You know, Joe, I have an idea to make soccer better. You put bases on the field so you have something to run to, then they have a guy that holds like a piece of wood like a bat and he hits a ball that is way smaller than a soccer ball and he hits it and then he runs and then the other soccer players, they have these big leather gloves and they try to catch the orb as it comes at them, but you've to get rid of the net.

DEVITO: You're not suggesting they use their upper body limbs?

GUTFELD: I wouldn't go that far.

DEVITO: This shows the contrast between - first of all, people are not watching NFL football like they used to, let alone this metric variety. I like the looks of that coach. I like how the coach is dressed well. His shirt is so tailored you can barely move. Compare him to Bill Belichick who looks like he just rolled out of bed.

GUTFELD: That guy is so handsome he is actually ugly. I can't really look at him because I am repulsed by his beauty.

DEVITO: It is too much. It's like he went and said, "Give me the makeover for a diehard villain." It shows you the contrast, they are in the stands with garbage bags, whereas if you go to a Dallas Cowboys game it's [bleep].

GUTFELD: Tyrus, I have another improvement on soccer.

MURDOCH: I am just going to stop you.


MURDOCH: I'll stop you right now because all I want to do is walk over there and just give you a Melvin and leave you on the top of the thing. The World Cup is great. Let me hear your idea while I control myself.

GUTFELD: All right, you have the teams line up against each other, and a ball is like hiked from one guy to another and then he throws it to people who can catch it and after three attempts, if you can't get like say past 10 yards, then you can use your feet by kicking the ball.

MURDOCH: Greg, you ignorant slut. Listen, I am enjoying the World Cup very much. I'm in a big pool at Hard Knox South and I drew England and when I watch the games, I am also colluding with Russia, that's my second thing. Yes, I am colluding with Russia, so I went out because I would get costumes and stuff, I do this big time and I wear an English judge's wig while I watch the game and insult whoever I am side-betting on the game. It's a lot of fun. I am telling you guys to try it at home. It's a lot of fun. Scoring is up. There's a lot of upsets. It's a lot of fun. It's a good time. I work one day a week, so for me this is great.

GUTFELD: You mean, you don't prepare all week for this show. My God. That hurts me deeply, Tyrus. All right, Kat, final thoughts on this. What you think about it? Do you watch?

TIMPF: I watch reality TV almost exclusively. If it is not about murder or pregnant teens or people struggling to get off of drugs, I'm not really that interested in it. Now, a group of all those people kicking a ball around, I would watch that. I don't like soccer. I have a trauma of playing soccer as a child. The trauma was that I played it and I was not very good.

GUTFELD: It's hard.

TIMPF: It was hard and my parents would pay me a quarter every time I kick the ball because I kept running away from it and that is, you know, it makes it hard to be successful in the game of soccer which is centered around the ball.

GUTFELD: Yes, I will say this, I love playing it, but I can't play it, I'm out of shape. It's an impossible game to play if you are out of shape. Impossible.

MURDOCH: Well, Greg, you don't have to be in shape to watch it.

GUTFELD: Yes, that's truth. Well, you need to be interested in it because it's really boring.

MURDOCH: It's the World Cup.

GUTFELD: I don't care if there is - a lot of things about this World Cup is boring.

MURDOCH: It's covered by Fox.

GUTFELD: The world is called - the world is covered by water and water is not that interesting, okay.

MURDOCH: Water polo, water polo would be fun for you?

GUTFELD: Oh, those poor horses.

MURDOCH: Better go to commercial.

GUTFELD: One last thing before we go to break, I just wanted to share this video of a dream I had last night. Coming up, jimmy Fallon apologizes for interviewing Trump and we shake our heads in disgust.

They called him a chump for his interview with Trump. Remember this?


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Go ahead with my hair as well.


GUTFELD: That was back in 2016 about a month and half before Trump won the election because of that. At the time, Jimmy Fallon took a bunch of crap for that playful interview and its lighthearted tone, but this week, he opened up to the Hollywood Reporter, a magazine about the gang mentality he faced online during the fallout and he defended himself.


JIMMY FALLON, AMERICAN COMEDIAN: I did not do it to normalize him or to say I believe in his political beliefs or any of that stuff, it was definitely a downtime and that's tough for morale. Because all right, we get it. I heard you. You made me feel that, so now what? Are you happy? I am depressed. You want to put a few more? What do you want me to do? I made a mistake. I'm sorry if I made anyone mad and looking back, I would do it differently.


GUTFELD: That's all I could say. But I don't really know how he would do it differently but my advice is ask him hard-hitting questions like this.


GUTFELD: What kind of products should have the Gutfeld be...

TRUMP: You play golf, don't you?

GUTFELD: Poorly. I am a terrible golfer.

TRUMP: You think you could name a golf club or something after you?


TRUMP: You could name a shooter...

GUTFELD: I've got it, it's a Gutfeld putter, they call it the Gutter.

TRUMP: Gutter putter.

GUTFELD: There's always a point behind my idiocy.


GUTFELD: I will never apologize for that. Although, that was terrible. All right, Joe, I think Fallon should've won a Pulitzer for that scoop because he gave us proof of the actual content of Trump's hair. No one had done that before. He gets ridiculed for that.

DEVITO: It looks like something that should be on the weather channel when he gets to it like that. It's very strange. I think people were too hard on him but, Jimmy Fallon is an entertainer. He tells you that off the bat. He doesn't hide it. And I think there is a place for that because even if someone is in the entertainment business, I like to see...

GUTFELD: You are?

DEVITO: ... on the margins of it and it's a big business, somewhere on the periphery, but we need someplace for just - where you don't have to be inundated with politics all the time whether it's ruining movie franchises, it's ruining the enjoyment of sports. There is a place for it and if that's how you want to express yourself, that's fine, but people wonder why they are agitated all the time because they are constantly getting themselves worked up.

GUTFELD: I can't wait until politics enters pornography. How is that going to change adult entertainment? But we won't get into that here, we will do that later for the midnight show. Hey, Kat, it seems like politics is not just personal in Hollywood, it's a survival mechanism, which he is learning, that he crossed a line. He "normalized Trump."

TIMPF: What was he supposed to do? This is a comedy show. Was he supposed to sit Trump down and just sit there and go, "You are bad. You are a bad man and I don't like you and I don't support you," and they go into commercial break. Great bit, bro. I mean, what else was he supposed to do? You can't fault him for putting Trump on the show either. Because I don't know if your member 2016, you would just go through the channels and stare at how Trump would be on every single one of them at the exact same time.

GUTFELD: He was on CNN more than Jake Tapper and now, they don't take any of his rallies after they essentially, CNN, elected Trump with their constant coverage. Tyrus, they did not seem to mind any other political interviews, but didn't like this one.

MURDOCH: What bothers me about this one, and honestly, shame on Fallon for apologizing. When you disagree with somebody you don't see eye to eye, what is so wrong with getting along and being playful and showing people that you can have differences. Yes, maybe he wasn't going to vote for him, maybe he didn't like him, but they could laugh and joke and that is kind of missing in this country. Like, if you don't see eye to eye with me, well, most of you can't, but if you can't see eye to eye with me, it means, we hate each other?

So, what was he supposed to do? But I am never going to apologize for being polite to one or guys who have different views than me or whatever, and then someone come to me and go, "How could you be like that?" I will be like, "Shut your ass up. I'll do what I want." You don't like - he should have said the same thing, I am not going to apologize for entertaining and being respectful.

Maybe we don't agree, it's ridiculous to me that we live in a world like, "How could you be nice to him?" Uh, because that is what you're supposed to do.

GUTFELD: Emily, I think his apology could be translated to, "Next time I will know better than to cross the cult." Like, he got the anti- Trump cult was like, he violated a law. He wasn't sorry about his opinion, he was sorry that he got in trouble.

COMPAGNO: Totally, and it's difficult for me to muster sympathy for him in that regard when he complains about the gang mentality that he was subjected to. I mean, if you put yourself out there to that degree then obviously, you kind of have to take the heat. And I agree with you, Tyrus, that he could've used it as a platform and an example of, "All right, so let's talk about it," or "Let's just be kind to another person and let's joke. Let's actually have a reprieve from politics," like you were saying, "And actually enjoy ourselves for 60 minutes." But instead, he is now pandering to the rest of the group saying - and he has become annoying.

GUTFELD: Yes, and that's sad. It's sad, but then again, the people he is dealing with wouldn't give him the time of day if he tried because it is a cult. Still to come, are kids nothing but trouble? That debate plus a live karate demonstration, next. That's a lie.

Is it on you when your brat breaks a statue? Parents of a five -year-old Kansas boy, aren't we all, could be on the hook for $132,000.00 after their son knocked over a sculpture at a local community center. It was caught on video. I love saying that. Sarah Goodman says she and her husband were saying goodbye to friends when the boy wandered over to the statue. He hugged it and it fell over. Two days later, she received a claim from the city's insurance company saying it was damaged beyond repair with a letter that read "You are responsible for the supervision of a minor child. Your failure to monitor could be considered negligent and we will kill your child." I added that as a joke. The artist who created it says he expects to be reimbursed because the art work can no longer be sold, I wish I could monetize my passion. Emily, you are the lawyer here. Should she pay? Should the mom pay?

COMPAGNO: I think so. Basically speaking, usually, common law parents can't be held liable for negligence of their children, unless it was willful or malicious, but parents can be held liable for their own negligence in failing to supervise a child. And to me in that video...

GUTFELD: Big kids.

COMPAGNO: Yes, and the fact that they weren't - that is not the parents on the couch. The parents were in a different room saying goodbye at a weeding and for the parents to turn around, victimized themselves and claim that it is a travesty that they should be given the bill and their son could've been injured et cetera and we saw him pulling it down and wrestling with it, to me is another indicator that there's absolutely no accountability or responsibility. And now that kid is learning that if he creates damage or causes damage, then his parents will just fight for him in court and, "Oh, honey, just sit down, I'll fight your battles."

GUTFELD: I will tell one thing, Joe, this is why I don't have kids. I don't want some punk kid clearing out my life savings that I've worked hard for. You know, you have a kid. You work for 20 years, you've got a bank - and now your kid ruins it.

DEVITO: Yes, well, if the kid is not responsible and the parents aren't responsible - who is responsible then? It wasn't like he bumped into it, he went and pulled it down. And you know who else pull down statues? The Taliban.

GUTFELD: Interesting. You know, Kat, I have a theory that the definition of art is narrow. Why can't the broken vase be art? Why don't they just rename it broken vase, double, the price - because anything can be art. Call it broken base.

TIMPF: Too bad you're not this kid's parents, Greg. What a great idea. You know, they are fighting over whether it was the center's fault or whether it was the parents fault. It was the kid fault. This kid is five, not three. When I was - when I was five, I was in the first grade. I was learning how to read, not learning how to not knock things over that don't belong to me.

GUTFELD: You are five in first grade?

TIMPF: Yes, I was. We took a field trip to the Detroit Institute of Art and I did not run around ripping paintings off the walls because I'm not a hellion.

GUTFELD: All right, Tyrus, you've got kids.

MURDOCH: Oh, yes I do. First of all, this is on the parents. There were two of them. While you were dropping your knowledge, I continued to watch the monitor. Those boys walked by that thing three times. The first one touched it and the other was like, "Don't touch it. I'll touch it." And this is what happens when you have two boys. Then eventually one tries to outdo the other one, and they broke the vase, so chi-ching, you bought it. Me, I'd keep the one who didn't and I would donate the other one to the museum.

GUTFELD: All right, you know, if I were the lawyer for the family, this is what I would say. I'd go, "That child was exercising his right to performance art. That crashing the vase was a performance because it represented his rage against the Trump administration." The art world would embrace that. It's like, "Oh my god, this kid is brilliant. This is the Trump White House." And then they would sell the broken vase for $20 million, happy ending for everybody. Don't go anywhere. I may be coming to town near you and I will tell you where. That is next. Don't go anywhere.

Before we go, you can preorder my new book, the "Gutfeld Monologues" is in stores July 31st, but I would order now because they are running out. Here's the upcoming dates - I am telling the truth - of my book tour. It begins August 4th, I'll be making stops in Fort Worth in Dallas, August 5th, I'll be at the Woodlands, Texas. I will also have events later that month in New York, New Jersey, California and Florida. Like that's a help. Our dates will be coming go to for more information of where I will be.

Thanks to Joe Devito, Emily Compagno, Kat Timpf and Tyrus, studio audience. I'm Greg Gutfeld, I love you, America.


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