Gutfeld: Trump chalk hysteria exposes new lie of campus left

Imagine a place that poisons your teens' emotional well-being, targeting their vulnerabilities, laying waste to their spine, inculcating weakness, replacing reason with hysteria. Once designed for enrichment, it's now an ego asylum, where character is reduced to a bubbling stew of anguish. That is college.

At Emory University, pro-Trump messages in chalk have scarred co-eds so badly student government is offering counseling -- poor things. Yes, the phrase Trump 2016 found on cement is so harrowing to these sucklings, the school president sent a sympathy email.

Now the scribbles could have been solve easily by erasing them. It is chalk after all. But that something an adult would do. These are emotional toddlers. Babble buckets. Forget about a wall on the Southern border. Build it around Emory. Observe the offensive words, I know, I'm getting vapors just looking at them. Can the National Guard please air drop fainting couches, warm blankies and smelling salts to these wuss kittens?

This is the new lie of the campus left: that one must balance free speech with feeling safe. College must be a safe haven, safe from words. But college is supposed to challenge, not coddle. Doing the reverse, just leads to fake incidents of hate that provide spotlights to these attention gobblers.

So while this happened, the U.S. military is evacuating families of Defense personnel from southern Turkey due to security fears. Maybe the Emory students can trade places and find out what a real unsafe space is all about.