Gutfeld: The left's plan to fix Obamacare? More Obamacare

So why the hell would Democrats admit that Obamacare is screwed right now? With two weeks left in this horror show of election, this has to hurt Hillary.

But what if we're wrong?

First, Obamacare benefits from being so bad it's now background noise like traffic, crying babies and my pillow commercials. We are desensitized to reality.

But more important, what if it's not about exposing Obamacare's horror, but a ploy for expanding it, i.e. single payer? After all, the liberal fix for arson is always more fire.

As Ezra Klein tweeted, "It's not hard to make Obamacare better, but you would need a governing majority that wants to make it better." Meaning: A forced purchase always requires more force. It's the socialist excuse: The idea is sound, we just need to obey more. Compare that with capitalism, a system that happily adapts to human imperfections. Unlike socialism, no straightjacket is required.

Yet this menacing intrusion never ends because the media approves, even when decades of failure stare back at us with pleading eyes.

The ruin is twofold: The real damage is what we got from Obamacare; the unseen damage is what could have been in its place. What could have been? You can apply that question to Venezuela, the USSR, the inner cities, wherever top-down coercion leaving its bloody imprint. What could have been?

Fact is the Affordable Care Act was indeed an act, a Trojan horse for redistribution. What we're told is good for us can only exist as a lie.

To the left we're just children, forced to take our medicine, especially if it kills us.