Gutfeld: The blame game of today's shooting

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After each incident, there is a reflex to blame everything and anything on anyone but the fiend responsible. We saw that last week with Orlando: It's a year later and gun violence still rules the narrative. It's always a tool but never the terrorists. And here we go again, the Virginia governor and others, spewing stats when facts would have sufficed:


GOV. TERRY MCAULIFFE: I think we need to do more to protect all of our citizens.

There are too many guns on the street. We lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence. I have long talked about this, background checks, shutting down gun show loopholes, we worry about this every day for all of our citizens.


The man needs a math class.

Here's a fact: The shooter was a Sanders supporter. Do I blame Sanders? No. But replace Sanders with Trump and you have to wonder if the left would return that favor. After all, hasn't that been the media narrative for so long? That the hateful deplorables created a climate of violence and that the Party of Lincoln isn't just wrong, but evil?

So now there is violence, but not from the deplorables and all of a sudden we say let's not rush to judgment. I don't know. The left blames the right for everything bad. So why not return the favor so they might learn a lesson. Is that even possible? For another lesson, here's Rand Paul:


SEN. RAND PAUL, R-KY.: I do believe that without the Capitol Hill police, it would have been a massacre. We had no defense. We had no defense at all. We are lucky that Scalise was there, because this was his security detail. Without them, it would have been a massacre, there would've been no stopping this guy, and we were like sitting ducks. We had no place to run.


Translation: Our leaders are better protected than we are. If it were just you and me there in that gun-free zone, we would be dead. So each grizzly act teaches us about vulnerability, whether it's Orlando, 9/11, or today the right response is to analyze risk and reduce it. People drown in water. The option isn't to blame water but learn to swim. What we learned today is not to just what caused the attack, but what prevented the carnage. Let's hope that sinks in.