So this is an M-65 Anarchy jacket. It was once available at Barneys. Disappeared. Described as a military-inspired cloak, it only goes for -- and I stress only -- $375. Allegedly aping the spirit of Antifa, it costs more than your average suit, the symbol of evil, greedy capitalism.

So this jacket is military-inspired. So I guess now it's good to be inspired by the military, if it's only fashion and fascist-based, of course? God forbid you're actually inspired by actual elements of military service: patriotism, selflessness, bravery. No, instead be inspired to dress like someone who actually hates such traits and prefers to mock any service to one's country.

The jacket maker, Alpha Industries, also supplies the U.S. military and claim this jacket encompasses expressions of individuality. Yes, how individualistic: Covering yourself in phony slogans and meaningless symbols. Why not just slap bumper stickers across your face, you dope?

So in the most expensive city in the nation, Manhattan, within the priciest store, you can outfit the trust fund revolutionary, the champion of the downtrodden, hater of The Man, enemy combatant of big business, greed and patriarchy. He can wear his hipster jacket at brunch to parade his progressive banalities while dripping cage-free eggs down the front of his freshly ironed Che shirt. All for 400 bucks. That's a bargain for a suit. Now we can spot the loser a mile away.