Gutfeld: Surge in gun sales a sign of the times

People are ringing in the holidays with something truly ear-ringing: guns.

It's true, the top stocking stuffer is a creep snuffer. Last month the FBI ran two million background checks, a 24 percent jump from last year as gun sales soared like Michael Moore's blood pressure in the busiest month for such buys. This is no cause for celebration or alarm. It's just a sign of the times: A new era that says you're on your own. As peace on Earth is under threat, a piece in hand seems about right.

You can thank two factors: A new imported terror, one that isn't preventable, only mitigated. Given that victims are picked for vulnerability and lack of escape, it's likely you will spend time with terrorists before the cops ever get there. So one must harden every soft target. Meaning if you're going to get a surprise visit, best to surprise them first.

The other factor? Our government is more focused on gun owners than terrorists. Their blanket smear of firepower lumps security with savagery. Seeing no difference between your bullets and theirs, it's all just one big tub of death. It's like grouping lightning and a lamp under "bright things."

That makes gun owners wisely nervous. So it's no surprise that today, there is many holsters as there are ho, ho, hos. And it is our wish that in this holy season the jihadists will be the holiest of all: cleanly ventilated by a recent purchase.

It beats a Starbucks gift card.