Gutfeld: Redbook's moronic attack on Halloween costumes

It's that time of the year when losers lecture us on unacceptable Halloween costumes for kids that aren't even their own.

This time Redbook editors demand you don't let your little girl dress as Disney's Moana. They write, "Maybe think about using this Halloween to teach your kids about the importance of cultural sensitivity. If your kid wears a racist costume, you're kind of wearing it, too."

So some miserable editor who can't even put her name on the piece accuses you of racism when, in fact, she's the racist for promoting cultural segregation. A child dresses up as a fictional character because she loves that character. Rather than encouraging empathy, Redbook encourages separatism. So, all races should just stay in their lane? I guess a Polynesian child can't be Snow White?

And what if this were not about ethnicity but gender? What if I wanted to dress up as Moana or Wonder Woman or Susan B. Anthony? Would Redbook deny my non-binary gender identity? How cis-gender can you be, you bigots?

That's identity politics. It turns on itself and gobbles all the weak thinkers up. And yet, the media still embraces this junk. Why is that? Well, I worked in magazines. I know. These editors despise their feeble contributions to society. So they use attention-seeking pronouncements of moral superiority to impress their peers.

The fact is, a child dressing up as Moana doesn't make her racist. It means she sees past ethnicity to choose someone to emulate -- unlike these nameless Redbook editors. I'd go as one of them on Halloween, but we have enough zombies out there.