Gutfeld: Rahm Emanuel's Chicago is hardly a sanctuary

So despite what President-elect Donald Trump thinks, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says his city will remain a sanctuary.


RAHM EMANUEL, CHICAGO MAYOR: To be clear about what Chicago is, it always will be a sanctuary city. To all those who are -- after Tuesday's election very nervous, filled with anxiety, has been spoken to -- you are safe in Chicago. You are secure in Chicago and you are supported in Chicago.


So Chicago will always be a sanctuary city. But to whom, you moron? Your city has roughly 600 murders a year and you're bragging that it is a sanctuary city? Your citizens are gunned down more often than soldiers in most war zones and that's a sanctuary? And that's a sanctuary? What else is a sanctuary? Aleppo? Mosul? The magma basin of an active volcano? Charlie Sheen's hot tub? How can you brazenly use the word sanctuary in a place where so many people die? Chicago is only slightly safer than a minefield, but at least with a minefield, it's not advertised as a sanctuary.

Here is the other thing that I don't get: If you can have sanctuary cities for one illegal behavior, why can't there be sanctuaries for others? How about one for nudists, or tax cheats, or nudist tax cheats with a fondness for inflatable unicorns. Or better, how about sanctuaries for people escaping horrible cities run by incompetent liberals like Rahm? It's entirely possible that one day, there could be sanctuary cities in Mexico for people fleeing Chicago.

But the worst part of Rahm's idiocy is that he sees no link between his symbolic gesture and the horror it causes. For that, I offer two words: Kate Steinle. There was no sanctuary for her.