Gutfeld: Questions I'd like Hillary Clinton to answer

What would I ask Hillary at Tuesday's debate tomorrow? First, if racism is truly America's original sin as you just tweeted, why are so many black and brown people risking their lives to come here? Can you explain how, even at our worst, we are still the best? And do you ever worry that pandering to factions only divides an already fractured country?

Now I bet you haven't watched the Planned Parenthood videos. Did you also choose not to look at the Abu Ghraib photos or the devastation after the Hurricane Katrina? Also, please tell us, as a grandmother, the impact Planned Parenthood didn't have on you.

Given the massive hacking of government employees that hurt millions, what is the biggest threat to our national security? And feel free to name yourself. For is it nuts to put a secretary of state in charge that exposed classified info and names of CIA operatives on personal e-mail in an era of cyber espionage? That's like hiring Meghan McCain to guard your liquor cabinet.

Now biotechnology, now part of the weaponry used to attack America by non-state actors, how do you fight this threat? As globally networked systems expand, what's your solution for cyber attackers focusing on zero day vulnerabilities?

Anyway, you also said that women have a right to be believed. Why not prove it and hire Monica, a woman you yourself called a Looney Tune when people were doubting her facts. And speaking of facts, which pushed the damn video? Please, can't you answer that question just once honestly? It's been three years. Who pushed the video?