Gutfeld: Protests used to be about free expression

You remember Melissa Click, that University of Missouri "whatever" caught on tape threatening a reporter covering a protest.


TIM TAI, STUDENT JOURNALIST: I'm media. Can I talk to you?

MELISSA CLICK, PROFESSOR, UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI: No, you need to get out. You need to get out.

TAI: No, I don't.

CLICK: You need to get out.

TAI: I actually don't.

CLICK: All right. Hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here!


She reminds me of that prop comic.

Anyway, she resigned her courtesy appointment with the school, which raises a question: What is a courtesy appointment? And who is it being courteous to? She seems as courteous as a hemorrhoid.

So how did this start? Well, a swastika appeared on a bathroom wall -- a murky incident, much like many hate crimes, which often end up as hoaxes. There were two other incidents causing students to demand safe spaces from the press that they seek. It's a blooming onion of idiocy.

How odd that protests used to be about free expression, but now it's about silencing it. Stalin must be smiling.

Now, all this led to a boycott by the school's 4-5 football team. But you want to bet they wouldn't have boycott if they were 9-0? I guess it's easy to be celibate when you're homely.

And there's the student hunger striker, yakking about white privilege. But his pop's an executive who made eight million bucks last year. How's that for privilege?

But the students won. Mizzou's president, Tim Wolfe, resigned, an example
of a cowardly implosion, when faced with the intolerant mob. They deserve
each other. I'm thinking, if they want a space that's free of free speech, why not give them one? Segregate the wise from the witless. And since their skillset is petulant obsession, these idiots will ultimately turn on each other. It will be "Lord of the Flies," just dumber.