Gutfeld: Post-election fear-mongering goes into overdrive

The American Academy of Pediatrics just sent an email to 60,000 doctors, encouraging them to tell parents to talk to their brats about the recent election. Why? To avoid long-term psychological trauma from all the disturbing rhetoric. Boo-hoo.

Of course, I doubt such requests would have been made if Hillary had won or if Sanders had won or if we'd dug up the corpse of Che Guevara and run him instead. No, the only scary monsters are Republicans, even one that used to vote Democrat.

This is a common theme: Assorted media-seeking groups saying we need to deal with fear post-election. But who causes such fear? The very same media-seeking groups who gin up the fear, then pretend to soothe it. They are emotional arsonists setting fires so they themselves can put them out.

It's not much different from the media in general, who recast violence as legitimate protest and speak hopefully of unrest to come. And like clockwork, unrest certainly comes and -- surprise -- from activists, students and agitators the media salute.

Anyway, if these doctors really cared about kids, they'd stop generating dopey emails that treat an election like an act of terror and focus on real stuff that harms kids: like playing hide and seek. I still can't find my brother.