Gutfeld: Pampered student protesters ignore real horror

As students at New York's Ithaca College hold a walk-out over racism and Yale students spats at speakers, the whole backstory behind the Missouri protest crumbles. It reminds me of the sex abuse scare of the '90s -- that phony panic where daycare workers were accused of satanic ritual abuse. Mass hysteria driven by media attention, it ruined lives.

Now Missouri students are hallucinating KKK visits, but the student leader at the center of the Missouri mess now says his KKK claim was false. But who cares? When hate becomes a hoax, divisive deceptors just say, well, it's happening somewhere, and cowardly academics indulge it. It's just like the preschool case, except these aren't babies, but students who wish to be treated like babies. The entire campus needs a giant pair of Pampers.

Meanwhile, thousands in Afghanistan protest the ISIS beheading of a little girl. That's real horror, while our kids fret over mean words. "The Five" has been warning you about this for years. Hell, I wrote a book on it called "The Joy of Hate," the banning of speakers, the rise of safe spaces, all driven by the noxious notion that speech is somehow violent. Just hear this:


BRENDA SMITH-LEZAMA, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION: I personally am tired of hearing that First Amendment rights protect students when they're creating a hostile and unsafe learning environment for myself and for other students here. I think that it's important for us to create that distinction and create a space where we can all learn from one another and start to create a place of healing rather than a place where we're experiencing a lot of hate like we have in the past.


She's so tired of the First Amendment. OK, you want a safe space with no First Amendment at all? Let's give it to them. I offer the sanctuary campus, a segregated playpen for infants who reject rule of law and agreed-upon authority. In weeks, it will be nothing more than a violent dystopia of imploding maniacs providing the world a much-needed lesson that fascism flourishes in the absence of guts.