Gutfeld on whether CNN's news makes you sick

According to a new CNN article, too much bad news can make you sick. Well, they are the experts.

They point to social media, new technology, 24-hour news which allows you to experience depressing stuff you never would have decades ago. Wow, who could be responsible for this?

A murder in one state, a train crash in another, a wildfire here, a flood there, they all come at you at once. It overwhelms you. Then comes disaster fatigue, numbing you to tragedy.

So how does this make you sick? The article never shows any statistics about that. It's all hypothetical, no evidence. Maybe that could be the problem, CNN.

Here's my theory. It's not bad news at all that makes you sick. It's the "you are bad news."

When every story paints you as the villain, which happens daily. Let me show you.

Here is bad news: Polar bears are disappearing. Here is "you are bad" news: It's because you mistreat the planet.

Here is bad news: Illegal immigration is up. Here is "you are bad" news: If that bugs you, you must be a bigot.

Here is bad news: Police shoot a minority. Here is "you are bad" news: Because America, you are racist.

So how healthy is it to be told hourly that you're heartless, racist and killing the Earth? That's most news, except here, because we know that you're a good person. But you'll get it at other places. To the Democrat Party, too, CNN is their megaphone. They have the same message: you're bad. Everything is viewed through the same filter, born from the campus, which now infects news and entertainment. And it creates only one conclusion: You are the oppressor. You are guilty.

If that doesn't make you sick, it should.