Gutfeld on Trump's Nobel prize nomination

Tuesday, 18 Republican House members nominated Trump for the Nobel Prize crediting his peace through strength policies. So, should Trump share the award if indeed he wins? We hear about Kim, Xi and Moon, but what about The Worm?

Dennis Rodman who claims Kim Jong-un didn't understand Trump until Rodman gave him "The Art of the Deal" last year. That book led to a change of heart.


DENNIS RODMAN, FORMER NBA PLAYER: I think that his impression about Donald Trump and the American people, I think he has a change of heart.


So, now, Trump is going to meet with Kim, and may be American hostages might be released. This is pretty amazing news. So, we went to CNN and MSNBC for a response.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, please. Please don't say that.


They just hate any good news about Trump.

So, Rodman may be the Obama administration's most successful diplomat. It makes you wonder, should Obama have sent Peyton Manning to talk to Putin? A-Rod to China? Johnny Manziel to Tehran? Point is anything could have worked as long as they had a copy of that book. They've all would have done better than Hillary and Samantha Power. Ask those three hostages who's a better negotiator: Obama and Hillary, or Trump and Rodman?

Now, we all know I have as much chance of winning that award as Trump does. The Euro elites are no different than our elites. They find Trump too unseemly to ever elevate in any way. But, that's the point: The exact qualities that turn off Lars in Oslo are what snags Kim. Kim understands the guy who negotiates through power, not platitudes and legacy building.

No matter what, Trump and Rodman has gotten us further with this nuclear threat than all the Beltway babblers and eunuchs out there. Maybe they should read the book too.