Gutfeld on Trump and the Americans freed from North Korea

In the middle of the night, while CNN producers were dreaming of their next Stormy headline, President Trump welcomed home three Americans imprisoned in North Korea.

And he did it to great ratings!


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I think you probably broke the all-time, in history, television rating for three o'clock in the morning -- that I would say.

This is a special night for these three really great people and congratulations on being in this country.

I want to thank Kim Jong Un, who really was excellent to these three incredible people.


I never thought I'd hear that. But then again, I never thought we'd have a former reality game show host running the most powerful country in the world. But that reality, and the reality of this morning's release, are connected.

First, the release: What does it mean? An end to the North Korean nuclear threat with happier days ahead for all? Obviously, it's too soon to tell. But you'd have to be in your own prison of emotional bias not to see this as a promising step in the direction of a safer world.

Right Chuck?


SENATE MINORITY LEADER CHUCK SCHUMER, D-N.Y.: It is so troubling to hear President Trump say that Kim Jong Un treated the Americans excellently.

Their release should not be exalted it should be expected.


What a wet blanket. But enough about his hair.

Anyway, this development puts things in perspective: While news anchors take turns acting shocked over a porn star tryst, three Americans are free. And that's the point: Once you get past Trump's unseemly past, you see that his entire past that reveals his talents. What America elected is a person with a unique tool kit for a unique time: Someone tough-minded enough to engage rogue regimes in terms they understand: carrot and a real stick -- not fantasies.

Who knew that what we needed most was a reality TV star who deals in reality.

So I wonder: Would those freed people have preferred a squeaky clean president, fretting in the Oval Office as they sat in a foreign jail or a billionaire tycoon who's not the best husband, but could talk a bear off a fish truck.

You know the answer.