Gutfeld on Thomas Friedman's anti-Trump advice

In the New York Times yesterday, Thomas Friedman wrote that instead of prattling on about issues like jobs or the great economy, the media should spotlight Trump's evil personality because that will help the Democrats by discouraging Republicans from backing Trump. He wrote: "The whole country needs to see every tweet, every rally, every word, and every reaction so that they can ask themselves, is this who I want my kids to see as our president?"

What a great idea. Because remember what happened the last time the media covered every tweet, every rally, every word, and every reaction of Donald Trump? When every wink, nudge, cough became part of the media's Snark-nado? They've elected Donald Trump, the bozos.

Yes, there were like 300 Republican candidates, but all the yahoos in the press chased the orange meteor precisely for the things they hate about him now. Trump was great TV. He was shocking. Screw Rick Perry, Rand Paul, and all those other nobodies. This guy makes chance into a sure thing. Trump got like a billion-dollars-worth of free airtime and not led by Fox News who actually featured commentators who challenge Trump over his behavior and beliefs. It was CNN who led the charge and assorted other drips who didn't seem to mind because they thought Hillary had it in the bag anyway, and they had no other way to get people to watch their boring, mindless coverage.

So telling the media to focus on Trump's behavior, you're in effect saying: Hey, remember how we elected Trump in 2016? Let's do it again.