Gutfeld on the pettiness of 'Morning Joe'

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After days of hurricane footage depicting countless examples of human bravery and compassion, you probably need something really petty to balance it out. Like 'Morning Joe.'


TRUMP: My hands are too big.

JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC: Yeah, for like a 9-year-old. The front window saying yeah, yeah. You have to take it because the President is putting it in the wrong place, here's -- you've got a whole, like back there, the flatbed part.

SCARBOROUGH: It's where you have bags, you are carrying stuff.


They really are America's sweethearts, if by sweethearts, you mean hemorrhoids. I see this as a positive. After seeing Donald Trump handle the catastrophe, they can't call him racist or Hitler or unstable, mocking a photo op is all they've got. When the response is this people. It says that the cartoon demonization of Trump, it's petering out. After seeing how Americans and the president reacted to Harvey, it's dawning on them that America ain't so bad and it's getting better, perhaps even under Trump. Case in point, and not just Dianne Feinstein but Nancy Pelosi have defended President Trump suggesting we should give the guy a chance. Then there's the rise and immediate fall of Antifa. Has any violent mob had a shorter honeymoon then that pile of dung? They made Occupy Wall Street look like Gandhi, so as the hate blows over, Dems realize it's a losing proposition so they are disowning it on the streets and in their own party. What caused this? Maybe Harvey had an effect beyond the obvious damage. It rewound toxic perspectives. What we saw was good stuff coming from bad, morality and motion. The hurricane took the wind out of the whiners, leaving only a few chortling Chuckle buckets, bolstered by forced laughter of co-host quietly wishing for a better gig. Hurricane Harvey has moved on and so with that, so has America. 'Morning Joe' hasn't.