Gutfeld on the media's relentless anti-Trump coverage

According to News Busters -- a thing -- in the last three months, broadcast news coverage of Donald Trump was 91 percent negative, which is shocking. There was nine percent positive? I didn't see it. I've seen more favorable coverage of scurvy.

According to the Media Research Center, Trump has got more air time in his first 24 days in office than Obama did in his last two years on the job. Which makes sense. Trump is a one man band generating money and outrage or, rather, money for the outraged. Like MSNBC's Joy Reid. In an interview, she stated, "I've said to people that this is probably the greatest time to be a journalist. And the worst time to be a human."

Oh, dear. Let's think about that. Reid, a journalist, said that this is probably the worst time to be a human? Where did she go to school? I kind of remember reading about the Dark Ages, the Black Death, the Mongols, Nazi concentration camps, the atrocities of the Aztecs, famine in Ukraine, the Khmer Rouge, the Western Front during World War I, Japanese prison camps in World War II, the Soviet Union -- remember Siberia? You get the picture. Does Joy? As she forgets and insults hundreds of millions who died in the worst times ever. But hey, hysteria pays the bills.

But I can say safely that the best time to be human is right now. The statistics show it: far less poverty, decline in worldwide violence, vast improvements in hygiene, medicine and technology. But I guess you can't say that when you live in a left-wing bubble where 91 percent is every single person you know and everyone else you believe is Hitler.