Gutfeld on the media's double standards for Hillary Clinton

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As the media fans the flames of collusion, I ask, what about them? Meaning: What about Hillary's dirty tricks, Podesta's scams, the media's role in ignoring all of it. Remember blaming Benghazi on a video? Donna Brazile's debate help. The tarmac visit? The secret server? The IRS? Or how about the left's decades of collusion with the USSR? You couldn't swing a dead tabby without hitting a fellow traveler in Hollywood or academia. Funny how the left embraced far worse evil back then and now they hate Russia whose military and land mass is nowhere near the size and strength of its old self.

Now I get it. The "what about them" argument doesn't excuse Donald Jr.'s actions. But that's not the point. It's simply to show you that the chase is driven by politics and not morality. It reveals the depths the left goes to win.

Example: Let's say for the past year, Jesse has been stuffing me in my locker outside "The Five." Finally, I punch him in the goofies. That's the "what about" argument. The response is valid after the abuse. That's why America yawns over Russia. And for them a better explanation exists: A nonpolitician -- Donald Trump Jr. -- took a meeting unaware the rules and forgot about it.

Look, Russian meddling is a worry that we raise every single day on "The Five." But today's duplicity by hysterics who embraced the Reds decades ago negates the outrage. You want collusion to matter? Ask this: How do we stop it from happening again? That's constructive, which is why the Dems and their media enablers hate it.