Gutfeld on the Kanye tweets

Kanye West caused a stir this weekend by tweeting praise of black conservative Candace Owens. The vicious smears that followed from leftists proved his point: The thought police want to suppress freedom.

Writer Toure condemned West for liking someone with, quote, "anti-black positions," a cowardly jab at Ms. Owens for daring to speak up. Joy Reid mocked those lauding Kanye's bravery, revealing her own bitter jealousy of Owens's fearlessness. Yes, Tom Arnold: He unleashed a sexist attack on Candace. If he were a conservative, he'd be frog-marched into the sea. We can't even show you that tweet.

Here's Candace on "Fox & Friends" discussing the vitriol:


CANDACE OWENS, CONSERVATIVE COMMENTATOR: Well, I think it's pretty typical of the left. The truth is that the left wants to strap black people to this idea that they are victims. That's what it comes down to. They do not want black people focused on their futures. They want black people focused on the past. They'd like black people to be government dependent. They don't like to see black people that are free thinkers and independent. And I think that's what Kanye West and myself represent to the black community and that makes them very nervous.


So these attacks on her prove that what Kanye did was a big deal. He challenged the mob. He knew that tweet would attract the pitchforks, but he did it anyway. West sacrificed himself to the mob to show that it's possible and inspirational.

As for the attacks, the goal is to stigmatize, because smears always shut down debate. And West must be punished, too, for the strategy is to ruin everyone by connection. If you like Candace, you're worse than Candace. When in reality, both transcend the orbit that their critics still live in.

Kanye is extra dangerous to the left. For blacks leaning right, he's confirmatory. They've got to shut him down. And he didn't even endorse Candace's beliefs, just her guts. In attacking him, they're attacking the very concept of free speech. Because there's nothing scarier to a leftist that a freethinker. West is one, so is Owens. Some network should hire her.